Monday 19 January 2009

Nazis, Stalinists and Islamists For Gaza

Interesting story on Neo-Nazis marching in Calgary with Islamists in support of Hamas in Gaza.

The story on the actual Nazi / Stalinist / Islamist Love Fest is here ;

I thought for a bit about just why Neo-Nazis would march alongside Stalinists and Islamists ( apart from the fact they are idiots ) and then this little note below from the Wikkipedia article about the Aryan Guard rang a bell ;

As the demonstration wound down, members of the Aryan Guard were escorted to a waiting school bus by police and evacuated from the scene. An unknown number of anti-racism protesters, who had been under video surveillance during the demonstration, were detained as they left and forced to have their identification recorded by police.[15]

How useful it must be for the police and government to have the twenty Neo-Nazis all standing around in the street waving Swastikas for the camera's to record their names and faces, whilst the presence of the Nazis on the street then draws in mobs of leftists who oppose them and who can then also be filmed by the police.

In one go everyone gets to get their own police file !

The fact that Nazi's are willing to march alongside Islamists and Stalinists shows us the reality behind the Liberal media propaganda.

The White Nationalist Movement is a Nazi movement and it is aligned with the Islamists and the Stalinists because they are all anti-semitic movements.

The Nationalist Movement is a national independence movement which regards Gaza as an issue solely for Israelis and Palestinians. The nationalist movement regards anti-semitism as a diversionary tactic for the guilty amongst our own people, the inner enemy who have sold our people out, which is used to evade guilt for their own crimes.

By perpetuating the mythical spectre of a global Jewish conspiracy, the inner traitors of our own nations can escape being blamed for their own actions. Our nations and our people were sold out by our own people - it was our own blood who voted for the governments that passed the laws that destroyed our nations. The only treason is the inner treason of our own people. Blaming the Jews and supporting the pernicious myths of anti-semites is merely perpetuating the social, political and legal controls that the inner traitors hold over us.

If we do not see the enemy, then how can we ever fight the enemy.

By following like donkeys the rancid carrot of anti-semitism on the end of the stick is to do just what our slave masters want is to do.

A donkey led by a carrot must be the dumbest animal on the planet - apart from Stalinists, Nazis and Islamists it appears.

Anti-semitism and the myth of the global Jewish Conspiracy are the tools of the criminal elites in our nations and people who are really to blame for our plight.

The Nationalist movement would never sully their honour, or their loyalty to their race, folk and nation, by marching alongside Islamists or Stalinists in support of Islamist terrorists in Gaza.

Stalinists and Islamists are the mortal enemies of everything we as a movement hold dear - anyone who supports either the red flag or the black flag are our enemies.

Those amongst our ranks who march with the enemy, are the enemy.

The White Nationalist Movement is now just a pathetic joke, run by the police and the state and used as a front to recruit angry impressionable kids who can then be used by the corrupt, stupid and demented fools that 'run' the White Nationalist movement.

The moral of this story is that the next time a Nazi, a Stalinist or an Islamist asks you to goosestep alongside the Islamists and Stalinists for Gaza and Hamas think twice !

P.S for the upset Nazis that will read this article heres how it is ;

The issue for White Nationalists has never been about Jews, the issue was always simply Zionism.

The problem is that most White Nationalists are thick or as mad as a bunch of monkeys on LSD.

White Nationalists dont do complicated ideological politics. Keep it simple is their motto.

White Nationalists, like Stalinists and Islamists, are too stupid usually to understand complicated issues.

The odd clever White Nationalist in the leader of the White Nationalist movement is usually renowned for being a lunatic, a misognynist, a homosexual arse spanking nazi fetishist or a paedophile who also likes fires and big explosions. Usually it is a combination of all these groups.

The ones who are not of the above list are usually working for Searchlight or the Police or they are simply crooks who can make a few quid out of the movement.

The sincere ones are usually driven out of the white nationalist movement due to them getting sick and tired of the nutters, the idiots, the thugs and the crooks.

What you will find is that this situation is also mirrored exactly in the ranks of the Islamists and the Stalinists.

The biggest turd, as they say, always rises to the top in the ranks of the White Nationalists, Stalinists and Islamists.

The issue is Zionism and Zionists simply because they both place the interests of a foreign nation, Israel, above their loyalty to their race or nation.

Most Zionists are in fact not Jewish.

Most Zionists are in fact White European Christian dickheads who believe that Jesus is going to return, convert or kill all the Jews, destroy the world, kill all non-fundamentalist christians and impose a Fundamentalist Christian Fascist Theocratic Dictatorship over the entire planet that would make the fucking Taliban look like the Telly-Tubbies.

Zionists are primarily the inner traitors of our own people.

Zionism crosses all political boundaries, includes all ethnic groups and racial groups and is present in all nations and classes. It is a political project.

By perpetuating the myths of the anti-semitic scum that are paid to peddle anti-semitic myths, or who profit from peddling them, all the White Nationalists do is allow the real enemy of our people to hide.

Anti-Semites are reactionary tools who facilitate the power of the criminal elites that control our present political system. By speaking their anti-semitic nonsense they merely allow the State and governments to pass ever more anti-free speech Hate Crime laws that remove our right to free speech.

