Sunday 13 March 2011

Zionism is Nazism

For those corrupted, petty, evil soulless creatures that call themselves Zionists, read this article and weep.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to humanity.

Those who think anti-Zionism is anti-semitism, you need to read this article you fools.

An Interview With Dr. Hajo Meyer

"Zionism Has Nothing to do With Judaism"


From January 24th to February 19th Dr. Hajo Meyer traveled through twelve cities in the US as well as Toronto on a speaking tour titled "Never Again for Anyone," discussing his own experiences as a survivor of the Holocaust and his perceptions of Zionism and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. For more information about the tour you can visit

Dr. Meyer sat down with me for a video interview before the last stop of the tour in Los Angeles. You can view an 8 minute edited selection of the video here. What follows is an edited transcription of part of the interview.

Los Angeles, February 19, 2011--

DZ: Could you start by introducing yourself, stating your name and giving a bit of background about yourself?

HM: My name is Hajo Meyer, I was born in August 1924 in Beilefeld, western Germany. And so I am 86 years old. And I had to leave Germany in January 1939 because from November 1938 on I was not allowed to go to school anymore. When in the Netherlands I made my entrance examination to the university still under the German occupation. They allowed that for Jews to be done. Even the German occupation allowed it, under a special setting of Jewish state examination. It occurred in April '43. Then I went underground and about a year later I was caught and brought to Auschwitz and survived 10 months in Auschwitz.

Could you summarize this idea that you've often spoken and written about, the "ethical tradition of Judaism?"

So now we come to a very important point. In my view—I was educated in the tradition of enlightened Reform Judaism, without any relation to the prescripts of Halacha [Jewish religious law] but just to the socio-cultural heritage and the enlightened parts of Judaism…

This ethical tradition is absolutely contrary to everything which is at the basis of Zionism. Because Zionism was created by Mr. [Theodor] Herzel and others at the end of the 19th Century, and in that era it was commonplace to be colonialist, to be racist, to be super-nationalist, to adore the nation-state--so the idea of France for the French, Germany for the Germanics, and then some state for the Jews. This all formed the basis for Zionism.

Zionism and Judaism are contrary to each other. Because Judaism is universal and humane, and Zionism is exactly the opposite. It is very narrow, very nationalistic, racist, colonialist, and all this. There is no "National Judaism." There is Zionism and there is Judaism, and they are completely different.

[Zionism] has nothing to do with Judaism. Because Judaism, as I learned it--the Reform Movement--that is highly, highly ethical. And so, you cannot connect Zionism with "highly ethical." You can only connect the words "aggressive," "oppressive," "stealing," "robbing" with Zionism. But not "highly ethical."

Inter-human ethics is a product of evolution. So we have a center in our brain that gives us the feeling of empathy so if we see someone suffer we get the impulse, "Can I help you?" That is a very important insight that I saw in Auschwitz—that if a dominant group wants to dehumanize others, so as the Nazis wanted to dehumanize me, this dominant group must first be dehumanized in a way themselves by diminishing their empathy due to propaganda and indoctrination to enable them to be as cruel as some were. But the same holds nowadays for [Israel's propaganda and dehumanization].

You, of course, saw first-hand how a populace can be manipulated to dehumanize another population through your own experiences of persecution. And as you just alluded to, you've compared the way Zionist ideology and its "us vs. them" mentality is fostered in Israel to what you witnessed in 1930s and '40s fascist Europe. Can you explain?

This fact has been documented by at least--I know two impressive documents. One is by Shulamit Aloni who was once Minister of Education in Israel [explaining] how hateful, how racist, how depreciating the school books in Israel talk about the Palestinians. And Nurit Peled-Elhanan, who is a pedagogue in the University of Tel Aviv, has made a big study of the school books and she's appalled by the racism which is taught to children in Israel.

And then you get, nowadays, the rabbis--especially the Army rabbis--get evermore aggressive and tell the soldiers it's a mitzvah, so it's your duty to kill every Palestinian you see… They are so aggressive. They are so racist. And look, it's so--I am appalled, I am deeply appalled how hateful, how dehumanized [they are] that they do not see any human aspect in any Palestinian anymore. It's terrible.

You've spoken and written that you identify with Palestinian youth living under the Israeli occupation. In what ways do you find yourselves similar?

Well, in that they are very often held up at checkpoints, or they are not allowed to move from one place to another, or their teachers are not allowed to do that… And so very often they cannot get the education they want, and that is terrible.

