Monday 12 January 2009

Britains Most Well Paid PC Racist

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a nut.

We all know it, but she is a well paid one.

In fact she is Britains most well paid racist.

Yet again the British media 'ethnic dahlings' with their patina of brown to ensure they are able to enjoy the benefits of climbing the greasy pole of political correctness, are able to racially abuse Whites in Britain - but the world fall in upon any poor bugger who is white and says the same things about an ethnic.

What makes me laugh most is that Yasmins kids are half white.

If she was suddenly sacked from her job and her husband sacked from his then her kids would become one of the 'working class' she so despises.

They are not like mummy are they - they are half white offspring who none of the rights of mummy - unless of course they adopt their mummys ethnicity and play the race card in the job market.

Kerching, Kerching , Kerching go the cash tills as the PC Racists all cash in on politically correct anti-racism white racism.

But hey, the patined elite of political correctness do not have to fear unemployment like lesser mortals, for they are protected not just by a sick double standard but also a host of laws that racially discriminate in favour of the patined elite and against the non-patined indigenous peoples.

Heres what Yasmin said in her article ;

Note also what Liz Jones, another white, stuck up, middle class tart who writes for the Daily Mail said about White working class people.

Liz Jones live in a cottage on the moors about as far from ethnics ( including the one she married and who cheated on her ) as one can get.

The good news though is that less and less people are buying newspapers, less and less people give a toss about what the newspapers say and more and more people are realising that they are being fed a load of old bollocks by the media.

Yasmin and the rest of the PC Cultists are only able to promulgate their drivel in the media because the media are part of the PC Fascist Dictatorship that deny any critical voices in the media.

This is primarily because they are ;

1) Cowards

2) Corrupt bastards

3) Too thick to win a debate with a Nationalist, so therefore they invite idiots like Will Young onto Question Time and ignore Nick Griffin.

In the meanwhile the whole country is laughing at them.

The whole country know the BBC and the media are a joke and this is why no-one gives a toss about their outbursts of hysteria about what Prince Harry said or what Jade Goody said ( jade is half black by the way - her father was black ).

The more the BBC Ivory Tower Trolls indulge in another outburst of PC masturbation and get all hot and frothy the more the British public laughs, switches off the TV and goes and reads the BNP website.

Everyone knows the ' BNP embargo ' on the BBC and Question Time, and the endless dribbles of foam flecked ire that appear in the papers about the BNP, are written by corrupt intellectual pygmys who reside in Ivory Towers whilst mainlining on 100 % pure hypocrisy.

Whilst the pygmys play PC games with each other - outside the streets are burning with a revolution that is about to bring down their Ivory Towers.

Whilst the PC patina elite play their fiddles, and fiddle their expenses, the real world is changing all around.

Just like General Custer the PC elite are giving orders whilst the natives are surrounding them and preparing for battle.

As the words of Shelley so beautifully convey - the PC elite are a despised minority whose power is waning every day. Every time we refuse to buy a paper, every time we switch off the BBC news, every time we laugh at their manufactured hysteria over Prince Harrys comments, every time we see that dribble of dogs piss David Cameron getting all 'earnest' about anti-racism ( whilst never saying anything about the plight of the White working class in this country ) the further the boat of the PC brigade is moving further away from the people.

The boat of the PC brigade is happy ship. They all dance with each other, debate with each other, get rich off of each other, they drink, marry and sleep with each other and snort the same drugs as each other. It is a ship of bohemians.

But look close and you will see the rocks upon which it is about to run aground.

Dont expect us to save you when the boat sinks.

You will all go down with the ship of fools you have sailed on.

As Shelley said - Ye are few, and we are many.

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.'

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Lee. You are a model for the aggressive and contemptuous approach we all have to take with the sad, moronic fuckers who are trying to destroy us...the PC emperor is stark bollock naked and have to be the ones to prick the pricks

Anonymous said...

Jane Goody's father is of mixed-race origins not full black.

Her father, Andrew Robert Goody, who was of mixed race, was a drug addict and habitual criminal, who served prison sentences including a four-year term for robbery.He died of a drugs overdose in Bournemouth, in 2005, aged 42 Her mother, Jackiey Budden, is now a lesbian.