Saturday 10 January 2009

Gaza - Its Your Fault.

The people responsible for the killing of Palestinians in Gaza are ;

1) Israel

2) Iran

3) Hamas

4) The white liberal elite of the West.

This is because the reason why Gaza is being hammered by the Israelis is because the white liberals in the West all ensured that Israel could not direct military action against Iran.

Therefore Israel had to disinfect Gaza, and probably Lebanon next as regards Hizbollah, of Hamas.

The white liberals used their power and influence in the media, politics and internationally to ensure that the US did not give the green light to an attack on Irans nuclear facilities.

Therefore Israel has undertaken the only other option it had left which was to sterilise Gaza of Hamas and remove Iranian influence from its borders.

Once Iran has its nuclear weapons then Israel is checkmated - and the rise in Arab demographics, Russian supplies of missiles and weapons to Iran and assymetric warfare will ensure Israel is under constant attack on its borders.

Once Iran has its nuclear weapons then it will use them to sign accords with other nations with a ' joint response ' deal, where nations such as Lebanon will be used as bases for terrorism and if Israel attacks them then Iran can deploy its conventional forces against Israel.

Israel will not be able to defeat a combined Arab army with modern Russian weapons, and if Israel used its nukes against any arab armies then it woul allow Iran to retaliate in kind - and just one nuclear bomb will destroy Israel whilst 10 nuclear bombs would barely make a dent in the number of Arabs and merely create a few million 'martyrs' whose deaths can be used as justification to destroy Israel in the future.

The whining, hand wringing liberals have no idea of political and military necessities so that nations can survive when faced with existential threats - they believe in such vapid ideals as 'negotiation' and rationalism when faced with forces that regard death as liberation and any form of comprimise as weakness and surrender.

The true enemies of the West are not the forces of Islamism. Islamic terrorism in the West is merely a symptom of the problem, it is not THE problem.

Islamism has taken root in the West because the inner enemy, the white liberals, the Zionist network and the rest of the delusional Dhimmis, have surrendered our nations to them.

A nationalist government could eradicate the Islamist threat in a month with a mixture of emergency trials, capital punishment, internment and deportations.

It is only the fact that we are controlled by traitors and criminals and our nation run by weaklings, fools and delusional cowards that the inner enemies of Islamism and Zionism have managed to take hold in our nation.

The liberals and the rest of the delusional fools that have run our nations for generations have failed in their primary duty - which is to protect our people.

They have allowed the tentacles of Zionism to take control of our media, they have allowed the money power of Islamic oil money to strangle our economic systems, they have allowed Liberalism to infect and poison our schools, universities and create the Servile State and they have allowed capitalism to corrupt and undermine our culture and political systems.

The BBC, and its anti-Israel stance, is anti-Israel because it is the main bastion of liberalism.

The printed press and other media are dominated by the pro-Israel lobby.

The NUJ are dominated by anti-Israel Liberals.

Not one of these institutions stands for Britain, British Nationalism and the British people - they all focus on immigrants, foreign nations and internationalism.

The Zionists that control the media do not care whether Britain becomes an Islamic republic, simply because the Jews in the UK will then be forced to flee to Israel - thereby bolstering the Zionist state itself. France has seen thousands of Jews flee the country and go to Israel because of the same thing. The non-Jewish Zionists, obsessed as they are by theological dogma or simply because they are bought and paid for, also do not care about the interests of British Jews.

For the Jewish Zionists, and the Non-Jewish Zionists, what matters is simply Israel - not Britain, the British people and British Jews.

Having a cabal of Zionists representing patriotic British Jews is like having the British wing of the German Nazi Party representing patriotic British Germans in Britain during World War Two.

The Leftists and their Jewish fellow travellers also do not care for British Jews, simply because for them their loyalty to the ideology of liberalism is simply based on the belief that immigration, multi-culturalism and the undermining of nationalism as a social and political force is good for them and their leftist / liberal ideology.

At each turn our nation is betrayed, surrendered and undermined by those that control the very functions that should ensure its survival.

If the Liberals in the media want to know who is to blame for Gaza, then it is them.

It is they who have refused to acknowledge and accept the political realities of nations, as they are against Nationalism as a concept.

For the leftists and the liberals Israel is the enemy simply because it is a nation that puts the interests of itself and its own people first.

If the British Jewish community want to know why mobs of screaming Islamists are rampaging through places like Golders Green and attacking Jews, it is because the Zionists that represent British Jews have supported mass immigration, the importation of Islamism and Islamists into the UK and because their Zionist leaders have supported the political parties that support political correctness, multi-culturalism and who rely on political donations from big business linked to Middle East Oil.

The world is the way it is because you allowed it to be.

