Sunday 11 January 2009

Folk Music, The Middle Class Mafia and Life By Proxy

WARNING - This blog post has lots of bad language in it. That is because I am pissed off. If you are offended by bad language then dont read it.

I have just read a hilarious blog posting by a Daily Telegraph writer, Emma Hartley, about Folk Music and the fact that Nick Griffin ( aka The Devil) has taken to appearing at folk music gigs.

It appears that some middle class folkie types are a little upset that some people, other than mung bean eating, sandal wearing, latte sipping, middle class tossers are able to 'dig' folk music.

In their attempt to steal the genre of Folk Music away from its traditional White English roots, the new Folkie Mafia are now trying to use it as a weapon for multi-culturalism.

The idea that Folk Music is anything other than the music of place and soul is an idea promulgated by those that steal music, but who have no idea of the soul of music.

Its like blues music.

The only blues singer that are truly great were poor, black and self taught.

The only white blues singer - ever - that could sing a white form of the blues was Kurt Cobain.

His style of Blues was not a 'black' style of blues, as only blacks can do black blues, his was the Blues of the poor, white, despised American underclass - and his music will be regarded one day as marking the transition point where the poor of the US went from being black to white.

Kurt could sing the White blues as blues music is not a 'style' of music - it is about the soul of the person that sings it.

It represents the life story of the singer, the soul of the singer and the way that the music represents an existential howl of anger for the suffering that life has imposed upon them and their community.

When I see rich, white middle class rock stars singing the blues I have to laugh.

What do rich white rock stars know about the blues - NOTHING, THEY ARE FAKES.

Kurt sang the Blues - and when he got rich he realised that his wealth meant he could no longer sing the blues, as the suffering that was the source of his music was replaced by a wealth that suffocated his creativity.

Thats why he killed himself - as Kurt WAS FOR REAL and he could not stand the idea of being another FAKE rock star whose life would be spent making fake music, for fake people on a fake stage.

When I see Billy Bragg, the Devon resident who lives in an all white village having fled the multi-cultural and immigrant swamped Essex, Dagenham area where he came from, lecturing idiot white middle class lefties about the wonders of 'diversity' in our inner cities from his clotted cream consuming ivory tower, I just laugh.

Now it appears that pious, sanctimonious, middle class, white folkie types now want to join in the show of hypocrisy.

Folk Music is 100 % white.

Apart from the odd mixed race child of some trust fund hippie at a folk gig ( who got spudded by some ethnic just to piss off mummy and daddy ok yah ) the audience of folk music is almost 100 % white.

Of course every now and then some folk music promoter will book a few Afican 'roots' bands for a folk music festival comprised of 100 % black people singing 100 % black songs about a 100 % black African experience, usually with names such as Bongo Inkartha Boom Boom. At these festivals you will always see some white dickhead dancing away to them even though the lyrics of the songs being sung in some African dialect may be saying 'death to the whites' such as the charming theme song of the ANC leader Zuma, "Awuleth’ Umshini Wami”, which translates as “Bring me my machine gun ".

You will then see some white idiots in the audience, usually female and with a beard, trying to do some ethnic dance and looking like they are having an adverse reaction to a cheap E.

( Dont get me started on white rap fans at black rap band gigs throwing 'gang signs' in the air - the word for those middle class ponces named Nigels, Jeremys and Quentins are WANKERS. Anyone white who talks like a Jamaican, throws gang signs, listens only to black music and who hangs around with a group of blacks because they think its 'cool' to do so is simply a waste of semen ).

Folk musicians trying to use Folk Music to promote multi-culturalsm are simply FAKES.


Billy Bragg is a FAKE.

Folk Musicians that stick anti-nazi league stickers on their instruments are FAKES.

Folk music is the music of England and the English.

It is the voice of the dispossessed indigenous English folk of this land.

It is the music of the English people that tells the tales of English history and suffering and that seeks to keep alive the communal spirit and ethos of the English folk in a world dying from globalisation and the death of indigenous cultures.

That is why it called FOLK MUSIC for fucks sake, as it is the music of the English FOLK.

Music of the African Folk is people such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, music of the Jamaicans are people such as Bob Marley ( himself half white) and reggae music, gypsy music is for Gypsys etc etc

It appears that for the Middle class white wankers that infest the English folk scene - the only people in the world who cannot have an authentic music to represent them, their history and the English folk experience are the English Folk.

The English Folk music must be made part of some pathetic multi-cultural propaganda matrix, where it has to be used as some sort of brainwashing medium to promote the joys of the death of the English folk from mass immigration and cultural suicide.

These fucking folk types that promote this multi-cultural crap deserve to have every single song they made uploaded to pirate bay so that they never make a penny from it.

The more multi-cultural shit they try and sell to the insipid middle class idiots that think Folk music should be some sort of fake plastic music for the white middle class to listen to in comfort whilst sipping a nice glass of port in Cornwall, the more they need to have their instruments inserted up their arses.

I used to like Folk Music.

I used to enjoy watching The Levellers at gigs until a mate of mine who was a roadie for a lot of big bands told me about the parties he used to attend where Mark Chadwick, the lead singer, used to snort endless lines of cocaine until he turned into an aggressive arsehole giving it large to people at the parties.

