Saturday 10 January 2009

BBC Lie Machine At Work AGAIN !

A few years ago the BNP were infiltrated by a BBC reporter ( note how the BBC have never sent a reporter into Respect or Workers Power or Anti-Fascist Action or Searchlight ) and this reporter filmed a couple of BNP activists who he got drunk and invited them to talk rubbish.

Donal McIntyre when he did his investigation of Combat 18 supplied cocaine to people in the programme in order to bolster his credentials as a criminal.

The BBC in the article below hired a gangster to get some dumb kid to pose with a shotgun for a tv show - now that kid is in prison.

Will the BBC be prosecuted for facilitating this offence - of course not.

January 10, 2009

Youth was paid £50 to ‘show off’ with a gun for BBC Panorama programme
Russell Jenkins

A teenager was paid £50 by a “fixer” employed by the BBC to brandish guns on a Panorama programme about young gangs.

The youth, aged 17, who cannot be identified, was traced by police after the footage was shown. At Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, he admitted three counts of possessing firearms.

The teenager says that he was not paid the cash directly by the BBC but by a gang member who told him that the film-makers wanted someone to “show off”. He was then given a shotgun, a handgun and ammunition for the filming. The prosecution accepts the youth's version of events.

The allegation raises serious questions about the BBC's journalistic ethics. The documentary Young Gunmen was shown on June 30 last year. There were concerns at the time that gang members had been paid to buy and pose with weapons.
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Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Chief Constable of Merseyside, wrote to Mark Thompson, the corporation's Director-General, seeking assurances that no cash had changed hands. At the time the BBC denied the “unfounded rumours”.

Last night the corporation insisted that its journalists had not breached editorial guidelines. Sources at Panorama said that the programme's producers had no knowledge that part of the fixer's payment was used to pay the teenage gunman.

Sentencing was adjourned, and the teenager was remanded in custody.

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Anonymous said...

The likes of the BBC are fueling the anti-Israel feelings by lieing by omission.
Silence on what Hamas actually stand for in their constitution.
The Charter of Allah: The Platform of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)

The western media portray it is Israel against the Palestinians.
Where in reality it is Islam against the Jews, and eventually all non muslims.
As we will soon see on our streets and all across Europe and America.

Why are the media silent upon Hamas using women and children as human shields?
Why are the media silent about Hamas using cartoon TV programs teaching the children to hate jews?
Why the media silence when Hamas fire motars from within schools, hospitals built up civilian areas?
Balenced reporting would at least show a more accurate picture, the fact that Hamas dont care about the "Palestinians" their goal is the destruction on Israel and the jews.
Palestinian infighting has begun in Gaza as Hamas has started executing Fatah members for being "collaboraters."

Hamas Executing Palestinians, Throwing Bodies into Garbage...

Hamas stealing aid supplies to sell to residents,2506,L-3651783,00.html

Gaza headmaster was Islamic Jihad "rocket-maker"