Friday 16 January 2009

John Mortimer and the Liberal Betrayal

The great liberal betrayal is the removal and usurpation of our constitutional rights of free speech by the Liberal Fascist heirs of Classic Liberalism.

John Mortimer fought throughout his life for the right to free speech, from the Oz Trial to the Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollox' case.

Yet the gains he made for Englishmen to reclaim their ancestral rights and liberties of total free speech in our lands were betrayed by those who called themselves 'Liberals' but who imposed the fascistic thought crime and hate crime laws of Maoist Political Correctness.

Do not call this crawling, servile, lickspittle of a residual liberty that we scarce possess 'free speech'.

What we endure is not free speech, it is the slow poisoning of our nation through the totalitarian repression of language - for whosoever controls the language of a people, defines the nature of their society.

The criminalisation of words is the antithesis of the open society.

Any words that are criminalised become weapons of coercion for repesssive states.

What if the word that is a crime is freedom itself.

What if the very concept of freedom, the very notion of free thought and the ideal of liberty were all made crimes - what then of man.

Whosoever commands the language of a people, controls the people.

The liberal betrayal is the creation of a Closed Society, repressive and Urizenic that weaves constant webs of repression in order to denude the indiviuality of its citizens.

Orwell imagined the future as a jackboot stamping on a face forever - the future is a lexicon of political correctness stamped by the state into the minds of children, a new Red Book of the Liberal Lexicon for the drones to parrot.

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