Friday 11 March 2011

Eddie Morrisson - idiot or drunk again ?

I was just reading Eddie Morrissons little screed attacking Eddy Butler on another forum when this little gem popped up mid screed ;

" Which way then Eddy? A new party? One even more ‘modernist’ than the current shambles dressed up as a party. The British Freedom Party has already gone before you on this, with its disgraceful ‘civic’ nationalism and its sell out of racial principles; its embracement of Zionism and the Pink Culture – do you really want to go that way? "

Now lets forget the irony of Eddie Morrisson lecturing people on politics, and the fact that he represents the NF a party now with less members than Klingon speakers in the UK, and address the points he makes.

1) The Freedom Party is not civic nationalist, it is CULTURAL NATIONALIST.

Now people like Eddie, who are a bit thick, may not be capable of understanding the difference so I shall explain it.

Civic Nationalism is based on the principle that wherever you come from in the world, you are British. As long as you have a little bit of paper from some civil servant that says 'British passport', then civic nationalism says you are a true Briton - regardless of your indigenous status, whether you can speak English, whatever your culture and whether you are an Islamist or a Zionist. Civic Nationalism supports Multi-culturalism and the replacement of the indigenous British people by colonists. UKIP is civic nationalist, as are the Tories and Labour and Lib Dems.

Cultural Nationalism on the other hand recognises the reality that cultures are created by ethnic groups. In the case of Britain, our British culture is a creation of the indigenous ethnic British - the English, Welsh, Scottish and Anglo-Irish.

Contrary to the moronic position of white nationalists, of which Eddie is one, Cultural Nationalists recognise that races do not create cultures.

If races created cultures then every white nation in the world would speak the same language and have the same white culture, and the same applies to Africa as well as Europe in that if races create cultures then all of Africa would be one black culture with one language.

But those of us who managed to intellectualy analyse the science and reality, as opposed to simply believing Nazi propaganda films from the 1930's shown on the History Channel, realise that it is ETHNIC groups who create cultures eg the German people created a German culture and the German language, the Anglo-Saxons created England and the English language, the Zulus created the zulu culture and zulu language the Bantu created the Bantu language and culture, the French created the French language and culture.

It is not, and never has been, races that create cultures.

Cultures are created by ethnic groups.

The Freedom party manifesto states that the party will protect and ensure that the indigenous British people remain the majority in their own homeland in perpetuity and that our indigenous British culture must remain the dominant majority culture.

Eddie, as a white nationalist, espouses a political model of racial nationalism that is about as popular as smallpox in most western democracies.

Eddie has to attack the Freedom Party as he is peddling this smallpox as the political brand of the NF.

Racial nationalism will never win mass support, though like the BNP and its brand of racial nationalism disguised as ethno-nationalism, it does attract enough people to keep the leaders of the NF and BNP in beer money, hot tubs, nice holidays and free meals.

Racial nationalism and 'ethno-nationalism' are not POPULIST political movements.

Cultural Nationalism is the future of British Nationalist politics.

2) The Freedom Party has not 'embraced Zionism'.

In fact our position on this is clear - no man can be loyal to two masters.

A British citizen who is 'loyal' to Israel and Zionism, as David Cameron said he was at the meeting of the CST the other day, is a traitor to Britain and the British people.

You cannot be loyal to Zionism, or Islamism, and be a loyal British citizen.


Those who embrace Zionism under the Freedom Party government will be regarded in the same way as we regard Islamists. Whilst Islamists represent a TERRORIST threat to our society, the Zionists through their networks in the UK represent an economic, political and media threat to our democratic system.

Any zionist, or Islamist, that wants to remain an agent of zionism or Islamism within the UK will have their passports revoked and they can go and live in Israel, the US or the Middle East or wherever else they can find to claim asylum once we have booted them out.

Loyalty to Zionism and Islamism is treason to Britain.

On the issue of Israel, the Freedom Party supports the right of Israel to exist as we are Nationalists.

We support Israeli nationalism, as opposed to Zionism which is Jewish National Socialism.

We also support the right of Iran to national self determination and support the right of the Palestinian people to form a nation of their own.

As nationalists we support the rights of all nations to national self determination.

As regards the Jewish and Muslim people in Britain, like all British people they will be regarded as British citizens with the same rights as all of us regardless of our race or religion.

Religion will become a private matter, instead of being something you can go to a tribunal and demand compensation for.

3) The issue of 'Pink Culture'.

The Freedom Party supports the right of all homosexual people to equal rights in our society.

What we do not support are gay activists who demand extra rights in our society.

We will ensure that heterosexual couples can have civil partnerships as well as just gay people. Whilst gays can have a civil partnership with all the legal rights that accrue from such a civil partnership, heterosexual people are denied the right to have a civil partnership.

