Saturday 17 January 2009

UAF Calls For Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from UK

Image - Weymann Bennett of the UAF. Recent DNA evidence has revealed that Weymann Bennett is in fact the discarded afterbirth of the famous singer Seal, hence his unusually high level of ugliness.

It appears that the innate anti-semitism of the Socialist Workers Front and its false flag group UAF is beginning to escape from the lips of its leading lights.

I wonder what Gerry Gable and his Zionist cabal at the CST will think of the UAF's wish to ethnically cleanse Jews from Britain - leaving it solely for the Stalinists, Immigrants and Islamists to battle it out over who can murder British civil liberties the swiftest.

Will it be Stalinist 'Neck Shooters' or the Islamist 'Head Choppers'.

One wonders what barbarity will triumph ?

From Weekly Worker news site ;

A relatively large number of people on the demonstration carried Hamas or other Islamist placards and banners. There was some shouting of Allahu akbar, but from what I can gather there were no anti-semitic slogans shouted. Though Weyman Bennett of the SWP’s central committee was heard demanding that Israeli Jews “should go back to where they came from … New York or wherever”.

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Anonymous said...

"They had to endure sub-zero temperatures as the police only allowed out a trickle of people after taking their details. All were said to be suspected of “public order offences” and “criminal damage”."

Ah Diddums, muslims and far left riot then complain about the cold.

Fking pansies.

Anonymous said...

These fucking idiots who carry placards supporting Hamas... that's so stupid it's funny... oh like Hamas would appreciate some lefty bi-sexual supporting them, yeah I can just see it...

Hamas Commander: "Thank you, Mr. Brown, now we will put you to death by dropping you from that roof"

Anonymous said...

Fucked up UAF commy bastards, touch a single Jew in Britain and they will have a war on their hands