Thursday 22 July 2010

The Outlaws - Part 1

Twas after the crown of England fell,
And liberty usurped by slavery,
The devil unleashed his living hell,
Upon the subjects of her majesty.

The enemy entered our weak borders,
To steal, conspire and kill
Aided by fools and inner traitors,
They did as each did will.

They came as wolves at night,
Skulking in the darkness,
Avoiding the sun and its light,
Donning lambs disguises.

On ships and boats they arrived,
Pleading for our sanctuary,
But their lies were ploys to hide,
Plans to establish colonies.

Their allies wore masks of wise men,
And had infiltrated academia,
Killing our country with their pens,
Peddling lies via the media.

Traitors put the strangers first,
Before even their own kin,
Their false compassion our curse,
Such charity a mortal sin.

The law of the land was soon lost,
To the tyranny of fools gold,
Our yeomanry nailed to its cross,
Their liberty bought and sold.

Church and crown soon surrendered,
To the whims of petty vanity,
Condemning all those who resisted,
Demonstrating their fake piety.

The English folk fell into a deadly sleep,
As foreign wars were waged for profits,
Widows and orphans were left to weep,
As politicians bowed before false prophets.

Crippled heroes were left on the streets,
As vagrants with polished medals,
Forced to beg for alms and to entreat,
Betrayed by nobles in their castles.

But soon the sleeping lions awoke,
And roared with righteous rage
Throwing off their enemies yokes,
And escaped the traitors cage.

Damn all their laws the heroes cried,
And spurned the gold of whores,
Let cowards kneel, for now we rise,
As freemen unbowed, as outlaws.

With swords and fire brands in hand,
They made a pact to fight the foe,
Then began to cleanse our holy land,
As the resistance began to grow.

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1 comment:

extant said...

I have never got on with Poems, but I can truely relate to that, great piece.
I have noticed that you are very Passionate about "England", me too,one of my Grandmother was English, but you must not forget that we are all related in old Briton, especialy our Brothers in Wales !

Only in Wales :O)-