Saturday 31 January 2009

The Final Proof

For the final proof of the utter degredation of our nation and the deliberate inversion of morality and criminality by politicians read the article here ;

Whoever thought that one day you would hear a British police spokesman say to the media :

" An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said: 'We believe the occupier is legitimately running a pornographic recording studio. "

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, said...

So, paying women for sex isn't prostitution? Prostitution is illegal in Britain.

How can running a prostitution ring in your own home be legal?

Why are the police supporting prostitution? Yet arrest BNP members for handing out leaflets.

Common Purpose at work here.

Anonymous said...

This is the Madness if the Servile State.

The Insane have now finally taken over control of the Asylum (read 'the Left' for the 'Insane').

Tell me, what exactly is 'legitimate' about running a porno business?

Has this Toy Town Police Farce now written a Criminals' Charter?

Will paedohiles, muggers, murderers and drug barons now be recognised as running 'legitimate businesses'?

Is crime now simply another occupation?

Are these lunatics in this Police Farce actually sane and sentinet beings?

This is REALLY the End of Civilisation as we know it.