Friday 23 January 2009

The Runnymede Trust - lies and corruption.

The Runnymede Trust has released a report saying that the white working class do not suffer racism in our PC society ;

The Runnymede Trust is an organisation that is essentially a Labour Party front group.

Take a look at the commissioners of the Trust, which of course includes Trevor Phillips ( who no doubt is on a nice little earner ).

Take a look at the scum who are the commissioners - such as Judith Hunt , who admits to being one of the Labour Party activists and employees who established the Diversity and Race Relations Industry in the UK, and has made a career out of it ever since.

The Runnymede Trust is as bent as a nine bob note.

Look what it says in its Mission Statement here ;

Our mandate is to promote a successful multi-ethnic Britain

Note that its mandate is not to tell the TRUTH about multi-ethnic Britain, but to PROMOTE a multi-ethnic Britain.

The Runnymede Trust is just another propaganda mouthpiece for the Liberal Fascist Elite.

It is run by communists, liberals and socialists whose agenda has been to impose the race relations industry and diversity industry via the Servile State on the British people.

For the Runnymede Trust to deny that racial discrimination affects the white working class, when the people that run the trust are the very people responsible for establishing and setting up the race relations industry itself, is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Perhaps the Runnymede Trsut forgot to look at Affirmative Action plans, the use of the Race relations act section 37 for positive discrimination schemes and the rest of the fascist structures of the Race relations industry that usurp the principle of a meritocratic society and replace it with a politically correct fascist and racist regime that actively discriminates against the white working class.

Its like Harriet Harman, the whore of Babylon herself, has never uttered any of her fascist and racist claptrap ;

The commissioners in the trust are the architects of the racial discrimination systems that afflict the white working class.

The trust has in effect looked at itself, shrugged its shoulders and said ' Nah, were innocent in't we guvnor'.

If we applied that sort of logic to the criminal courts we could expect to see criminals going into the dock, asking themselves if they are guilty, then them responding ' Nah, course not guvnor' then acquiting themselves of all charges.

If the Trust had said that ' racism affects the white working class ' then it would have had to investigate that racism - and in effect they would have to investigate themselves and find themselves guilty of racism.

Like that would ever happen !!! The scum that profit from crime never willingly admit they are criminals do they !

But did the media tell you of the background of the people that run the Runnymede Trust - of course not.

Thats because the media are corrupt, lazy, sloppy researchers and ultimately only interested in making a profit.

Until immigrants enter the UK who take the jobs of media journalists, BBC news reporters, commissioners of the Runnymede Trust, Guardian journalists and Daily Mail hacks - then the middle class proffessional lemmings in this country will continue to insert their brown tongues up the arse of whoever is above them in the social pyramid.

The entire media class are those whose jobs will not be taken - so far I have never seen an Afghani asylum seeker who cannot speak English reading the news on BBC 1.

Nor have I ever seen any articles in The Guardian written in Urdu by a reporter who is an illegal immigrant.

Nor have I ever seen the Equality Commission hire an Islamic militant who speaks only Arabic as a public relations officer.

Until the middle class media scum and the middle class lemmings start losing their jobs to immigrants, then the same old lies will peddled to the public by the same establishment idiots who dance to the organ grinders tunes.

As long as its the white 'underclass' ( a racist term used by middle class whites against poor whites ) who are the only people who lose their jobs to immigrants then its not a problem.

The middle class liberals and hypocrites loved their diversity when they had money and jobs - like tourists they loved to visit the alien and the strange in our cities such as the restaurants, sleep with foreigners, visit ethnic areas for spices and food for their dinner parties and buy their coke and weed off of immigrant criminals - and like tourists they knew they could go home any time they liked to their all white, all middle class enclaves where immigration had never reached.

As long as only the white working class had to live in the areas where diversity = crime, murder, gang wars, violence etc then that was okay.

As long as the middle classes had money in their pockets and good jobs then it did not matter to them that the white working class were having their wages cut due to foreign labour competing for jobs, that they were losing jobs to immigrants, that they could not get council houses as immigrants were taking them and that the poor whites had to live amidst the problems of immigrant communities.

For the middle classes what mattered was simply being a sycophantic crawler, to abase themselves before the cult of political correctness and be a part of the same idiotic society that they craved to be a part of.

Only when the middle class hypocrite parasites lose their jobs will they start to whine and complain.

The ONLY good thing about this economic collapse is that the entire middle class proffessional elite who were the main backers, supporters and proponents of mass immigration are now watching their jobs vanish as a result of the politicians and political ideologies that they supported, voted for and trusted.

The chickens are coming home to roost now for the sanctimonious hypocrites that once looked down on the poor and unemployed whites and who regarded their pleas for understanding as 'racism'.

Middle class bitches like Yasmin Alibi Brown and Liz Jones can sneer at the white working class, but the fact remains that the middle class lemmings that once supported the mass immigration policies and multi-cultural system are now having to sit amidst the rubble and chaos of our society that they helped create.

They are now becoming poor and unemployed - and getting a taste of the struggle that the white working class have lived for generation after generation.

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