Wednesday 21 July 2010

The Orgin of the word Cunt.

I have been doing som research on the origin of the word 'cunt' and have an interesting hypothesis.

The modern word 'cunt' is regarded by most as derived from the Proto-German word 'Kunto'.

This is correct, but the origin of the word Kunto itself derives from the Indo-European word Kunti.

Kunti is a Hindu Goddess worshipped still today ;

So this means the origin of the word is from the era before the Proto-Indo European language entered India.

The Proto Indo-European language shares many other connections between the Celtic and Hindu language ;

Old Irish - arya (freeman),Sanskrit - aire (noble)
Old Irish - naib (good), Sanskrit - noeib (holy)
Old Irish - badhira (deaf), Sanskrit - bodhar (deaf)
Old Irish - names (respect), Sanskrit - nemed (respect)
Old Irish - righ (king), Sanskrit - raja (king)

The ancient Aryans, who were White Europeans that invaded India from Central Asia via the Indus Valley, encountered the aboriginal Indians who are known as the Dravidians, who are todays low caste Untouchables, whilst the descendants of the Aryans are todays the Brahmin caste.

Therefore the origin of the word Cunt goes back to the original descendants of Europe and Central Asia, the Aryans, who then spread the word to India during the Aryan invasion of 1500 BC.

The word remained in the European lexicon as a part of the Celtic language that evolved from the original Indo-European language of the Aryans and then became part of the Proto-German language.

The same thing happened in India and the word still retains its sacred meaning.

The fact the word remained as part in use as derived from the original lexicon was due to its power - it must refer to the female power of nature, that mysterious and sacred space within which life is created.

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Anonymous said...

Cuntsmith -


Anonymous said...
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Brilliant, Lee! said...
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extant said...

You just fucked that once nasty word right up for me and let me have you know its one of my favorate swear words :O(
They are not Cunts no more, they are just Traitor Bastards who need a short rope .

My Favorate ruined-

A ritious infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent personified in this case by a horrible cunt .. me!

Back to the drawing bored, im no longer an orible Cunt either :O(

Fan of Lee said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

after reading nicks comments on his visit tomorrow to meet the traitors i find it shocking that the comments left by members are ignorant to the fact that the traitors nick is meeting are the NWO and this is a documented fact, i feel Nick is aware of this and it saddens me to know that Nick has not yet exposed the tritors.

this is allowing us to sleepwalk into oblivion, education is key, nick should wear a T shirt exposing them as bilderbergers and trilateral stooges and get massive publicity, he will be shunned but he will make people think and question and if this NWO group is not exposed in such a way over the next year then all is lost anyway.

what is Nick waiting for?

NWO banking shares

global warming propaganda


when is the BNP finally going to tell the truth? until it does it will be nothing more than a safety valve.

Anonymous said...

How sad that we debase a fine, sacred ancient word by associating it with David Cameron, Jack Straw, Tony Blair etc.

lormarie said...

I'm not sure the word can be redeemed at this point.

Phil said...

I would love to see 'anonymous' put that on a leaflet and get elected! The public are more interested in potholes and street lighting you turnip. Get out more and turn off the internet.

Anonymous said...

It always seemed strange to me that a word for a woman's sexual organs would be considered a negative expletive. If we had more reverence for female fertility perhaps our race would not be going extinct so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Good post Lee!

Like the fire god Agni, latinized Igni from whence we get ignite.

As for Holiday, the word Holi is a Hindu spring festival dedicated to Krishna.

Aryan Vedic Knowledge preserved in Folklore and the bible

Ignorance is holding the BNP back said...

"Phil said...
I would love to see 'anonymous' put that on a leaflet and get elected! The public are more interested in potholes and street lighting you turnip. Get out more and turn off the internet.

22 July 2010 08:00"

Is that the best you can do Phil?

If that was the only concern then you have just made the BNP redundant, I think you will find Phil that people want to make sense of the system that created mass immigration and the EU, banker bailouts that will create poverty for generations and the global warming scam that will also restrict their freedoms and the corporate bilderberg press.

things that to them are currently just a mystery.

Once explained they will realise why the BNP is the only answer, now you can compete with Labour and the Tories on streetlights while the mainstreme media demonise us into an unelectable group as has happened for the past 20 years and is not looking a great deal brighter on the course we are currently on and I and others will educate and wake the masses and give them real reasons to look to a nationalist alternative.

Now shouldnt you get back to xfactor and sitting on your arse as the country goes down the pan as everyone, including you scratches their arse in confusion?

have you not noticed the birth rates Phil, how long do you think we have to get people to see the bigger picture?

People in american are starting to wake up and see this picture Phil and it has lead to the Tea party that is terrifying their politicians that are only just hanging on through the two party system, but check the polls Phil the people are more aware to this stuff than in the UK and the public are buying it Phil, they couldnt give a shit about potholes phil, they do give a shit about debt, lack of soverignty, totalitarian state, the corrupt two party system, Obama's approval rating is an all time low, from an all time high, people in the captive two party US are waking up, mugs like you however would like us to simply dissapear talking about potholes.

Now don't forget to put on your head protector before you go in the garden Phil!