And I think that fact of my life [the initial denial of the right to education] has been a very important one, because it made me very--if you are not allowed to get an education you do your utter best to go against the forces which made you stop education, and so you search for education. And I learned to get an education by myself for years and eventually had a very high education and was very successful professionally. But it gave me also the idea that preventing people--young people who are eager to learn--from getting an education is a form of genocide. Because if you cannot realize your own ambitions because your access to education is made impossible then you cannot develop your personality, and that is a form of slow-motion genocide. And that's where my great sympathy and my connection to the Palestinian youth comes from, because I suffered. I think they suffer from exactly that. They very, very often--more often than not--cannot get the education they want and I think that is absolutely murderous.

Besides that, I mean look, I was a refugee and many of them come from refugee homes and are refugees. So we have very much in common, yes.

What were your thoughts of the 1948 War and the founding of the Israeli State at the time?

At that time I still believed more or less the propaganda lies from the Israeli side. I mean, the real eye-opener, how it happened for me--I'm afraid it was quite late--especially about the '48 war, was Ilan Pappé's work, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

Before that--Look, they have such a strong propaganda machine that it takes you a hell of a lot of study and knowledge and travel to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in order to see what the reality is. So it took me quite awhile. I mean I started to get critical with Begin and Sharon, and Sabra and Shatila, etc. and then my eyes started to open. So it took me quite awhile.

So it sounds like for several decade you were believing—

I was believing their stories, their lies, yes.

How do you see the holocaust being represented--or misrepresented--in the Zionist narrative?

The Zionists have not any right whatsoever to use the Holocaust for any purpose because they consider people like me--they talked about us as "useless human material." So, first of all I'm not useless. And secondly, I am human, but I am not material. So I feel deeply, deeply--I could feel if I did not despise these people who use such words so much, I could feel offended…

And like Netanyahu did the other day in the General Assembly of the United Nations, he used the number on my arm--or the number on our arms--to defend a coming attack on Iran. They have nothing to do with each other…

[Zionists] have given up everything that has to do with humanity, with empathy, for one thing: the state. The "blood and soil," just like the Nazis. I learned in school about blood and soil, and that's exactly their idea, too.

Critics of Israel are often accused of anti-Semitism, and Jewish critics are often labeled as "self-hating Jews." You've had these accusations leveled against you. What is your response?

The journalist who reports from Berlin for the Jerusalem Post, I think it's Mr. [Weinthal], he has a spotlight on me. So I have the honor of being quoted as an anti-Semite or whatever in the Jerusalem Post, and I cannot get higher honors than to be one of the people like Jimmy Carter, or Noam Chomsky, or Norman Finkelstein, and former [Dutch] Prime Minister Dries van Agt. So I'm very proud to be an anti-Semite.

Because formerly an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews because they were Jews and due to their Jewish nature and their race… Nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by a certain type of Zionist. Like one of the important Nazi leaders, Göring, said, "I determine who is a Jew." And so the Zionists determine who is an anti-Semite. And as I say, I'm proud to be one of those.

There is a famous image of Israeli Air Force bombers flying over Auschwitz. Have you seen this photograph?

I haven't seen it but I've read about it quite recently.

What feelings does it envoke in you?

Well, this belongs to the misuse of the fate which the Nazis had reserved for us... I'll tell you one thing, in many Israeli schools before they finish school, the kids are taken to Auschwitz. And Idith Zertal, who is an Israeli-Jewish historian, wrote a book called [Israel's Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood]. And she writes there about this visit to Auschwitz and she says these young people are taken to Auschwitz in order to instill in them love for their country. And also, to take away the good feelings they might get when they have to perform the tasks this state will ask from them, sooner or later, when they are soldiers of the occupation.

And finally, do you see any hope of salvaging the tradition of ethical Judaism in the future?

HM: Look David, to be quite honest, I wonder if there is much future for Judaism. Because one of my great fears... The Israelis—the Zionists—if they have the slightest chance to go down as a country they will take the whole world with them. They don't give a damn about the world. The only thing they give a damn about is this Zionist state, Israel, and nothing else. And they don't care if the Jews go down, because they have nothing to do with these Jews who live elsewhere and don't want to come to their blessed and paradisaical country called Israel.

David Zlutnick is a documentary filmmaker living and working in San Francisco. His latest project is called Occupation Has No Future: Militarism + Resistance in Israel/Palestine (2010), a feature documentary that studies Israeli militarism, examines the occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, and explores the work of Israelis and Palestinians organizing against militarism and occupation. You can view his work at

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Anonymous said...

Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and identifying with Palestinian youth?