That is blatant sexual discrimination.

To give gays extra rights, such as the right to sue a hotel if they refuse to allow you to stay in the hotel, whilst heterosexual couples are denied the same right to sue if they are denied a room in the same hotel is sexual discrimination.

The domination of our society by the Pink Mafia of Peter Tatchell inspired Political Queers, will end under a Freedom Party government.

Gays will have EQUAL rights not EXTRA rights.

The era where the Pink Mafia can demand that the majority do as they demand will end.

4) And finally as someone has asked me how we intend to ensure Britain remains a nation with the indigenous people as the majority and with a British culture, our answer is simple.

We will deport every colonist in this country, as well as every illegal immigrant, illegal entrant and every foreign criminal regardless of their race or religion.

All aspects of alien cultures as manifested in Britain that seek to implant themselves in Britain and in our society and displace British cultural norms, will be criminalised.

That includes the Burkha, sharia law, halal and kosher food and all other non-British cultural forms.

Those that refuse to integrate into our British culture will be deported back where they came, or where their family originally came from.

Our mission is to deport enough colonists so that the indigenous British people remain the indigenous majority in perpetuity and that British culture is once again the dominant culture in Britain.

In order to do that then the politics we espouse must be populist.

We support cultural integration not racial assimilation.

Cultural Integration states that everyone who is a British citizen must be British both in loyalty and culture.

It is not the role of government to tell people who to mate with, so we will not demand racial assimilation - regardless of what race you are as long as you British by culture and loyalty then you are a British citizen with equal rights.

It is the failure of British Nationalists to understand the fundamental reality that if immigrants are not forced to integrate into British culture that they retain their ancestral cultural norms, such as having vast numbers of kids who then represent a demographic threat to the majority of the indigenous British people, that has caused the demographic and cultural crisis in our country.

When immigrants are forced to integrate into British culture then they start having the same numbers of children as the indigenous British people, and this will ensure they do not become a demographic threat to our majority status.

Our twin policies of Integration and deportation of all colonists and illegals etc will ensure that the demographic time bomb that is ticking away in our nation is defused.

Unlike Eddie we are not in the grip of a Third Reich nostalgia.

Unlike Eddie and the NF we are not a small cult of nazis goosestepping into political insignificance.

I created the ideological model of Cultural Nationalism for the Freedom Party.

It is populist and non-racist and is supported by over half the British electorate.

When the party has dealt with the rump of malcontents that refuse to accept reality and vanish back into the political wilderness from which they have come, we can then concentrate on getting the Freedom Party known to the public.

Whilst Eddie can continue to sup from his cups of nazism and cheap cider, we will be winning the ideological debate and the hearts and minds of our people.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of that Lee but let me ask you a question if I may.

Why do you support the bogus "Palestinian" cause?

There has never been a nation called "Palestine", in fact, this whole issue was invented by commies from the USSR and dates back to the 1920's.

But there's a very serious issue about your support. There already is a Palestinian state, Jordan. When Arafat tried a coup, the Jordanians massacred around 20,000 of these Arab refugees. Those who fled were welcomed by the only country prepared to take them:

The Lebanon.

By way of thanks, 100,000 Lebanese people were slaightered by these "Palestinians" aided by the Syrians and they have torn the nation to pieces.

More info here:

Guardians Of The Cedars

Given that the Lebanese are fighting for their sovereignty, why is it you and the BFP support "The Palestinians"? I can understand why the left support it but a nationalist party?

And the issue isn't just about Israel and the Lebanon, this sham is being used to destroy the West too, including GB.



Defender of Liberty said...

The issue is simply nationalism mate and the right of all people to aspire to and build themselves a nation state.

The jews have one, the palestinians want one. The solution to the middle east crisis is a two state solution.

As a nationalist, I believe the more nation states that exist the more secure the world is from globalism and the New World Order.

I simply want more nation states in the world.



Anonymous said...

4) And finally as someone has asked me how we intend to ensure Britain remains a nation with the indigenous people as the majority and with a British culture, our answer is simple....

Good article. Sound nationalistic idealogy. I would be interested to know if you have a specific, or approximate percentage figure in mind with regards to the number of non indigenous individuals allowed to reside in Britain at any one time under your proposed policy?



Anonymous said...

But the "Palestinians" already have Jordan and Gaza. They're going to take the Lebanon so if they are given the West Bank that will be four. But they aren't "Palestinians" they are Arab muslims and have dozens of states where they could be assimilated. But that isn't the point of this at all.

What about the rights of Jews from North Africa and the Middle East who were expelled from those nations. Do they have a "right of return" to create their own states? What about the Christians of the Middle East and their nations?

