Monday 5 July 2010

Sexual Equality and Women

Women today have more rights than ever, yet today many of them bitch, piss, whine and complain more than ever.

This is because they are proffessional spongers using political correctness to promote themselves.

They have not just got equal rights, they have extra rights compared to men.

Yet many young women are worse than young men in relation to violence and domestic abuse against their partners- especially when they are drunk.

Whilst the interests of men are minimised and forgotten eg testicular cancer and male victims of domestic violence - the feminist propaganda constantly promotes the bullshit idea that women are victims.

They are not - they are as much abusers as men.

The idea that just because a female has a vagina and that makes her FEMININE is bullshit, FEMININITY is a rare and dying thing in todays society full of vile, aggressive geezer birds.

Femininity is as rare as an immigrant who is against immigration.

Yet feminists still think we should be nice to them and respect them just because they have a vagina.

I believe that the fact you have more melanin, and hence a darker skin tone than a white person, doesnt mean you should have extra rights in our country.

Just because you enjoy inserting your penis into a mans anus rather than a vagina also does not mean you deserve more rights in our society.

Just because you enjoy oral sex with another woman rather than a man also does not qualify you for extra rights.

Just because you pray to some invisible god that is not the same invisible god as everyone elses invisible god does not mean you should have extra rights in our society because you do.

There is one law in this country, and it must apply equally to all.

I STAND FOR MERITOCRACY - judge us all on our character and talents and end all this politically correct anti-white racist feminist bullshit.

Therefore I call these creatures that have a vagina, but who are political extremists, apologists for islamists, supporters and legal representatives of the IRA and Al Qaeda terrorists and gutless cringing, politically correct female coppers who put the interests of minorities before the national security interests of the majority exactly what they are - CUNTS.

A cunt is just a cipher who uses their sexual organs as a way to empower themselves and disarm their opponents.

A cunt is a female who uses her sexual organs to gain extra rights for herself, and as a tool to gain extra rights for their community or to promote themselves, or to sell us out.

A cunt is a female who uses her sex to accrue extra rights in employment and in life that she knows on talent alone, she would did not deserve.

I love women.

I hate cunts.

Just like the brilliant Black comedian Chris Rock who in his superb live comedy show 'Bring the Pain' did a sketch about the difference between 'niggers' and black people, I make the same distinction between cunts and women.

Watch the full show here ;

Unfortunately under New Labour more cunts than ever have risen to power and prominence in our society.

Now we are witnessing the breakdown of our society that begins when women have rights but no responsibilities or any moral sense of right or wrong.

Anyone who would uses their race, sex, sexuality or religion to promote themselves above a better qualified person is the person who least deserves the job.

This country is run and being ruined by undeserving cunts.

The idea that women are the gentle sex is undermined by female boxers, female gang members and females who inflict domestic violence against men.

The idea that women would never start wars is undermined by Margaret Thatcher and the New Labour and Tory whores that voted for the Iraq War.

The idea that women are not killers and would create a peaceful world if they run things is undermined by Myra Hindley and Rose West.

The idea that women would create a fairer world is undermined by the fact we have so many cunts in jobs that they do not deserve simply on talent and who have used political correctness to promote themselves.

I hate cunts.

I love women.

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lormarie said...

I agree that mainstream feminists are anti-white. It annoys me when I hear the constant nagging against white men while ignoring atrocities commited by nonwhite men. They even ignore horrors commited by women (regardless of race). Many of these horrors were against other women. Heck there are some feminists with angst against children.

I disagree re the femininity issue. We are living in a violent world that isn't safe for vulnerable women. We aren't safe walking down the street in many places. A woman can suffer violence simply for refusing to give a guy her phone number. I'm not saying most men are that crazy but there are enough to warrant discussion. Re Thatcher, she might be an example of the damned if you do and damned if you don't. If she were "feminine" or politically passive, people might have claimed proof that women can't lead nations. Since she was the "iron lady" she's a poor example of what women are supposed to be. Many American feminists couldn't stand Thatcher. Women just can't win. Men generally don't have to deal with such.