What a load of bollocks. Yet more jew hating rubbish. Kill every Palestinian? Is that why so many Palestinians are given free treatment in Israeli hospitals?

The problem with you Lee is that you do not possess even a basic understanding of this issue. It is a total fabrication that could be easily solved.

But this issue is a weapon of war being used to destroy the West and our nation and you side with it. What does that make you Lee?

Here, while you're demonizing Israel, here's what the people you support do to their own children:

Kids In Gaza

And if that isn't enough for you, how about this:

HAMAS And The Palestinians

Let's hear you and your fellow Jew haters justify that. Get this: Those people want to annihiltate Israel and then they will focus on doing the same to you. You are kuffar, the lowest of the low and they are commanded to either convert you or kill you. They are doing this to kuffars all over the world but your hatred and arrogance blinds you to it.


Defender of Liberty said...

You just dont get it do you chris.

Your judeophilia blinds you to the fact that Zionism and Islamism are the mirror image of each other.

I am both a 'Kuffar' to the Islamists and a 'Goyim' to the Zionists.

Your inability to rationalise this issue means you miss the point time after time.

Zionism disarms the West.

Islamism attacks the West.



Zionism is a poltiical, social and media threat whilst Islamism is a terrorist threat.

The idea we can win our nation from the threat of Islamists and then do nothing about the Zionists that control most of our society, is simply idiotic.

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh and as for me being an 'anti-semite and a jew hater' as I am an anti-Zionist - grow the fuck up.

The next time you post such pathetic drivel it aint getting posted.

Is the guy in this article - Who is Jewish and a survivor of Auschwitz an anti-semite too because he is an anti-zionist like me ? stop talking like a WANKER man !

I know you refuse to see reason, but posting such zionist bollocks propaganda simply makes you look a total twat.

Anonymous said...

Hammas did not role over and die when their country was invaded.
The British did, they put the Sun newspaper and a pint of beer before their country.
Good lick to Hammas i say.

Anonymous said...

And now you just have to resort to the gutter and become abusive.

Zionism disarms the west - bullshit, marxism is doing that. It isn't Zionists that are running Europe it is marxists. And this demonisation of Israel is all based on Marxist narratives. ALL OF IT, not least the idiotic "Zionist" garbage.

Islam is not a terrorist threat. That is only one part of Islamic Jihad. There is much more to it, especially deceiving the gullible kuffars and you are a prime example.

Muslims are not working with Zionists they don't need to. The oil weapon ensures that among other things. Muslims are killing people all around the world, are you seriously suggesting the Zionists are behind it all?

As for "the guy is jewish and survived the holocaust" - so what? George Soros is the same and is using his money to destroy Israel - NOT ALL JEWS LOVE ISRAEL just as not all Britons love Britain. Thank the Marxists for that.

There are also jewicidal jews, see if you can work that out.

You make yourself look foolish Lee with your obsession on this issue. You only focus on Israel, not once do you ever have the same forceful opinions on:

The Lebanon, The Kurds, The Sudan, The Zoroastrans, The Christians of the Middle East, The Buddhists, The Hindus - all of whom are feeling the full force of Islamic jihad. Nor do you ever mention the persecution of the remaining Jews in those countries nor of the persecution jews are now experiencing in Europe thanks to the Marxist-Islamist alliance.

Neither do you have the same sense of injustice towards the way women and children are abused in all Islamic countries. It is absolutely appalling and it happens on a massive scale.

I'm no jew lover the jews have many faults their survival instinct being wonky at times to say the least. But the picture you paint about Israel is completely false and your support of the "Palestinian cause" is severely misguided. That issue has caused more harm to our nation and the nations of Europe than you imagine.

Why do you think the Marxist EU is now hoping to include North African and Middle East countries through the Barcelona agreement?

The only country in the ME that is democratic; where women, gays and children are treated as equal human beings and where Arabs sit in the knesset is Israel. And it is the country people like you demonize as a Nazi state. It's absolutely ridiculous.

It's also a real shame because you put out some great stuff - even stuff I don't fully agree with - and this hatred of Israel spoils it.

And I don't need to resort to the gutter either.


extant said...

Nice one Lee, that's telling the deluded Traitor Zionist loving fucking Moron.

I have absolutely no time for a so called Nationalist Zionist loving ignoramus.

Defender of Liberty said...

For fucks sake chris - you read this blog.


I just dont support ZIONISM !

If you cant tell the difference, and resort to calling Jewish survivors of Auschwitz anti-semites as well as me, then you choose to remain ignorant of the difference between nationalism and nazism and nationalism and zionism.

