Saturday 24 July 2010

Senator McCarthy Was Right

Dont miss this one ;

McCarthy: There Were Reds Under the Bed

Sunday 25th July, 13:30 on BBC Radio 4 (FM only)

David Aaronovitch thinks the unthinkable about the McCarthy period.

The hunt for the so called ‘Reds under the beds’ during the Cold War is generally regarded as a deeply regrettable blot on U.S history. But the release of classified documents reveals that Joseph McCarthy was right after all about the extent of Soviet infiltration into the highest reaches of the U.S government.

Thanks to the public release of top secret FBI decryptions of Soviet communications, as well as the release under the fifty year rule of FBI records and Soviet archives, we now know that the Communist spying McCarthy fought against was extensive, reaching to the highest level of the State department and the White House.

We reveal that many of McCarthy’s anticommunist investigations were in fact on target. His fears about the effect Soviet infiltration might be having on US foreign policy, particularly in the Far East were also well founded.

The decrypts also reveal that people such as Rosenberg, Alger Hiss and even Robert Oppenheimer were indeed working with the Soviets. We explore why much of this information, available for years to the FBI, was not made public. We also examine how its suppression prevented the prosecution of suspects.

Finally, we explore the extent to which Joseph McCarthy, with his unsavoury methods and smear tactics, could have done himself a disservice, resulting in his name being forever synonymous with paranoia and the ruthless suppression of free speech.

Hearing from former FBI, CIA and KGB operatives as well as formerly blacklisted writers, David Aaronovitch, himself from a family of communists tells the untold story of Soviet influence and espionage in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Seantor Mcarthy will never be forgiven because after serving the US in the military in WW2 he went to Germany and pointed out that the war crimes tribunals were kangaroo courts and the US obtained confessions by physical torture.
He then went back to the US to launch a crusade against Communism. That Soviet agents had entered the highest offices of the US administration was clear. That the vast majority of them were from a similar background to Mr Aaronovitch is also well known but never published. odd eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mcarthy was another NWO stooge, at that time communism was a threat to those in power, that is all they cared about, they don't care if they send each and everyone of us to be their fodder in Iraq.

now we see the witch hunt is targeted at nationalists in the same way and for the same reasons, as it is a threat to the elites grip on power.

The elite have since used a false left cover to grab ever greater control by cleverly manipulating the left leaning sheep into helping them achieve the direct opposite of marxism - corporate fascism.

David carried out his duties to destroy the working classes for his elite buddies to perfection.

These elites have no ideology other than self preservation and clawing as much perpetual power as they can regardless of the costs to the man in the street.