Tuesday 15 March 2011

England - as it is and should be

So not putting ethnic minorities in a TV show is enough to get one suspended.

We all know that putting ethnic minorities in jobs they are not qualified for is enough to get a promotion.

I have not watched Midsomer Murders, I will know though.


How dare White English people wish to preserve their ethnic identity and indigenous culture !

Lets get this straight shall we.

Whilst Asians have an entire radio show and radio network just for themselves that is not 'racist', the fact that the White English have been ( below the radar though ) allowed to watch an single TV show, Midsomer Murders, that seeks to show White English culture is racist.


I am sick and tired of liberal, politically correct morons dictating to me and the rest of society what we should think, say and watch.

They used to call that Fascism or Communism, now they call it Liberalism.

Its time for us to fight back.

Our Liberty is not 'granted' to us by liberals.

It is time we threw off the yoke of liberalism and restored LIBERTY

'It wouldn't be an English village with them': ITV chief suspended after revealing he deliberately keeps ethnic minorities out of Midsomer MurdersBy Paul Revoir

Last updated at 7:57 AM on 15th March 2011

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If included 'we might be in Slough', says executive producer who is suspended over remarks

Suspended: Brian Tru-May made the comments in an interview with the Radio Times
It's no secret that you don’t see many black or Asian faces on Midsomer Murders.

But a row blew up yesterday after the co-creator of the series revealed the reason why – he deliberately keeps ethnic minority characters out of storylines.

Brian True-May, the ITV drama’s executive producer, found himself suspended after he said he did not use black or Asian people in the series because 'it wouldn’t be an English village with them'.

He described Midsomer Murders as the 'last bastion of Englishness' which relied on an 'English genteel eccentricity', claiming it 'wouldn’t work' if it suggested there was racial diversity in village life.

Other long running serials, including BBC Radio 4's The Archers, have been criticised over 'tokenism' when they have included ethnic characters.

Mr True-May told the Radio Times if he had more minority cast members 'we might be in Slough'.

Last night, amid mounting fury from charities and campaigners, the production company behind the show – All3Media – suspended the TV executive. ITV said it was 'shocked and appalled' at his remarks.

Midsomer Murders, based on the books by Caroline Graham, was launched in 1997 and has featured 251 deaths, 222 of which were murders. The series returns this week with a new star replacing actor John Nettles who played the central character, DCI Tom Barnaby.

Mr True-May said: 'When I talk to people and other nations they love John Nettles, but they also love the premise of the show.

'They love the perceived English genteel eccentricity. It’s not British, it's very English.

'We are a cosmopolitan society in this country, but if you watch Midsomer you wouldn’t think so. I’ve never been picked up on that, but quite honestly I wouldn’t want to change it.'

When asked to clarify what he meant, he added. 'Well, we just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work. Suddenly we might be in Slough.

'Ironically, Causton [the fictional local town in Midsomer Murders] is supposed to be Slough. And if you went in to Slough you wouldn’t see a white face there.

'We’re the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way.'

He admitted that Englishness should include other races, but added: 'Maybe I’m not politically correct'.

Mr True-May, who lives in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, near where parts of the show are filmed, added: 'I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.'

Campaigners accused the executive of trying to 'wipe' ethnic minorities 'off the screen' and of 'distorting' the presence of black and Asian people in rural areas.

Rob Berkeley, of race equality think tank, the Runnymede Trust said: 'Clearly, as a fictional work, the producers of Midsomer Murders are entitled to their flights of fancy, but to claim the English village is purely white is no longer true and not a fair reflection of our society.'

Last month Mark Damazer, Radio 4¿s former controller (pictured), said radio shows should better reflect modern British society, although he cautioned against deliberately targeting ethnic groups

Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, which aims to create a better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, said: 'There is a wider agenda in what he is saying which is worrying for me.

'To try to wipe us or our presence off television screens is wrong and factually incorrect.'

Mr True-May last night said he had been instructed by lawyers not to comment. His tearful wife, Maureen, described his suspension as 'ridiculous'.

Villagers in Great Missenden leapt to the producer's defence. Roy Stock, 63, said: 'The whole reason of the show is to depict the tiny little villages of England.

'There just aren’t any ethnic people around here. In everyday life in Great Missenden you wouldn’t see any at all.'

Last month Mark Damazer, Radio 4’s former controller, said radio shows should better reflect modern British society, although he cautioned against deliberately targeting ethnic groups.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1366331/ITV-chief-Brian-Tru-May-suspended-keeping-ethnic-minorities-Midsomer-murders.html#ixzz1GkBxaDIf


BBC's Asian Network 'saved'

The BBC has performed another about-turn on its planned cost-cutting drive, bowing to pressure from listeners to reprieve the Asian Network.
By Victoria Ward 7:25AM GMT 15 Mar 2011

It is the second time in less than a year that the corporation has backtracked on its original decision to shut down two digital stations as part of a strategic review.