Anonymous said...

Lee I know what Zionism is I have studied it and the politics of the Middle East in depth. I havce also studied Marxism and Islam. I see no threat from Zionists, they haven't got the power nor do they have the demographics and neither do the Jews for that matter.

I do however see a huge threat from Marxism as it AND NOT ZIONISM is the dominant ideology in the West. And I do see a huge threat from Islam as the third global jihad is in full swing.

You do realise that Jews can be Marxists too don't you? And you do also realise the same cancer that is killing the west is destroying Israel too?

And here we have abusive retard Extant, giving it large from behind the safety of his keyboard. The self-appointed "true" British Nationalist who cannot express anything unless it involves abuse.

That you don't mind littering your blog with such pig-ignorant, nauseating vomit does wonders for your credibility and integrity.

If that is the low standard you accept for your blog then you go for it Lee.

While this issue dogs British Nationalsim we'll get nowhere. Oh wait a minute, nowehere is exactly where we are, what a surprise.

Meanwhile, the PVV, a pro-Israel anti-Islam party sits in the Dutch parliament. I know who I believe has the issue well and truly nailed that's for sure.



Defender of Liberty said...

chris, you get to say what you want on this blog, including calling jewish survivors of Auschwitz (and also myself ) anti-semites for attacking zionism.

You are not Jewish, and therefore for you to call a Jewish surivor of Auschitz an 'anti-semite' as they are anti-zionist is frankly disgusting. I cannot understand where you get the chutzpah to say that sort of nonsense.

Extant is entitled to say what he wants as well as well as you on thids blog, seeing as you can abuse me then I see no problem in him abusing you ( or me if he wants ).

You refuse to see that zionism has any power in our political, media and economic systems - contrary to all the evidence.

Therefore i can only deduce you do not want to see, i also note that you did not answer my statement about 'Muslims call me a Kuffar whilst zionists call me a goyim (which means cattle by the way)'.

Nuff said I think.

Defender of Liberty said...

Apart from your self imposed blind spot as regards zionism, you are a good nationalist and thats why i respond to you.

I suggest that you do some research into groups like AIPAC in the US and the power of the Israeli lobby in the Uk such as the Conservatve Friends of Isarel and the Labour Friends of Israel - then come back and argue with me on this issue.

I have studied it chris - with an OBJECTIVE viewpoint, I suggest you do the same.



Anonymous said...

OK Lee let's have it.

I have not called you "anti semite" I called you and your ilk "jew haters" because you single out Israel time after time. In spite of real atrocities as I mentioned. How come?

Goyim? Are you seriously comparing Goyim to Kuffar? Why is it Goyim - Arabs and other minorities - sit in the Knesset? Why is it the only region in the entire ME that affords rights to minorities INCLUDING MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS - is "evil Zionist Israel"? Why do Arab refugees - who you falsely label as "Palestinians" flock to Israel for hospital treatment if they are Goyim?

And where are the persecuted Goyim? Nowhere. Where are the persecuted kuffar? Everywhere muslims gather. Without exception.

Come on Lee, tell me how many Jews sit in governance of Arab countries. I bet it's less than one yet Arabs sit on the knesset and then deride Israel. You talk about chutzpah? Do me a favor. You give me a better example of democracy if you can.

And unlike you and Extant I don't resort to foul language to personally abuse either of you.

Ah, AIPAC. That's the same powerful Zionists who have been told they need to stop building Jewish homes "settlements" - for Jewish people on Jewish land. If you weren't so myopic, you'd see this is happening in GB now. Israel is being sold out and so are we. By the same evil people. Marxists.

The Jewish lobbies you mention are dwarfed by the Saudi lobby - the lobby that runs the US - and by groups like Common Purpose, Demos, The Tavistock Institute, The EU, The UN and the top of the pile, the Bilderberg group. The common bond here is Marxism. Actually it is fascism but as it springs from the Marxist well, we'll stick to Marxism for brevity.

Oh, and the most powerful Bilderbergs are Christians, Queen Beatrice of Holland (daughter of the Nazi sympathising founder and one David Rockefeller, son of the oil tycoon John D Rockefeller of Standard Oil).

What is disgusting is you portraying democratic Israel who cares more about "Palestinians" than the entire Arab world combined as Nazis. It is utterly reprehensibe and absolutely false and that you didn't even say a peep about the 450 child brides and the comments of "Palestinians" abused by the vile HAMAS who were treated by the very people they are sworn to destroy is also shameful.

