Sunday 11 July 2010

What the Hell is wrong with These White Women

Watch these videos.

Why the hell do white women have anything to do with Gang banger filth like this ?

The beating and abuse of white women is ignored, can you imagine if this happened to a black person who was beaten by a white gang !

Imagine a black person going into a white owned restaurant and being beaten and thrown out - the story would go worldwide in a moment.

The media constantly peddle 'racism' stories about blacks, but ignore and minimise what happens to whites.

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Al Scott said...

How many teenage girls need to be violently and sexually assaulted before action is taken?

Are these attackers influenced by the “New Black Panthers”?

The Black Panthers are right about one thing, we are crackers!

Anonymous said...

is that where 'happy slapping ' came from then, the enriching black culture

Anonymous said...

Off Topic

But a mate just rang me saying that he had just passed the area where I live , next to which is a massive playing fields it was full of an area at hat had none three years ago...