The more the Nazis, Islamists and Stalinists shout their nonsense - the faster the government can pass ever more laws to close down debate on issues such as immigration and multi-culturalism.

Anti-Semites are not just wrong, they are actively working against our interests as a community, a political movement, a civil rights movement and as a cultural movement.

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darrinh said...

Hi Les, I think your comments about Christian Zionists correct. They seem to have this bizarre view that the modern secular state of Israel has something to to with biblical prophecy. They seem to forget the fact that in biblical terms, Israel is a people, not a geographic location.

Towards a Higher Man said...

So the Jews are guilty of nothing in this world? So they never passed atomic secrets to the Russians or lead the Russian Mafia? And Israel is not the biggest distributor of ecstasy tablets? Or Jews control the Porn industry? So it’s all been made up by wicked Anti - Semites? I do agree regarding the pathetic spectacle of White Nationalism, and the idiots of the Aryan Guard, but to believe the Jews are guilty of nothing is untrue. Also, you seem to have this strange admiration (is that the right word?) with the Marxist inspired (and Jewish) 1960’s counter - culture. This set the stage for the mess our world and young are in today. And yes, most who pushed their destructiveness on the young of America were Jews. Coincidence of course.
Israel was founded on murder and terrorism, by Polish and Russian Ashkenazim Jews. Also, to believe Israel has nothing to do with biblical prophecy is ludicrous. Go and read The Jewish State by Theodore Herzl.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi joe,

1) Individual jews are guilty of crimes, as are individual Whites. Whites as a race are not guilty of any crimes, such as being inherently evil as peddled by extremist leftists, nor are Jews.

2) The Russians are white. The fact that Stalin, who was white, bought secrets and used spies of all races including jews means the white Russians were the problem not the Jews. Where theres a demand , theres always a rat. More spies for the russians were white than jewish eg burgess, philby, mclean etc etc in the UK. They were all white, not jews.

3) The fact that Russians buy drugs off of the jewish mafia means they are the predominant funders of the jewish mafia. If white russians did not use the services of russian jewish mafia, then the jewish mafia would not exist. AS someone who worked on the doors joe you know the crack - as long as there is a demand some bastard will supply them.

4) 99.99 % of people who BUY AND USE ecstacy tablets are white. Therefore the people who buy the drugs that sustain the israeli drugs supply network are as much, if not more of a problem, than the importers. The importers only import drugs as they know they have a market who will buy them. No buyers = no imports. Supply and demand its called.

The dealers only deal because people buy drugs.

If the israelis didnt do it, someone else will, and does.

4) And who are the main workers in the porn industry - WHITES. If whites did not sell themselves to the porn industry then it would not exist.

Stop treating our people, and the guilty, like fucking kids joe.

White People like drugs.

White people are the main porn stars in the industry and the main buyers of porn. If whites did not make porn films or buy porn films then the porn industyr would not exist.

The counter culture was never marxist when it began.

The counter culture was founded, run and organised in America by ex-right wing hippies from the German refugees who were the leaders of the German pre-war Wandervogel movement and most of the counter culture early german leaders in the US were all ex members of the Hitler Youth.

The original and first Green Party in Germany and the world was founded by ex-SA Stormtroopers.

The counter culture was hijacked by the left, it was not a left wing movement when it began.

This is because the nationalists who should have joined and led the counter culture got involved with strutting around in nazi uniforms like fucking idiots instead of ensuring the environmental movement and counter culture stayed true to its nationalistic roots.

The tragedy of the nationalist movement is that because it got fixated on the nazis and politics it lost sight of its Green cultural, community and environmental roots.

You might have noticed this fact mate - not ONE nazi movement has gained power anywhere in the world since the end of the 2nd world war, not by violence or voting.

The left though won power and the cultural struggle - so what do nationalists do.

like fucking retard they still follow the same pathetic, obsolete political strategies that have failed them for decades.

What we need to do is learnl what the Left did right, and copy it. We need to stop following the politics of the losers if we want to win.

The counter culture was a 99 % white movement with 99 % white leaders.

Stop acting like our people are fucking kids joe - they were adults who did what they did because they wanted too.

The guilty are guilty as they chose their crimes.

America was founded on terror and murder - should we not recognise the existence of America ? As the American founding fathers rebelled against the British Empire, like the Jews in Israel did, and took power with terrorism and violence, like the Jews did in Israel, and kicked the British empire out, like the Jews in Israel did SHOULD WE NOT RECOGNISE AMERICA ?

You are merely repeating what you ahve been told - think for yourself and find a a new path.

The path towards the higher man will not be found by following the failed path of the past.

The path towards the higher man requires new ideas - not repeats of the past failed ideas, tactics and strategies.

The higher man learns from history - he doesnt fucking repeat it and thereby eternally fail as he hasd done in the past.

We require evolution, not stagnation.

Towards a Higher Man said...