For a Jew who survived the holocaust to portray Israel in that light is moral inversion and deceit so beloved by the Marxists and the gullible fall for it. There are scores of such self-hating Jews, the left in Israel is doing exactly the same as the left is doing to us Brits.

Maybe you missed my point about how many Brits now hate their nation and people with a passion and that has sweet FA to do with Zionism.

I also note that you don't mention a word about how this "Palestine" issue has been used to Islamise europe. Read the Barcelona agreement if you can stomach it.

You talk about evidence yet all you produce is a Marxist spun narrative.

Here's more hard evidence for you:

Support The Shipments To Gaza

Here's what happens to people like you who swallow Marxist liberal narratives and support Muslims:

What It Means To Be A Kuffar Woman

Ring any bells mate? How about the grooming of kuffar girls in the UK? Or is that being done by Zionists to goyim? Where else are they doing that?

Got plenty more where that came from too.

As for Extant, if you deem his comments as fitting to this debate then more fool you. Of course he can hold opinions and voice them but is the whole "big I am" accompanied by vile personal abuse appropriate?

Your blog, your call but I'm not gonna sink to that level mate, no way.



Defender of Liberty said...

Any comment on this chris ;

Jewish and Muslim leaders vow to fight growing racism in Europe
Members of the Coordinating Committee of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders from Belgium, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, U.S. and more announce plans for a series of public events on Europe Day.
By Shlomo Shamir
Tags: Israel news Jewish World EU US

Prominent Muslim and Jewish leaders expressed Monday deep concern regarding the rise of far-right xenophobic and racist parties in Europe and pledged to work together to put an end to the extremist phenomenon threatening "ethnic and religious minorities."
Members of the Coordinating Committee of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders from Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States, announced plans for a series of public events on Europe Day, which takes place in May.

“Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism must never be allowed to become respectable,” the leaders said in a joint statement.

A woman passes by a Jewish memorial , desecrated with Nazi symbols, at a cemetery in Dortmund, Germany, Jan. 10, 2005.

Photo by: AP
“We will not allow ourselves to be separated, but will stand together to fight bigotry against Muslims, Jews and other minorities. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us,' the statement added.

Citing studies which show that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are both growing rapidly in Europe, the communal leaders affirmed that “Jews and Muslims are equal stakeholders in Europe, not expendable guests, and must therefore enjoy the same rights as everybody else. Appeasing those that sow the seeds of hatred and division is not only morally wrong, but will have disastrous consequences for Europe if allowed to continue.”

FFEU President and WJC Vice President Rabbi Marc Schneier, who was present at the meeting, declared: “Although much of the venom of extremist and populist parties is directed these days against Muslims, it should not be forgotten that several of the far-right parties, including the National Front in France, have histories replete with anti-Semitism. On 9 May, we will gather in Paris and elsewhere to say that the rise of such parties across Europe is menacing to both of our communities, as well as to basic democratic values of pluralism and tolerance. If Europe wants to remain true to its ethical and spiritual foundations, it must embrace people from different cultures, religions and ways of life. If not, it will not only fail as a concept, it will lose its soul.”

Anonymous said...

Yes mate as I said the Jews have a wonky survival radar. I unreservedly criticise them for their supidity. It's the Jewish left at work, they will sell out Israel to the Muslims just as our left is doing to Britain and Europe.

While that idiot rabbi bangs on about pluralism, jews are fleeing Europe because they are being attacked by muslims. It's madness mate it really is.

I think that you overestimate the power of Zionists and greatly underestimate the power of Marxism and Islam. Marxism especially.

There are groups now exposing the true evil these bastards are doing to us. Groups like The British Constitution Group, Lawful Rebellion, International Freedom Alliance and of course the EDL. And unlike British Nationalists they are making very good progress without going on about Zionism.

I thought you'd find this article over on the EDL site interesting:

SWP And The Nazis

It is excellent reading.

I firmly believe Israel is mainly a good country - certainly better than the Islamic hell-holes that surround it - being destroyed by the left as are we.

Lee, you can continue with the Zionist hobgoblin and to be fair there are some seriously nasty Zionists, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

But the people who are making fantastic progress are doing so without going on about Zionists. All it will do is consign you to the political wilderness, which is pretty much where British Nationalism is now for a variety of reasons including this one.

I hope that provides you with food for thought and thanks for taking the time to debate with me.



Lex said...

All Jews know the difference between themselves and Zionists, just as ordinary Britons know they are different to the lefty Marxoids.

Lee, this "anonymous" person is either irreversibly brainwashed or a Zionist schill.