Wednesday 14 January 2009

Labour Elections Run By Convicted Kiddie Fiddler

Who the fuck let this nonce into our country.

The fat degenerate should be dangling from the end of a short rope, not helping the Labour party lie to people in elections.

I wonder if the thief and liar Gerry Gable and his Kosher crew of Zionists at Searchlight will put this on a leaflet.


Labour paid sex offender for work

Russo helped the Labour Party during the 1997, 2001 and 2005 elections
The Labour Party paid a sex offender convicted in the United States more than £2,500 to help it with its 2005 election campaign, the BBC has learned.

Activist Tim Russo, 41, was a visits co-ordinator in the East Midlands but did not have a UK work visa.

The Labour Party said it was unaware of Russo's past. It said it had not hired him but only paid expenses.

Russo was convicted in 2002 of trying to arrange sex with someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy.

The person he met online was in fact an FBI officer investigating internet paedophiles.

Russo had sent him pornography and was eventually found guilty of importuning (harassment) and attempting to disseminate matter harmful to juveniles. He was sentenced to a community service order and a year on probation by a county court in Cleveland, Ohio.

Russo told the BBC's Inside Out East Midlands programme that he had since worked to rehabilitate himself.

His work involved arranging visits to the region for senior Labour party figures, including the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

When asked by the BBC if he thought it was incredible that a sex offender was arranging campaign visits for the British Home Secretary, Russo said: "At the back of my mind was, 'God, I hope nobody find out about this'."

In a statement the Labour Party said neither the party nor any MPs were aware of any convictions involving Russo at the time, "and if we had known of this conviction then the offer of his help would have been refused".

'Criminal convictions'

Spending declared by the East Midlands Labour Party after the 2005 campaign revealed that Russo received £2,560 from the party for his "consultancy services", despite having neither a work permit or a work entry visa.

Russo also helped the Labour Party in two earlier general election campaigns in 1997 and 2001.

Ghuffar Usman, a Nottingham solicitor specialising in immigration cases, said he believed Labour had acted illegally.

"They should have applied for a work permit in the first place, having secured a work permit, then Mr Russo would have been free to apply for a visa allowing him to come to the UK to undertake work in accordance with that work permit for the Labour Party."

He also believes the visa application process could have revealed Russo's convictions and prevented his entry to the UK.

"On the visa application form he would have been required to disclose any criminal convictions, including motoring offences. That would have flagged up his previous convictions."

Russo said he would have declared the convictions if asked.

He said: "I would have - I am not in the business of lying about this."

The Labour Party said: "The Labour Party, especially at election times, along with all other major political parties, have volunteers helping in campaigns and volunteering their consultancy services. Sometimes reasonable expenses are provided in these cases.

"The Labour Party had taken legal advice and the party's view is that in Mr Russo's case and on the separate issue of paid consultants the party has always acted within the law. Any suggestion otherwise is entirely false."

Defeated Conservative candidate Anna Soubry, who ran in the 2005 campaign in the Gedling constituency, said Labour's action has sent out the wrong message to voters.

She said: "You can't ask and tell people to abide by rules, regulations and laws if you don't actually abide by those laws, rules and regulations yourself. Otherwise it looks hypocritical and indeed it could be argued that it is hypocritical."

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