Monday 19 January 2009

Church Of England to Ban BNP - Liberal Inquisition Begins

The pc church of england, which is now just another PC ridden pseudo-christian cult, is about to debate a motion to ban the BNP.

This motion has been proposed by a Miss Miss Vasantha Gnanadoss (Southwark) who it appears is not an indigenous Briton, but of immigrant stock who also works for the Metropolitan Police as a solicitor - so she is one of the Race Relations Master Class.

That means as she is one of the Master Class she can be as racist as she wants against anyone with a white skin, such as BNP members, and also be able to restrict their rights as she wishes.

It appears that God makes all men equal, but the PC Church Of England has the power to demand that some men be treated and regarded not as human beings but as dehumanised subhumans who should form an underclass in our society with less civil rights than all other people in our society.

She has managed to get 167 signatures for her petty and vindictive motion here ;

But note how many signatures that the motion for the 'uniqueness of Christ in Britain today' got - which was only 149 signatures whilst a motion to protect the financial interests of the widows of deceased clergy only got 43 signatures.

So the fucking idiots in the PC church of england are more interested in seeing the BNP banned from the church rather than ensuring the widows of deceased clergy can have a decent pension or whether Christ himself, and Christianity, is protected as the main faith of Great Britain.

The PC church of england is about to die.

It has become a nest of snakes spreading a false gospel, it is not a church anymore it is the throne of a fake cult of political correctness.

When it passes this motion the church will no longer represent Jesus or God but simply the State, and this makes it a false church.

Jesus forgives - the PC Church of England crucifies its own faithful.

The Church of Christ is open to all - the PC Church of England is open only to the devil and his disciples of political correctness.

Any Church enthroned or worshiped by the Politically Correct State is an enemy of Christ and the people.

The Liberal Inquisition of the PC Church of England begins. Soon the heretics will be exiled, excommunicated and thrown screaming into the bonfires of anti-racist hysteria as the elders of the Church confuse Marx for God and Che Guevara as Jesus.

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