You voted for them, you supported them and therefore it is your fault.

The BNP has only ever been the solution and not the problem.

Johhny Rotten of The Sex Pistols so eloquently said it best on the 14 January 1978, during the bands final date of their US tour at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.

As he sneered at the crowd after singing just one song , this being a cover of The Stooges ' No Fun', Johnny Rotten looked down at the seething crowd below the stage and said " Ever got the feeling youv'e been cheated. Good night ", then threw his microphone on the floor and walked off stage.

Do you ever get the feeling that youv'e been cheated ?

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Anonymous said...

There is a mixture of truths and myths in your article Lee.

First, there are no such people as Palestinians because there has never been a state called Palestine. They are Arab refugees created by the Arab nations in 1948.

Second, Iran is Shia. If it gets nukes it will use them against Israel not as a retaliation but as a prime strike. The reason is because they believe armageddon heralds the return of the hidden immam. I think the current conflict will end with an Israeli air strike to wipe out Iran's programme. Just a hunch I have based on several entries in a coupleof blogs I read.

Third: Islamic terror is not the problem but Islamic jihad is. Terror is only one part of the jihad and it isn't the most effective. That jihad is being aided by liberals and jewicidal Jews just makes the threat of jihad much worse, as these useful idiots will discover to their horror. This is the third global jihad, it is not the first time Islam has threatened to conquer the west.

Fourth: The death penalty will be of no consequence to jihadists. Most will self-detonate. Others will welcome death as martyrdom as the Bali bombers did and will accept the punishment with smiles.
Deportation I am all for and I am also for internment. Islam should be banned for the violent, hate filled, cruel, oppressive and war-mongering supremacist iodeology it is. No mosques, no hijabs, no Eid celebrations, no halal food as it involves animal cruelty, no multiple marriges, no Islamic lessons in our schools, no MCB etc.

Your last parargraph is bang on the money though and for me I attach no blame whatsoever to Israel. The UN should also be blamed for its dhimmitude and its war crimes. It has blood on its hands no doubt about it.



Anonymous said...

great post, I have always told anyone who could be bothered to listen that the real enemy is the far left and their liberal stooges.

Anonymous said...

Your article makes little sense.

Please learn to write coherently before blogging.


Anonymous said...

Lee, yet another excellent post, thank you. Not really much more to add as you have said it all... only thing I would like to add is that I agree with point 2 of the anaonymous reply, in that Iran does not see that having a nuclear weapon as a defensive deterant, but as an offensive weapon.

In many senses Iran has already acheived its dominance of the region... Israel could not attack it, the US would not back such a catastrophic move, even though they both desperately seek to prevent Iran getting "the bomb"... and all this before Iran has even got a nuclear weapon - imagine what is in store when Iran goes nuclear... the future for Israel is particuarly bleak... because it is only a matter of time before Iran gets its big stick (estimates vary but from what I have read in 5 years Iran will be able to prepare some sort of nuclear warhead and delivery system capable of hitting Israel).

Lee, you are spot on also in your ovbservation that Israel's nuclear arsenal is going to become ultimately ineffectual against it's foes... sure, it would be able to nuke Damascus, Tehran, etc, leveling a few square miles, making them inhabitable for a couple of thousand years, but the sheer demographic disadvantage Israel faces is simply the stuff of nightmares... imagine the worst zombie horror film, where th zombies just keep coming, wave after wave and you are stuck in your house... it is an unwinnable fight. Israel, is so outnumbered by the hordes which will beseige them as to be unreal (and their enemies will become more aggressive when Iran has got more power)... eventually Israel will be overcome... this is inevitable based upon all current factors remaining true.

Israel's only possible survival is that it has strong allies in the west, and yet it has undermined itself with unbelievably short-sighted geopolitical game playing - Zionist meddling and decades of their nefarious influence all for the purpose of seeing the indigenous races of Europe erased, so as to make way for multi-culturalism -multi-culturalism which has only advanced one cause, and that is global Jihad... the very force Israel now fights for it's existence against - go figure!!! Allies which would protect Israel are diminishing rapidly, a relationship which is directly proportional to the Islamic influence in western foregin policies, i.e. as western countries become more Islamified, Israel will get less support.

But this is the fundamental undoing of all liberal governments, they are here today, gone tomorrow merchants, they line their pockets and don't give a stuff for future consequences...

Nationalist's plan for the future, we are long-termists, we have the birds eye view, as opposed to the worms eye view of our current political elite - this is why we can see all the problems and their solutions - but we are prevented from offering our solutions because it gets in the way of the establishment and their self-serving mypoic interests. The establishment are the chaos-breeders, and their politicians are the drones.