This proves that a 2-state solution will never work, indeed Gaza proves that it is about the destruction of Israel. This is because of Islamic sharia law, Gogle "Waqf" and you'll see what is at the root of this bogus issue.

But perhpas what is most concerning about your answer is this:

What if for example, the growing Muslim community of Birmingham demand that they have their own Islamic state? After all, we English have our own nation so why can't they have one?

If you think this is unlikely Lee then I urge you to look at what has happened throughout Islamic history, including recently with Kosovo and now also in Southern Thailand.

And the Muslim demographics throughout Europe will bring the situation in Israel to our own doorstep, that's the high price we pay to appease muslims.



Extant said...

Very plausible Lee.

However in reality, what you are saying is undeniable popular opinion for the brainwashed electorate, as I must confess is a much better policies to have a wider support; considering the nominal mind status.

It depends if you want to be elected, get noticed, be proud or want society to work, not to mention do you really believe you will never get past the post !

The hard reality is that no party other than what we have "the 3", will ever be elected into power, let alone old BNP seasoned activists .I do not say this with disrespect, least of all, as you know with a hidden agender.

I say it firmly with surety.

We are now living in a full post Democratic era, we are wasting valuable time even believing that popular opinion will be successful, let alone elected.

The only way to power, is through the back door.

We must set up local groups, who work for the good of communities, not the electorate, not for money and certainly not for self gain of any sort.

We must covertly build, under the political radar, cohesive groups who support the simple things that the Zionist Elite have deliberately destroyed.

Family help and advice

Drug Counselling

Small business advice

Neighbourhood watch teams

Real Democracy groups to pressure local Councils and their staff.

Parking ticket advice

Credit, mortgage and debt advice

The list of utter failure or should I say deliberate Zionist social sabotage is and colossal and soooo easy to co-ordinate against, its unbelievable.

We already have scores of good people within the BNP, BFP ,BCG,EDL etc etc who are all fighting their corner for what we all have a common interest to fight for.



The most important issues that I speak of above need to be sort and acted upon.
First the main and easiest targets, DEBT AND FAMILY MATTERS, it then grows to a monster within 2-4 years.

Everything is co coordinated on a non political level, ready for the long term rejection of the oppression we now exist under.

A Political party with many individual personalities are not the way. It involves to many isolated aspirations for self recognition and inevitable indulgence.

If any of us want , need or deserve success, it should be to ourselves through selfless satisfaction and self determining recognition.

Wealth , personal financial rewards, consumables and/or fame are very short lived reward only, real success is in the heart, always has been and always will be.


ulsterpatriot said...

Great article Lee. British Nationalism must do more to combat the current image it portrays of itself. The oi oi oi image of the past has now manifested itself as e-e-edl. British Nationalism needs to look farther than the spearhead approach that we have used in the past. As we have seen lately, when the spearhead is damaged by corruption and greed then we have to go back to square one, in search of a new spearhead. A multi limbed approach is what is now called for. All British Nationalists working together, political figures, political groups, activists and street protesters.
Surely, if egos and differences can be set aside then a British Nationalist summit should be called and a strategy formulated where every branch of British Nationalism knows where it is going and what its roles are. A British Nationalist collective agreement would do more to further our cause than this current sniping and bickering. The Government do not fear us as individual pressure groups or pollitical parties, we are too small and insignificant with little chance of gaining mass support. Someone needs to put this kind of theory across to those that would claim to represent Nationalism before its too late for our people. A crystal vase is only a beautiful thing when it is sitting intact on my mantlepiece, not when it is lying fragmented in a million bits on my floor. Cheers folks.

extant said...

Re- ulsterpatriot

Well said mate,

They love the BNP, it serves as the Boogeyman, ensures that we are made a spectacle to make the ordinary nominal mind set to have something to hate and divert attention.
It also acts as a safety net, a release valve and an imaginary threat to so called Democracy.

The BFP will become the same, but have a serious disadvantage's with status, ie it will take 10-15 years to get off the ground.

They love Ukip too, another release valve to make people believe that they can pull us out of Europe.

EDL, fkn great, they have militant action, to enact draconian control of the masses; for their own good of course !!

and so on.

For everything they have done to us, they allow small groups to form , as many as possible and show an imaginary way to defeat the Fascist rule.

The more parties, the more "individual" pressure groups the better for the fascist Zionist scum who worked it all out decades, if not hundreds of years before us.

As they adore different racial groups ,etc etc etc fighting for their "individual" rights !!

The only game they do not want is Nation wide cohesion, everyone fighting and tuned in to the same cause.

The latter is real revolution material, not individuals fighting for their slice of personel pie.

Only when we have shameless of Nationalists become men and work desperately to unite with as many groups as possible, will the unthinkable become a reality.

Real nationalism will be reborn.