Sunday 18 January 2009

Lords Prayer Changed For Obama By BBC

From now on the BBC have decided that a new Obama Messiah Prayer will be said on any Church services shown on the BBC.

The news will also start and finish with the new prayer each evening. From the start of his descent from heaven and his assuming the mantle of President Obama Messiah for the Multi-Cultural Utopia of the Ranbow Nation that will arise after the present phase of ' The Obama Rapture ' ends, the prayer will be said in his BBC Temples.

The Obama Rapture is the present stage of delusional euphoria experienced by the damp panties liberals.

Obama Messiah Prayer.

Our Obama, who art in America,
Hallowed by us be thy fame,
Thy utopia will come,
Thy commands will be obeyed,
On earth as it is on TV,
Give us this day our daily dollars,
And bring us profit from our trespasses,
As from wars where we trespass upon others,
And lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from morality,
For thine is the Empire and the power,
For ever and ever,
God Bless America,

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Christ gets a makeover

The Church of England orders all religious iconography and semblances of Christ to be given a darker complexion - Churches will now see their flocks returning in record numbers, the house of God once again becoming a beacon for all humanity - resounding throughout the land the Lords Prayer (Obama version) can be heard...

The BBC allocates prime-time Saturday night slot to the new revamped Songs of Praise... Formerly heathen journalists such as Kate Silverton now prostrate themselves at the feet of the Obama Christ... vicious in-fighting erupts in the BBC for who will head the new Songs of Praise.

The saviour cometh... Oh, Lord Obama forgive us our sins.


(Cut to a hot of virgins ascending from the stage floor, trumpeting Hallelujah - and the huge canvas backdrop of the Obama Christ slowly descends)