Sunday 6 March 2011

Oh the Irony

Oh the irony.

From another site ;

At least two white UAF supporters in hospital after attack by Muslims.

This was not Muslims mistaking them for EDL.

They were beaten for being white.

Twitter is alive with comments on the attacks on the UAF by Muslims, here are a few:

#Rochdale #muslims beating up faux #communist #UAF supporters. As you sow, so shall you reap

faux #communist #UAF members shooting the messenger for reporting #muslim on UAF beatings in #Rochdale

#UAF supporter in #Rochdale Infirmary after being set upon by #muslim thugs

Reports of #muslim thugs roaming around #Rochdale beating up #UAF supporters, mistaking them for #EDL - oh dear me!

a second #UAF supporter has been admitted into #Rochdale Infirmary after being set upon by #muslim thugs. It's becoming a bloodbath!

Reports of #muslims in #Rochdale bricking the windows of a #UAF VW camper van

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up Lee. Always come to your Blog first.

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time the reds have had a shoeing from their precious little brown friends either.

They're dancing with wolves and I have zero sympathy for them. It is going to get much worse, where Muslims gather you can bet on it.



Extant said...

Brilliant , the inevitable has come a reality, as we all knew it would:O)

Maybe its just pure ignorance that makes them so different , the red scum that is .

Speaking of which, we had a great BNP meeting at Swansea last night, absolutely jam packed. There were about 70 UAF ignorant scum ranting their sad old say so. Me and my Mrs walked passed them to enter the Globe inn, it was fkn hysterical. I stopped and grinned at the scum and as I did, I turned and said to a local Police Officer "I dont envy you having to babysit that lot to stop them self harming", he said, "we have all had enough of them mate and you dont have to tell us, we know what they are ".
I then spoke to the boys inside about what he said to me, they confirmed they had also spoke to the Police and had similar replys.

Times up for the real Fascist scum, they are only now in small groups starting to realise that they have in fact been duped.
Within the next few years , they will desperatly try to join us and as they do, they will tell terrible stories of how they feel so much shame to what they were once tricked into.
Thats the ones who were lucky enough to escape the terrible violence of the invaders that is..

Anonymous said...

This happened in Tower Hamlets last year as well.
Also the big day of rage planned for Saudi Arabia is on the 11/3/11.
The illuminati are clearly behind these protests.