Monday 19 January 2009

Trevor Phillips Recants

And lo it came to pass that one day the exalted one, Trevor Phillips, doth deigned to remove the mark of cain from the forehead of the people.

Bearing his words forth from his Ivory Tower as a war trumpet upon the wind, Trevor stood upon the parapet and gaveth his lecture.

Multi-culturalism was a mistake.

Mass immigration has changed the nature of our society and was not supported by the people but simply the politicians.

The Police are not racist.

The McPherson Report definition of Racism was flawed and has created a Race Relations Industry that has not benefited either poor Blacks or poor Whites in Britain and in fact has made the lot of poor white people get worse.

Much of what was classified as racism in our society has only ever been about class, and that as a result of the obsession with Racism the poorest of all races in our society have suffered as a cabal of mainly white and a few ethnic middle class lawyers and professionals have grown rich.

The White Working Class have been impoverished, betrayed and abandoned as politicians enforced the creedo of political correctness.

That complaining about mass immigration is not racism but a legitimate concern for white British people.

The anti-thesis of each of these statements were just a year ago the very foundation of the British multi-cultural ideology.

Agreeing with any of the statements above up until just a year ago would have resulted in some white or ethnic middle class tosser pointing their finger at you and screaming 'WACIST' at you until they keeled over and died of heart attack.

Now it appears that the BNP were right all along. Those statements are what we have been saying for decades, and only now have we have been vindicated.

Calling anyone who dared disagree with a Maoist proponent of Political Correctness a racist was simply classic Marxist-Leninist Terrorism Of The Word. Unfortunately we have a British people made so thick by a sub standard education that they know nothing about history nor politics and we have a British media so corrupt that it uses its power to profit its owners rather than the public.

Anti-Racism is the new terrorism. It kills reputations, assassinates the good names and careers of people and it uses the media to terrorise people into cowed silence as the Witch Finder Generals once used the tactics of witch burning, pond ducking and whipping to terrorise the people into silence as they grew rich off hunting witches.

The Maoist cult of Political Correctness, which is the ideological precursor of Anti-Racism, is a form of Terrorism most clearly defined during the Cultural Revolution.

We have had our own cultural revolution in the UK, but unlike the Maoists in China the Maoists in the UK were happy to kill only your good name, reputations and careers.

The silent assassination of an individuals good name, social reputation and career is in many ways more evil than Maoist mass murder. In the capitalist system power is simply wealth, so therefore when one becomes a racial heretic for opposing political correctness, mass immigration or multi-culturalism one lost ones job and income - and then in effect were made powerless.

If they could not terrorise you into silence with threats to your career or reputation or via actual violence against you at the hands of red and communist lunatics, you were then lablled as 'insane'.

Every old trick in the Soviet Hndbook for repressing dissidents and democracy were revisited by the race relations terrorists and their fellow travellers in the Zionist and Liberal Elites. They are still using the same old tricks even now - take a look at the Zionist Network on Lancaster Unity and see how they still like to call people 'insane' etc when in fact the people that run the site such as Denise Garside has a history of mental illness and depression whilst others who run the site are known drug addicts. The soviets used to label anyone who resisted the communist system as a lunatic and imprison them in mental hospitals, and as usual the same leftist lunatics are using the same soviet tricks.

For the racial terrorists of political correctness to set out to destroy individuals, simply for exercising their inalienable right of free speech and their right to resist political correctness, was an campaign of criminality and terror on a par with the IRA.

Whilst the IRA blew up buildings the Maoist racist terrorists of political correctness took them over. Whilst the IRA killed and exiled its dissidents, the Maoists exiled them to the margins of our societies, ruined their careers so that they and their families were left in poverty, they ruined their good names and reputations by smearing them as 'racists' and they terrorised an entire nation into silence whilst a corrupt political elite and the swarm of race relations profiteer parasites that followed it, took control of our democracy.

In our system the individual labelled as a 'racial heretic' is going to suffer the slow torture of poverty, alienation and slander. Through a sickening inversion of morality, the racial terrorist is in fact regarded as praiseworthy rather than the scum they are.

Only know are the race relations bigwigs like Trevor Phillips admitting that they were totally wrong.

The reason why they are doing this now is because they know that it is all about to blow up in their faces.

Phillips has created a managerial Master Class of diversity specialists, race relations advisers, lifestyle advisers etc who are not ethnic minorities - they are white. The race relations revolution led to a whole new white master class of beauracrats taking power, not blacks and others.

Phillips has finally woken up to the reality that the issues that have been blamed on racism for decades were really about class.

The main side effect though is that the race relations revolution has entrenched and widened class differences and excerbated racial divisions and tensions.

The white working class now realise that their role in the race relations revolution was to stay silent and vote labour whilst they were disenfranchised, impoverished and their jobs taken away.

Now the poor white working class have had enough and they regard the race relations revolution as the source of their suffering.

We want it, and the white parasite managerial master class that run it, off our fucking backs.

One way or the other this entire monstrous machinery of repression labeled the race relations industry will be smashed and destroyed.

With it will go all the middle class scum parasites that profited from it.

The gap between the white working class and the multi-cultural progressive elite is now so wide that is not just unbridgeable - it is revolutionary.

The conditions are in place in this country for a civil uprising, for a new levelling of the land.

Be that via the ballot box or other means we shall see, but the levelling of this land will occur.

We have been slandered, vilified, impoverished, sneered at, despised and robbed of our rights. What fool thinks we will comprimise with the scum that did that to us.

Trevor Phillips speaks not with pride of what he has done, he speaks because of fear.

He knows that whilst the master class sit in their Ivory Towers and plot their fantasy wars against terrorism, racism, democracy and dissidents - the people are in revolt.

Thanks to the race relations Maoists we now have nothing to lose but our chains.

Political Correctness will trigger the Nationalist uprising and the Nationalist Revolution.

In an irony of history it will have been the Maoists and the Marxists who have created the social conditions for a revolutionary nationalist renewal in our country.

We await only the spark that will ignite the coming conflagration.

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Anonymous said...

That's brilliant Lee, agree with every word.

When the indigenous British people realise the extent of their betrayal by these leeches they will demnand justice. I for one want to see the lying, profiteering, war criminal Blair swing for his crimes.



Anonymous said...

quote] I for one want to see the lying, profiteering, war criminal Blair swing for his crimes.

Along with brown & Straw!

Anonymous said...


I wish I could express my anger the way that you do,you are something that we can all be proud of.
Keep up the good work brother, one day for sure I look forward to having a chat with you.

Regards T