Thursday 29 January 2009

France and The Front National

Once again we see the workers of France in the streets resisting the reactionary forces of the French state and its Bankster plutocratic criminal elite, but yet again the energy of revolution will be usurped by the socialist and liberal lackeys of the State, and its accomplices in the trades unions and media.

The only revolutions that can save our nations are NATIONAL REVOLUTIONS.

The liberal elite, the capitalist banksters and the socialist parasites are all linked together by the Servile State, which is directed by that politically correct conspiracy defined as Fabianism.

Under Fabianism we have the Servile State acting as both the enforcement mechanism of global free market consumerism in the private sphere and political correctness in the public sphere.

The Servile State is the monstrous vampyre that drains the lifeblood of our nation.

The Servile State is the jackboot of the surveillance state smashing down the doors of the people and stealing our privacy in order to impose its dystopian vision upon our society with its anti-White British racist social engineering projects such as mass immigration and multi-culturalism.

It is dominated by the ideology of the liberal fascist blackshirts in the public services, and the publically funded parasites of the race relations terrorism industry, who with their politically correct Gestapo's enforce the PC Maoist creedo with repressive laws and media witchunts.

The Servile State demands the people serve it - rather than it serves the people.

It must be smashed, its traitors punished and the mechanism of the National Community replace it.

Trade unions are now conspiracies against the interests of British workers.

They serve the government, the banksters and their corrupt leaders before they serve the British workers.

They care more for Cuba, serving the Labour government and supporting the interests of immigrant labour than they do for the interests of British Workers.

Trade union bosses now live in palatial summer houses formerly inhabited by Lords and Ladies and have pensions that elevate them to the ranks of the capitalist class itself.

They are collaborators not leaders.

The only trade union that can be trusted to serve the interests of the British people are unions dedicated to the national ideal such as The Solidarity union, which represents the rights of BRITISH WORKERS not non-British workers.

The path of red revolution is the road to the workhouses of capitalism. Riots with red flags serve only the system.

Liberalism is also the lickspittle of the globalists and of consumerism itself.

Whilst the perversion of political correctness steals away our rights and liberties, the liberals demand the removal of our ancestral rights and liberties in order to impose anti-white racist positive discrimination plans upon our people.

Whilst British workers are demanding British jobs for British Workers, at the same time the French people are resisting the theft of their wealth in order for the government to subsidise the bankers who created the present financkial crisis.

The French people must awaken and understand that the only way to save their nation is to vote for the Nationalist Alternative to the lackeys, pimps and whores of the present system.

The Banksters, the Reds, The Liberals, the Socialists, the Media and the government are all parts of the same conspiracy against the people.

Each of these forces seek to divert the people revolutionary energy into the waterless channels of plastic conservative reaction or plastic New Labour socialism.

The French people will only be saved by the National Idea.

The British people will only be free by embracing the National Idea.

The French people will only be free when they free themselves from the delusions and lies that keep them in chains.

It is the national flag that is the true flag of revolution, not the red rag of the collaborationists.

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, said...

But what is happening to Nationalism across Europe is the arrests on trumped up charges of the nationalsit leaders under bogus "hate crime" laws. Griffin, Wilders and winters. Plus the deaths of Haider and the EU sanctions against his ruling coalition government, the deaths of Van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn mean that war has been declared by the ruling elite against Nationalists. Plus the leaking of the BNP members list mean that this will be a fight for liberty and a struggle for freedom, and our lives. All nationalists are targets, be it hate mail, physical attack or actual homicide attacks, watch your backs and stick together.