Monday 26 January 2009

Obama's Momma Was A Hottie !

This is not a spoof.

Obama's momma was a hottie !

It’s the oldest joke in the world:

Say, Jim, do you have any naked pictures of the president’s mom?

No, I don’t, Bob.

Ya wanna buy some?

Well, it’s no joke, and you don’t have to buy ‘em. You can see ‘em for free on the internet.

You can read all about it here, and compare the pics, especially the first one, to known pictures of Stanley Anne Dunham.

It’s her alright.

And, oh yeah, remember that black Communist named Frank who his grandparents were always taking him to visit? And who Obama considers his mentor? Well, the reason his grandparents were always taking him to visit him is that Frank Davis the Commie is probably his real father.


Frank Marshall Davis wrote in his fictionalized memoir that he and his wife had a threesome with a young white girl named Ann, aged 14.


Which is probably the real reason for his emergency trip to Hawaii this week, and for the nearly complete lack of media coverage of same.

Pictures here ;

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Anonymous said...

Dont be duped Lee , those pics are clearly fakes, the head is not in proportion to the body and the angles are all wrong. Much as though I would like to believe them they are as genuine as an ex KGB photo of the 1950s and nearly as poorly done

Defender of Liberty said...

I think we should send them to the master of lies and decption, Gerry Gable, and ask him if they are real or fakes.

He is not known as the 'King of Photoshop ' for nothing.

When it comes to lies it always best to ask the biggest liar of all.

Anonymous said...

Obama does not consider Davis to be his mentor. The encounter with "Ann" would have happened with Davis's first wife in the 1930s, before Stanley Anne was born.