I do agree that some women are violent towards their partners without penalty. But why? Who created a system where it's criminal for men to hit women but entertainment for women to hit men? It is my humble opinion that men created that system rather than feminists. I hate to quote an unsupported stat but I once read that domestic violence reaches 50% of women in the UK. It is quite possible that stat is grossly inflated and the publication is biased. But if it is true, there aren't enough feminists over there.
Lastly, are men systematically marginalized?

Anonymous said...

Outrageous, Police forced to pray to Mecca.

Anonymous said...

"It is my humble opinion that men created that system rather than feminists."

Nonsense, men and women created the system when their was femininity, now women exploit it for their own gain, much of what you wrote underlines Lees points, unfortunately not in a completely positive fashion.

Seems you have unintentionally swallowed much of the propaganda yourself and are using it to lay the blame at the feet of men, as is the `correct` thing to do!

Another point I would make is that men find this agressive geezer bird persona (not you) unatractive, this I believe has lead to British men importing more feminine women, this has now reached epidemic proportions, the feminists are further making themselfs redundant, never to be family fullfilled but a slave to the corporates who set the whole thiiing in motion, once they realised it meant more profit for them.

Two wage earners for the same jobs - half the wage double the production and increased house prices to absorbe any actual benefit! bankers go ching ching, state say hand over you kids for indoctrination in the communist schools.

next we see a similar pattern with the feminisation of white men, the feminine women don't want them, they will look to the less feminised immigrants.

and there we have the recipe for the total destruction of the white race, with feminism playing a key part.

This appears to even lead into politics in that massively the largest percentage of whites who voted for Obaaaama was - women.

we are being forced outside our natural gender roles in order to create, `victim` groups and PC social marxism in which the lefties(brainwashed corporate slaves).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I lived in the UK for thirty years, having grown up in New Jersey and New York. I have been in LA for the past five years. There are so many people here in jobs they can't do, and it even seems to be a pre-requisite for a job that you will not be able to do it as that would make the other useless employees feel bad about themselves. I make people feel way bad about themselves all the time, because I like myself and do not expect the world to hand me my every desire. I go to a college because I can't get a job - all the immigrants have them - and I get financial aid for going to college. One Japanese American teacher kept saying "white men" made him "feel like a girl." He was not even embarrassed and no one in class laughed. He and a black student compared white men to locusts. The people on campus are so racist and yet believe they are the victims of racism rather than the perpetrators. I used to be a socialist of sorts, but LA has turned me conservative. The "poor" people have SUVs, $400 hair-styles, fake fingernails, jewelry, computers, blackberries and are screeching for more. A doctor online reported the closing of her free clinic. She once said to a patient that he could get insurance for a family of 4 for $250 a month. He replied, "That's almost as much as my boat payment!"Thomas Sowell, in his 2009 book, Intellectual and Society, said that 72% of the American "poor" have CARS. I get so much hassle because I am white (but really mixed-race as am part Injun - yes, mestizo, moi! I am a person of colour!) I don't have a car. I don't have a job. After five years in this dump I am only just now able to afford an internet connection. Come with me the next time I ask a Latino/Armenian/Filipino/Black for job. They all but hold their noses. People come up to me on campus and tell me I am so lucky to be out of work because their job makes them so tired. Then they blame me for their having the job do and claiming I would not do their job. I tried for two years to get a cleaning job in LA. No one would give me one, not even the racist Latina Anglican feminst priest whose church I attended briefly. On Latino man wanted me to spend my afternoons holding babies in an East Los Angeles hospital for the grand rate of $2.35 an hour for me, and of course, that'll be $650 a month for the baby. Don't get me wrong. NOT ALL THE IMMIGRANTS ARE RACISTS. I have turned conservative because I see now how the lefties convince people they are for the poor, but, really , they are only for themselves. They are only for keeping well-paid and easy jobs while pretending they care about the kids at college and about the "poor" whoever they may be.