Tuesday 22 March 2011

What A Shock ( NOT ) = EHRC Costs

It appears, though we have to read the judgement in full as we all know Griffin likes to (ahem) 'embroider the truth' somewhat, that the EHRC costs will be borne by the EHRC.

Though we do not know if the judgment states the BNP have to pay their own costs, as opposed to paying the ECHR costs, but if it is correct then this is great news ......... not for the BNP, but for all those small businesses ripped off by the evil scumbags Griffin, Dowson and Golding.

Now if the money is returned then party can repay some of those debts it owes the people it stole money from.

It appears that once again the system seems to protect Griffin, ust when he is on the

It is like the system wants Griffin to remain the leader of the BNP.

Either that or the judges felt sorry for the poor sods that Griffin, Dowson and Golding have ripped off and are doing their bit to ensure they get paid back.

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see a statement from Nick, telling all of the members that we are back in the Black.

Is Nick going to charge his "fees" against this cost?

gatesofvienna said...

Christopher Story FRSA..Died last year.
I know for sure many journalists' from radio stations use this site ......

The British National Party (BNP), which exploits the Union Jack (UK flag) in all its publicity, was exposed several years ago to this Editor as a covert operation run by German ‘Black’ intelligence. One key achievement of this operation has been precisely to STEAL and ERADICATE national sentiment along with the flag, so that anyone expressing views such as that Third World immigration needs to be controlled or stopped, that the integrity of the nation state is paramount and sacrosanct, and that pride in one’s country is meritorious, is in danger of being labelled (by the Great Brainwashed) as a BNP ‘fellow-traveller’.

On 18th April, it was reported that the London organiser of the BNP, Bob Bailey, is the husband of a German Embassy diplomat. He married Ms. Martina Borgfeldt in Australia in 1999 after meeting her while serving in the Royal Marines in Africa. The current Diplomatic List shows that this woman is an ‘assistant attaché’ at the German Embassy in Mayfair, Central London. Mr Bob Bailey lives in accommodation provided by the German Embassy in London.



I suspect UKIP is the same- a plant.
Why would any Nationalist enter a European parliament, when it's illegal under British laws etc?

No foreign state etc 1689 English bill of rights.
Makes Traitors of all signed upto this- INC the Queen. after all she also signed. going against her Coronation Oath.