Friday 30 January 2009

British Workers Rise Up !

The favoured smear trick of the liberal media journalists to attack the British workers demonstrating outside their factories and places of work, is to say that the strikes are 'illegal' as British law says the contracts are legal and that EU law prohibits us preventing European workers from taking British jobs.

For a start only a gutless simpering liberal wet would even think for a second that a British government that served the interests of the British people would not act in the name of British workers.

Regardless of what the damned EU says, WE WILL ACT.

Their law is only our law as long as they govern us.

When we govern ourselves once more, then we will impose OUR laws.

A BNP government would, on the grounds of ensuring national security and public order, order an immediate derogation from any business laws, directives or regulations that allow British or foreign companies to bid for British contracts whose workforce is drawn solely from a foreign nation, whether in the EU or outside it, and also forbid the issuance or awarding of any contracts where British workers are not allowed to first apply for and obtain those jobs in Britain.

The fact that the lip trembling liberals and the fops on the right who are supine before political correctness and liberal cowardice, will almost go into swoon when they read these proposals to put British workers first tells us how debased our nation and politics has become.

We are British Nationalists.

We place the interests of British workers first.

All British workers, regardless of race, colour, creed or class will be put to the front of the queue for British jobs.

At the same time as we impose our British Workers First Policy we will be taking action to ensure every illegal immigrant, every bogus asylum seeker, every economic migrant, every terrorist and extremist, every visa overstayer, every illegal entrant, every naturalised convicted criminal and every sex slave or trafficked worker is removed from our nation.

From Australian barmen to Zairean call centre workers, if you are here illegally then we will deport you as soon as we find you.

The issue of deporting illegal entrants from our nation has NOTHING to do with racism - illegal entrants are of all races, creeds, colours and class.

It is solely their legal status that concerns us, not their racial status.

The media seek to portray and conflate the issue of foreign labour and illegal entrants with racism, yet this is a completely facile and bogus smear.

The issue is solely about their legal status.

The present laws that allow companies to bid for British contracts by undercutting the bids of British companies by using solely non-British labour are in breach of the race relations acts as they discriminate against British workers on the grounds of their nationality, this being British.

The failure of the companies who outsource their labour demands to allow British nationals to compete for those jobs in Britain where those jobs will be created, means those companies are directly discriminating against all British workers, as they have been denied the right to compete with foreign workers for those jobs.

Therefore the contracts themselves are unlawful under the Race Relations Acts.

In order for the contracts to be legitimately and lawfully issued the bids should have reflected wages costs and associated costs based on an assessment of including British workers employed in the UK who should have been able to compete for those jobs. The failure to include such costings, and the fact that the bid costings were based solely on using foreign labour, means the contracts are void from the very beginning as being unlawful based on illegality.

Therefore all such contracts must be terminated under contractual law and resubmitted for tender. Any costs incurred as a result of this delay must be borne by the contractors that submitted unlawful bids.

These British workers are acting in defence of the law, not against the law.

The media are defaming British workers and seeking to undermine public support for the strikers.

These strikes are of immense importance to future labour relations and the rights of British workers.

If British workers keep allowing the government and the EU to walk over them, and the establishment controlled trades unions keep supporting the rights of foreign workers to take away British jobs, then our rights as British workers will be swept away.

We must stand up against the globalisation of our national labour market.

The British government must act in the interests of British workers, their families and their children.

The government must act to ensure the rights British workers take precedence over the rights of foreign companies and foreign workers to profit from taking British jobs.

The silence of the Socialists in the Socialist Workers Party is deafening, the Left and Liberals are either silent or even attacking the British workers !


The SWP despise the British workers - as they support the globalisation of our nation and our work force.

The very fact that the media seem shocked that a BNP government 'dare' act to protect the rights of British workers shows us how debased our nation has become.

Whoever though the British people would be run by such fools, crooks, cowards and weaklings. It makes me ashamed to think they share my blood.

Our nation needs a nationalist revolution.

It needs it right now.

British Workers Rise Up - Your Liberty Awaits !

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JPT said...

I always knew this day would come.

Anonymous said...

If this runs on any longer, lets see how the police treat the workers compared with the muslim militants protesting about gaza.
No kid gloves this time!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent article!!

Yes, the silence of the lambs (the far Left) is deafening!

They are the real anti-workers and who despise the British workers in favour of some Marxist dysfunctional utopia where there is some unworkable notion of 'equality' and where everyone is nice.

Let them be shown for the traitors and anti-white and anti-British racists they are.

Your legal analysis is very good and - again - some more Barnesian Deep Sky Thinking.

Someone with the balls must use that legal argument to take this matter to a court hearing and for it to be tested.

Somehow I don't think it would wash and it would be legally defeated as the principle would be argued that the EU is based on free trade and the free movement of labour.

But I am very hopeful that your alternative legal argument should be tested. Good work on that argument - well done.

Anonymous said...

Surely you mean WHITE British workers should come first, not all this PC crap about regardless of race etc etc ?????