Plans to close 6 Music were also abandoned when they were met with such an outcry that the BBC Trust rebuffed management plans.

BBC director-general Mark Thompson said last year that 6 Music was not “effective and efficient” and that the “coherence and relevance” of the BBC Asian Network was under strain.

Yet despite its original announcement, the BBC is understood to have concluded that the Asian Network is the best way of reaching Asian listeners.

Its audience has increased by about a third since the planned closure was announced last March and it now boasts an average 477,000 listeners a week.

But the BBC has warned that it is not out of the woods yet and must to more to secure its future.

A spokesman said: “We are exploring whether the Asian Network should remain on the national (digital audio broadcasting network) as part of the Delivering Quality First process.”

The station costs 8.5p per listener hour, the highest of any BBC national station.

Staff were told of the decision in a video conference call with Andy Parfitt, controller of BBC Radio 1 and the Asian Network, yesterday, according to reports, prompting "jubilation".

The reprieve will have to be approved by the BBC Trust later this year.

More than 100 high profile British Asians, including actress Meera Syal, boxer Amir Khan and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, had signed a letter opposing the station’s demise.

Campaigners for the closure argued that it should be replaced with a children’s station.

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extant said...

Fucking sickening.

During the summer months I ride my motorbike around Brecon S Wales, there is no foreign black or Asian enrichment there whatsoever until the beginning of last year .
The Wales BNP cameraman was out with his Wife and Children at a Brecon beauty spot, when he saw 3 Pakistani scum offloading their terrorist equipment out the back of a Vauxhall Vectra by the side of the reservoir.

The one was dressed in full extremist Imam outfit, who was about 45 years old, the other 2 19-23 year olds were sporting full combat clothing.

I called the Police and 2 terrorist special branch Police came to my home and took the photos from me. They said, "it is real frightening, we don't know how long we are going to contain it before there is another Mumbia like attack or another 77".

October 2010 the same murdering scum that BNP Wales photographed were arrested in Blackwood with home made explosive's.

Since then Welsh water check the water at Brecon reservoirs for contamination twice every week for anthrax etc, I know this because I know the tester personelly.

A few months later, I spotted 4 young Pakistani men camping dressed again in full combat gear in Brecon mountains, I called the terrorist squad and reported them again.

So yes we now have Multiculturalism in Rural Britain and it will get worse, they are training to kill us and kill out soldiers, so maybe Midsummer Murders can even change its name to Multiculturalism Murder in Briton now !!

So maybe if they changed the name as above,it will show the wicked reality of what the Fascist regime have done to our Country and keep our people safe from the invaders for a little while longer..

SAVE LIVES; KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR MUSLIMS TRAINING TO KILL INFIDELS IN RURAL AREAS .They are easy to spot just like a Lion would be in the middle of the city !

alanorei said...

No-one should overlook the fact that the distinguished John Nettles is to be replaced by the considerably less well-known Neil Dudgeon.

That could be a potential downside to the future of the series but all this media furore is bound to kickstart the next ep. with a healthy crop of 'sympathy' viewers, which is fine by me, btw.

(I note that Dudgeon's screen missus is Fiona Dolman, who as Mrs PC Mike Bradley (Jason Durr) in Heartbeat dumped PC Mike for a high-flying businessman, as I recall. I hope that since her now screen husband is an inspector, he will fare better. One pleasing aspect of MM was the long-running stable relationship of Mr and Mrs Tom Barnaby - and the fact that their daughter Cully was never portrayed as a rebellious EEnders type slag but as a dutiful daughter who eventually married a solid chap named Simon (white Caucasian as well) in an entirely conventional English wedding setting. Maybe other script writers should take note.)

wolfblood said...

The background of an English village, an all white cast and the high murder rate in Midsomer, is because it satisfies the quintessentially English
obsession with "foul deeds" and ultimate victory for decency and the rule of law in England, as the English would prefer it to be.

This is what really pisses off the pc brigade.

You could not broadcast a series these days, where all the cast are ethnics in an ethnicised (100% enriched) enclave, for the simple reason that the ethnics and their liberal pc ponces would argue that it casts them in a bad light, whereas the English really don't give a f***.

Its not the casting quotas that upsets them, its the English, who are confident enough in their own land and their own ways to have as many fictitious murders as they like, whereas the ethnics are not because they are responsible for the most crime and murder and they don't belong here.
And they know it.

gatesofvienna said...

When there's a white doctor/nurse in Porgy and Bess!


It won't happen.

An ethnic moving into the village wouldn't live too long.
The villagers would soon sort them out with their track record.

Great- Indians can have India- Pakistan-Pakistanis- Mexico-Mexicans etc- Europeans and the British are not allowed to have their own countries.....So say the MARXISTS and FABIAN RULERS!!

Most programmes are now off limits, refusing to share the multicult hell-hole in my own home.