Monday 26 January 2009

Obama and White Racial Consciousness

For decades blaming ‘whitey’ in the United States has been the favoured game of white liberals, black radicals and the entire race relations industry.

‘America has a problem - BLAME WHITEY’ has become the motto of generations of self deluding idiots.

Now though whitey ain’t in charge anymore - and its now time for blacks and ethnic minority groups to get the same shit that poor old whitey did for decades.

The election of Obama is a historic moment, as it signifies the moment that Black America has to finally grow up.

For generation after generation Black America has sought to blame White America for every single one of its own social, individual and communal problems.

Shysters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton grew rich on blaming whitey for everything ;

Black on Black crime = whiteys fault for selling guns to blacks.

Black single parents = whiteys fault for slavery destroying the black nuclear family two hundred years ago.

More black kids in US prisons than in US colleges = whiteys fault for being racist teachers and not letting black kids learn Ebonics instead of English.

Black Divorce = whiteys fault for depicting the black man in 1950’s movies as a feckless father and for white women stealing black men.

Black drugs problem = the CIA imported drugs into the black community and sold it to black gangsters who were so poor that they had to sell crack to their own children

Black gangs = white record producers selling gangsta rap to impressionable black kids

Black poverty = white government racism against blacks forcing them to live in black ghettoes and have children on benefits

Black Unemployment = caused by white racists not employing blacks with criminal records or no education qualifications

For every single problem in the black community in America some idiot could find an excuse to blame whitey.

Now though whitey ain’t in power.

This means the scrutiny, the criticism and the abuse directed at whitey will now be directed at the black president and the black community.

When whitey was in power, the US black community had the right to say what they want about whitey.

Now a black president is in charge of America and the white community in America now claim for themselves the privilege of saying what they want about him and the black community.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Once it was easy to find a white scapegoat for every problem.

Now the power structure has been reversed the people who were once the governed, are now the governors - and they had better be prepared to take the same amount of shit that they once threw at whitey.

The issue of this psychological reversal has not even been touched yet in the media.

Soon though Whites will realise that, “ Hey, we aint THE MAN anymore. Obama is black, and all the racial shit that was thrown at us for decades we can now fling straight back at him. “

This is of immense importance as the demographic nature of America changes.

As White America loses its grip on the American power structures, then the white community just like the black community will become more racialised with a racial consciousness.

Obama is a prefiguration of the future for white America as an ethnic minority - and this means that the freedom and moral legitimacy to embrace ethno-centrist principles and ethno-communalist structures that blacks once had will now be able to be claimed by whites.

The monopoly that Black Americans claimed to criticise the WASP elite is now claimed by white working class people all over America.

White people in America now have as much right as blacks to criticise the racial nature of the American power structure.

Soon white people will wake up to the fact that they too can criticise Obama on the basis of his race and not just his policies and politics.

If it was okay for the black community to throw the issue of race in the face of the white man, then the black man should expect the same thing back when it is warranted.

The ’blame whitey’ racial grievances industry is now dead in the water, its just that the shysters that make billions out of the racial terrorism industry every year have not yet woken up to that fact yet.

Whites are still too cowed to rise up against the racial terrorists just yet, but soon they rise up.

As more and more whites are dropped into poverty, and the more that the affirmative action plans discriminate against them on the basis of their race in order to create a black middle class, then more and more the issues of poverty and class will take on the mantle of race.

The white man in America is just about to wake up.

Where I come from we have a saying ‘Don’t give it if you cant take it’, and this means those that throw muck better be prepared to have muck thrown back at them.

The decisions regarding race made by Obama that directly benefit the black community in America at the expense of the white working class and middle class will now be scrutinised and critiqued as viciously and as thoroughly as the decisions once taken by white politicians for the benefit of the white middle class.

The moment that Obama starts giving blacks in the US, and other ethnic groups, benefits that he does not give to whites then the white community will rise up and roar their anger at him.

This is only fair - as whitey is not in power anymore and because whitey is about to become the ethnic minority in America.

At the moment whitey is still a bit spaced out by Obama’s win.

Whitey knows he is about to become a minority in America but he has been so cowed and browbeaten by the rhetoric of racism and the racial terrorists that he doesn’t quite know what to think or do about that fact.

This coyness and indecision will soon evaporate and America will begin to see a radicalised racially aware white community that will be as vociferous, and critical, of Obama and the race relations industry as blacks were once critical of whites and the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Power Structure.

The Liberal Love Fest and the media honeymoon isn’t over yet - whites are still wandering about in a daze of docility, stupidity and media conditioning, but they are slowly going to wake up when they realise that all the vapid rhetoric of Obama about ’hope and change’ was simply so much blather and spin.

Whites will very soon wake up, wipe all the media bullshit from their eyes and realise ‘Hey man, this crap about change and hope was just so much media bullshit. Aint nothing changed for me. I am still unemployed, I still cannot pay my mortgage, my kids are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, I still cant get a job on merit as the race relations terrorists are still imposing affirmative action plans, positive discrimination plans and quoata’s against me as I am white, I still cant afford to buy a home, I still cannot get a bank loan and the economy is still ruined’.

The poor white working class will no longer accept affirmative action plans when they themselves are the racial minority and nor will the white middle class accept their children being denied places at university when whites are the minority in the country.

Change is going to come alright - but not the change that the media lemmings vomited all over the place in order to get Obama elected.

White America is about to have the most painful hangover in its life.

Once it wakes up, throws up and has a coffee then a massive change will occur.

White America will grow its balls back.

No more will whites in America put up with the endless drivel of blame whitey.

White Americans will be now able to point their finger at Obama and say’ ’Hey we aint Da Man anymore - YOU ARE DA MAN ’, and scream back the same racist rhetoric that has been thrown at them for generations.

Once white americans grow their balls back then America will never be the same again.

Obama has triggered a racial revolution in that he will force white Americans to develop a racial consciousness or face racial extinction.

Obama has ensured that instead of a post-racial America that the future is now a racially polarised America where whites will be able to express their ethnic loyalty in the same way that Blacks are used too.

For that alone we already owe Obama great thanks indeed.

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Anonymous said...

A most timely article. This is exactly what I have been saying too as one of the universal laws is that everything has a consequence.

The fact that a (to all intents and purposes) a Black man is now the most powerfulest man in America ( and the world too) means that the end of White America is clear, and that there can be no more excuses or guilt trips for white Amnericans. With power comes responsibility and the Black elite and their voters must now carry that burden.

American Whites are now going to have to have their noses pushed a bit further into the dirt as the Blacks and their White liberal counterparts tample over them.

Then at that point a new racial consciousness will take form and which will serve as a new phenomenon in American society and politics.

We shall then see the awkening of the Great White Movement in America and a real nationalist party in the USA.

But the grinding down and collective humiliation of American whites is something that has to happen within the next few years before this process can actually occur.

Anonymous said...

Whitey will still get the blame.

People will just say Obamah is working for whitey or he is an uncle Tom