Tuesday 29 March 2011

Farrakhan, Waco and Libya

Farrakhan rocks the mic !


Waco was a crime against humanity, undertaken by the Zionist Occupation Government of America under the aegis of the New World Order.

76 people were slaughtered by the American government, of whom 26 were British citizens.


Waco Live.

I watched the faithful of Waco burn,
Live on CNN, by satellite feed,
Amidst the crack and whine of bullets,
I saw a thin black asp of smoke,
That rose forth from the ruins,
Ravening at the wood like a wyvern.

I watched army tanks rumbling forwards,
Squirting white gas from their guns,
And then the first fervent flames,
As helicopters hovered high overhead,
Furiously fanning the sacrificial fire,
That soon consumed each blasphemous building.

Amidst the ashes I saw an ancient evil arise,
Its ebony eyes, alive with plots and plans,
Writhing in the fire and flame of its fantasies,
Of empires and oil, deserts black and burning,
Faith reborn as fear for the rebellious masses,
Pipelines pulsating with the life blood of nations.

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Anonymous said...

Proof Libyan Invasion was Planned 10 Years in Advance.


LorMarie said...

Hmmm, Farakhan needs to ask his fellow muslims who oppress Christians in the Sudan (and other nations) who the hell they think THEY are. Unless he drops his double standards he really needs to go and sit down somewhere (along with Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP and entire so called black leadership).

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

oo hav ei been censored by the BNP website , had I mentioned the word white too many times..?

Anonymous said...

He has made some of the most compelling, insightfull, brave and inspiring speaches of this century and has been spot on for some considerable time.

Anonymous said...

BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera are the mouth pieces of Government propaganda. You should listen to the wording from their embedded journalists with the Al Qaeda/Rebel forces.
"The rebels need guidance".