Thursday 29 January 2009

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This is the most important development in British labour relations since the dockers walked out in support of Enoch Powell.

Note how the police are mounted on horses. The British state have been surpressing the workers for over 100 years to protect the wealth of the capitalists by attacking strikers.


HUMBERSIDE Police are calling on protesters at LOR to remain “peaceful.”
It is believed at least 60 police officers – including some mounted on horses – are currently monitoring the situation at the North Killingholme site.
Superintendent operations for North Lincolnshire, Steve Graham, said: “Humberside Police are in attendance at the Lindsay Oil Refinery, North Killinghome, in response to a peaceful protest.
“At this moment in time there are about 800 peaceful protesters at the site.
“Police resources will be in attendance at the site as well as the surrounding area throughout the day.
“I would reassure our local communities that our main aim is to ensure the safety of both local businesses and public as well as those taking part in the protest in order to minimise disruption and to keep traffic flowing.
“I would appeal to those involved in this demonstration to remain peaceful. Whilst respecting the right of demonstration we will, however, consider any offences that may occur.”

Give this man a medal ;

A GRIMSBY fishery owner says he is prepared to go to jail to defend his ban on Eastern Europeans fishing in his waters – after calls to prosecute him.
As reported, Tony Booth, owner of Trentside Fisheries, in Burton-upon-Stather, banned all foreigners from his ponds, over fears they might steal and eat his prize fish.

This ban has since been relaxed to include only Eastern Europeans, as carp and other coarse fish are often considered a delicacy in their home countries.

More than 90 per cent of asylum seekers registering at Croydon’s Lunar House are given the same date of birth, figures reveal.

UK Borders Agency figures obtained under the Freedom of Information act showed in 2008, 24,437 visitors to its headquarters on Wellesley Road were given the date of birth as January 1.

In 2007, of the 23,430 people applying for asylum in Britain, 21,652 – 90 per cent – were also given the January 1 birth date.

The staff at this croydon asylum proccessing centre should be interviewed under caution by the police and arrested and prosecuted if found to be assisting false asylum seekers to stay in our country by giving them fake birthdays that classify them as children and thereby prevent them being deported.

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Did they bring out the mounted police to face down the Muslim supremacists supporting Hamas outside the Israeli embassy? Or are the horses only reserved for non muslims?