Thursday 1 January 2009

Note the Connection

Orange and round from a distance but triangle shaped close up.

November -

Christmas Eve -

Christmas Day -

Christmas Day -

Christmas Day -

Boxing Day -

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Anonymous said...

I have seen two UFOs up close, & when they take off to leave, they go up at an angle between 30 & 40 degrees.

Anonymous said...

This is good research that you have managed to compile. Where did you get the stories from? Were they all from a single resource website?

I've viewed all the sources that you have put up - all very interesting as reports.

It would be far more informative for the sources to have indicated the times of the individual sightings as one could then work on the speculation that we are dealing with one or more objects that was travelling over the UK in the period in question.

The Sheffield incident is interesting as trianglar-shaped objects have been reported from that area in the past.

However, a cursory consideration indicates the strong liklihood that the November sightings in Sheffield were probably Chinese lanterns or toy ballons. The fact they were in clusters suggests this possibility, as well as the fact that they suddenly extinguished, indicating that the candles or fuel ran out. These balloons can be seen either singly or in clusters, particularly over a weekend or holiday period or when there is some festival or event in the locality when such things are sometimes released. An investigation conducted by any competent UFO invetsigation group or individual in the area should resolve this one by finding out weather data, the local geography and whether any festivals or celebrations were going on at the time.

The Deeside sighting on Boxing Day is almost certainly a bolide (fireball), or possibly a satellite re-entry (a check on the satellite websites should indicate this). A bolide is caused by the passage of a particle from space (often no bigger than a pebble) which burns up in the upper atmosphere and can cause a spectacular event, sometimes making a sound and even creating electrical interference effects (as apparently in this case), due to ionospherical phenomena.

Witnesses to UFO sightings often descrive events that are not always accurate, espcially in the dark when there are few reference points to determine height, position and speed. Even so-called professional witnesses, like police officers, can get such observations of UFOs spectacularly wrong!

Without an indepth local investigation it cannot be conclusively stated what was seen and what was their origin. However, the witness reports from thge Xmas Eve/Xmas Day events suggest that Chinese lanterns were the culprits.The Barrow sighting certainly sounds like this as they decsribe a flickering effect that could be a small fire acting as the fuel driving the lantern.

The Rose Wood (Bognor) sighting is more problematical but even there the witness describes the edge of tye object as "flickering". Witnesses sometimes see several lights in the sky at night and then subconsciously "draw" in the gaps to make a "craft". It is not certain whether the witness actually observed a whole craft that was lighted up, or a series of lights that he connected up.

One would expect Chinese lanterns to be released over the festive period for celebratory reasons so attention must be focussed on this explanation first.

That is not to say that triangluar craft do not exist as they have been reliably observed over the UK since the 1980s at least.