Thursday 15 January 2009



What is the self and what is soul ?
Self is a shining white polished pearl,
Sinking into the infinite depths,
Of a sunless black sea of memory.

Stand once more upon the shore,
Beside these sacred waters,
Reborn anew in higher forms,
Ascending whilst forever falling.

Into this salty cell we are born,
Captives of the Great Work,
I am the Grail, forever changing,
Seeking the secret that awaits within.

I wear this shell with wonder,
Once dust, I have bloomed,
My seed was sown in dying stars,
Then given life by our gilding sun.

Into the depths of the sacred ocean,
Whose living waters are life,
We all return into deaths dark shell,
As a pearl in the presence of God.

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Anonymous said...

Splendid - can't write much as I have been plunged into near darkness...when the lights finally go out, eh?

Anonymous said...

An excellent poem. I don't how I missed this - excuse the pun- gem of a poem.

Great references to the Grail too.

A very deep insight into the majesty of the soul.

Interesting too that the pearl is birn from irritation and self-harm and is eventually bought to fruitition through destruction.

Great poem.