Hi Lee

The vast majority who gave Atomic secrets to the soviets were Jews. Go and read Venona by Nigel West or The Mitrokhin Archive by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin. You name three British spies who were not Jews, but their handler and recruiter was. Philby’s soviet contact was Arnold Duestch, a Jew. Philby was introduced to Duestch via his Jewish wife, Litzi Friedman. Gordon Lonsdale and George Blake were both of Jewish origin. Infact, Blake’s father fought for the reds in Spain. Greenglass, Gold, Soblen, Silvermaster, Coplon, Kroger’s, Rosenberg’s etc were all Jews who passed secrets to the Soviets. 90% of spies who passed secrets to Communism were infact Jews. If you can show me otherwise I would be very grateful and correct my false information.

Yes, I know the vast majority who buy and take ecstasy are non Jews, but so what? The source is the Jewish Mafia. Stop this nonsense its individual Jews in the world who are up to their neck in crime, and not a group as a whole (I don’t’ literally mean every Jew). Ok, then why do we never see or hear about these crimes on the TV? I mean, that, 90% of spies for the Soviets were Jews, and the biggest pedlars of ecstasy are Jews from Israel? Their fellow Jews running the mass media cover for them, that’s why. So don’t tell me this is not a group protecting one another. So gentiles buy drugs, atomic secrets and porn from Jews, yes? So does this mean the Jews are innocent in their wrong doing because they only provide the service? Yes, most who perform in or buy porn are infact non - Jews, but how does any blame disappear from its creators? Our people are infact to blame for the mess they find themselves in, but it’s the chart forgers and ship wreckers who led them there. So if Jews are disproportionately over represented in crime, porn, feminism, communism etc, then one can’t talk about this without being labelled a crank or nutzi? I believe Nationalism now needs to completely drop the Jewish issue unless it directly affects the people of this nation. However, let’s not fool ourselves the Jews are not the people to be blamed for nothing.

Towards A Higher Man.

Joe Owens

Towards a Higher Man said...

Hi Lee

This film spearheaded the youth rebellion against order and society; it was directed and produced by two Jews. It was the birth of the so - called counter - culture, which tore America apart. Is this just a coincidence it was directed and produced by two Jews? Is it a coincidence other Jews called for revolution and gave secrets to the soviets? Then we have all the nasty Jewess’s pushing Feminism to break up the family unit. Is this once again a coincidence we have Jews causing problems. And what about the Frankfurt School of Marxist thought, who openly advocated destroying western culture. Is it again a coincidence that most of these were Jews? I’m sorry, but I don’t believe it is.

Towards A Higher Man.

Joe Owens

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Joe,

I hope you are well mate.

I think you make a good point about the Jewish people but in an indirect way which is this - individual Jews have always been at the forefront of radical politics and individual Jews are powerful activists.

The other issue is this - why are Whites so willing to be led by Jews, and others, who are not of their own kind.

The first point is explained by the fact that the Jewish people see themselves AS A PEOPLE - they think as a people, act as a people and individual Jews will embrace new political forms that they think will assist them as a people.

It was Jews who were the main backers of Mussolini, and it was a Jew who funded Mussolinis march on Rome. Many Jews also fought for Hitler - over 180,000 I believe. They see all new political forms as potentially a way of bettering themselves and their people.

The Jewish people are by nature activists - they are intelligent, hard working and dilligent - traits that suit politics.

Therefore they tend to get involvd in politics - and when in politics they then represent the interests of their fellow Jews.

Both of these traits are admirable things.

I will let you know Joe where the nationalists have fucked up.

The Jewish people act and think as a people.

The Jewish people take the lead in politics.

The white european people have no ethnic or racial loyalty. This is why they have allowed systems like multi-culturalism to fuck them over. They need to think and act as a people again.

The white european people are content to be followers not leaders, and when in power they do not represent their poeple but only sectarian interests eg a class , a political ideology or money.


instead of attacking the Jews for their ethno-centrism and ethno-communalism - WE MUST COPY THEN.

Not until our people are as loyal to to our people as the jews are to their people will we get our nation back.

Secondly we must ge involved in politics not our own personal financial interests, not for the benefit of a single class and not for the interests of a political ideeology - WE MUST BECOME NATIONALISTS WHO REGARD OUR ROLE AS TO REPRESENT AND DEFEND OUR NATION AND OUR PEOPLE.

We as a movement have spent far too long critiquing and attacking the jews without realising THAT WE ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM - NOT THEM.

They are the ones WHO GOT IT RIGHT - we are the ones who have fucked it all up generation after generation.


We must study and follow every strategy that they have done and then replicate them for our people and political movements - as that way we will one day become the same people as the Jews are.

The jews are not to be scorned - they are to be learnt from.


In order to be the best WE must learn from the best - and who better to teach us about taking power and promoting the interests of their own people than the Jewish people.

Learn from them Joe.

Hate clouds the mind and judgement.

All the best,


Towards a Higher Man said...

Hi Lee

Yes, you are right. Just finished reading Fugitive Days by Bill Ayres. Just starting Baader - Meinhof: The Inside Story of the R.A.F. by Stefan Aust. Yes, we must learn from our enemies.

Towards A Higher Man

Joe Owens