Tuesday 27 January 2009

Valkyrie - FILM REVIEW

Valkyrie is a an accomplished film.

Tom Cruise is excellent in his part and the film maintains pace and grips the attention throughout.

The main thought though that arose as I left the film was this - What would those men who died fighting against Hitler make of todays Germany with its minarets, its abortion clinics, its heroin shooting galleries, mass immigration, its Liberal Fascist Elite and its degeneracy.

The men who defied Hitler were NATIONALISTS.

They were not liberals or socialists, and I think they would have regarded the state of their 'sacred Germany' with something close to disgust.

Germany, like the rest of the EU is no longer a nation - it is an adjunct of the UN and EU itself.

A Germany of German culture and nationalist values fell with them.

The irony of their sacrifice is that the vision of a Greater Europe that was Hitlers model for a post-war Europe has come to pass through the mechanism of the European Union itself.

The Liberal Fascist regime that rules Germany now is an intolerant and fascistic as the Nazi and Communist regimes it replaced.

The Mitchell and Webb comedy duo have a great sketch where two SS officers realise that 'hey are we are the bad guys ? '.

The irony of liberalism, and liberals, is that they do not realise that THEY are the bad guys.

It is liberals who have undertook the most disgusting slaughter of the innocents in human history with the Abortion Holocaust.

It is liberals who have have collaborated with the capitalists to create Consumerism and who have destroyed the environment of the planet.

It is the liberals who have supported the drugs scourge and glorified the sick individualism of the drugs world and glorified drugs culture.

It is liberals who have supported mass immigration and the evisceration of our national cultures.

It is liberals who have become the most fascistic movement in history - removing our rights and liberties in order to achieve their insane dystopian vision.

The plotters depicted in the Valkyrie film would not recognise their sacred Germany.

The liberals have become the very fascists that they fought against.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting film Lee. Mercifully we were spared too much of a "holocaust" dimension, although Stauffenberg is seen writing letters to emphasise how anti nazi he was which are complete fabrications. He certainly was a nationalist who knew with the odds stacked againt her , Germany had to find a different way.
Keitel is portrayed as a fat slob, Hitler appears as some evil ugly dwarf which leaves you wondering why he could gather crowds of millions in adulation but hey dont rock the boat too much,this is Hollywood.We all know the agreed line for a Hollywood film.The plotters being hung with piano wire is I am afraid a myth and akin to the shrunken heads and human skin lamp shades.The myth also says Hitler would watch films of them being hung which Speer says in an interview was another myth.
However a lot of the film is accurate and I would recommend people to see it.
Btw did you notice among all those letters on the main BBC news website by readers disgusted at the Polish authorities letting Auschwitz deteriorate, one letter said nothing should be destroyed there , not one piece of paper because we need a true forensic report by experts ....it had disappeared by today though!
It had got through the BBC censors though... a victory of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Two other snippets which failed to be shown. The intended new chancellor was to be Carl Goerdeler ; he was a conservative, and was outraged that Germany was allied with the Japanese against their racial brothers in the far East.
Also Churchill dismissed the conspiracy as a little local difficulty in the crimminal mob and the conspirators as just as bad or even worse than Hitler. He had only one aim the destruction of Germany and the killing of as many Germans as possible.

Towards a Higher Man said...

It is liberals who have undertook the most disgusting slaughter of the innocents in human history with the Abortion Holocaust.

Yes, and Hitler stopped all this.

Towards A Higher Man

Joe Owens