The Levellers aint real - they are fakes.

They play only because they want the money. Their music is not longer about the English / British Folk experience - it is some plastic shit for sad student wankers that think that dreadlocks and smoking weed make you cool.

Fuck The Levellers - someone should put all their albums up on Pirate Bay.

The fact that The Levellers think it is ok to snort coke, which funds right wing para-militaries, crime gangs and left wing death squads in Colombia, means they are simply a bunch of arseholes.

Dont get all 'lefty' and 'preachy' on me about 'unity' and 'anti-racism' if you snort coke or inject heroin - if you do then you are a criminal who is funding the most murderous bastards on the planet.

A lefty that snorts coke or injects heroin and lectures people about 'anti-racism' is the definition of a two faced, hypocritical twat.

They are also fakes.

Being a fake applies to all races.

Any black blues player that becomes rich and successful and who carries on making 'blues' albums once they are rich and famous is a fake.

The only person left in music who I can really say arent a fake is Lemmy of Motorhead.

Lemmy says ' fuck you' and plays what he wants. Thats the ONLY attitude I can admire.

When Kurt Cobain and Richey Edwards killed themselves, then the soul of real rock and blues music died for our generation.

Now its just fakes making fake music for fakes.

What the commercialisation and multi-culturalisation of English Folk music has done is accelerate the cultural suicide of the English Folk. The last form of music that was meant to give them a voice in the 'global village' has been turned into another form of anti-English propaganda.

For me the Folk musician that seeks to turn our English folk music into anti-English propaganda is the worst of all traitors, for they are eating away at the very soul of our people and culture.

Their actions are a deliberate poisoning of our culture, history and identity and therefore they step across a line that one day will require them being dealt with.

I am sick of fakes.

I am sick of fake music.

I am sick of fake white kids who think they are black.

I am sick of fake white middle folk types who think folk music is a multi-cultural commodity they can peddle for a few quid to their asinine idiot white friends.

I am sick of the entire fake music industry.

I am sick of fake music journalists like Emma Hartley that want to turn English folk music into just another fake plastic commodity for fake middle class fools to buy to play at their dinner parties.

I am sick of the fake journalists at the NME who adore junkies who cant sing or play music.

I am sick of the white middle class, black middle class and Jewish middle class record company owners of the music industry that peddle anti-white racist rap music to white kids, who sell CD's that glorify black on black gang violence and who portray white woman as bikini wearing sluts in MTV videos who have to be subservient to some black gangsta rapper.

In the words of the ANC leader Zuma - 'Bring me my machine gun' as the trigger needs to be pulled on the entire fucking lot of them.

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Anonymous said...

Lee - only you could machine-gun rattle it out like this. I don't agree with all your points about music (but hey it would be petty to do so and too time consuming) but you certainly get your point across. I haven't even read the article yet and I steamed up. Mr Bragg (Billy) lives in Dorset by the way.

Anonymous said...

wus up Lee ma mane man innit?
I quite agree with you on this one mate. How many times have we seen the white kids with jeans hanging round their arse, sporting a baseball cap twisted side ways on and talking like an asian/black gangsta.
IT MAKES ME ANGRY!!!! Seriously, where the fcuk did this 'innit' creation come from. It gives me the shits.... I'm off now, see what you've done Mr Barnes? You've ruined my Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I really enjoyed that piece; it has a good fast rhythm, is satisfyingly hard hitting, and is just the right length.

More punk than folk in fact.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Lee... as you have noticed from my previous posts I too am prone to similar tirades - given the correct provication :-)

I agree with all that you say... being a keen musician myself, I have know exactly the pretentious types you refer to - I know them only too well.

My musical tastes seem to be as diverse as yours; from classical (Beethoven is a titan) right through to Black Metal - heavy metal being my bread and butter :-)

Anyways, have you heard any music from what is called 'Neo-folk' ... it is a genre which is well and truly indigenous European folk - reclaimed from the liberal wankers you mention - no Jeremy's here...

There are many bands making amazing neo-folk music, a couple of my favourites being:

SnowW Wwhite -

All the best... and keep up the good work!

alanorei said...


It has been noted in the US that when a church band plays African i.e. rock music, the white Caucasian audience will clap in time with the upbeat, not the downbeat, which is the emphatic beat of this type of music.

Why would anybody think the black and white races are the same? As you point out, Lee, their music is different and so is their collective response to it.

For further proof, try to spot the black face at Last Night of The Proms. Even the BBC has a hard job so doing, which is saying great deal.

Anonymous said...

The only white blues singer - ever - that could sing a white form of the blues was Kurt Cobain--DOL

You appear to be saying that blues is all about lyrics rather than music. From my understanding, the sound identifies blues more so than lyrics. After all, one could find the same type of lyrics in the country genre. However, country and blues are separate musical forms.

"who sell CD's that glorify black on black gang violence and who portray white woman as bikini wearing sluts in MTV videos who have to be subservient to some black gangsta rapper."---DOL

I rarely if ever see white women in rap videos whether MTV or otherwise. Women exploited in rap are primarily black or latina. Were you speaking of British born rappers?