Tuesday 30 March 2010

The Arrogance of the Middle Class Ethnic Elite

Oh the arrogance of these Middle Class Ethnic's.

They honestly would prefer a paedophile to teach their children than a BNP member.

They would rather a child molester have access to their kids rather than an individual whose private political opinions they despise.

I would argue that any individual of any race that would rather a pervert have access to their child is sick.

They are obviously mentally ill.

The fact that we now know the context of the situation when Cameron gave his promise to ban the BNP, in that it was given to appease middle class ethnics who have no respect for the British Constitution and the civil rights and liberties such as free speech that our ancestors died to defend, and that the promise was given to a morally warped moron who would rather children be taught by paedophiles than individuals whose opinions they despise - shows us how demented and foolish Cameron is.

I would suggest that the author of this article be investigated by the teachings unions for paedophile tendencies, for anyone who would rather have a child molester working as a teacher than a BNP member is someone who may have paedophile tendencies themselves or who supports paedophiles.

This article reveals the real sickness of our opponents.


I don't know whats worse, a paedo or a BNP teacher

BY Dotun Adebayo

Tory leader David Cameron's pledge to change the law should he become Prime Minister to ensure that members of the racist British National Party are unable to become teachers, is a vote winner for black parents like myself.

The surprise, as the head of the teacher's union the NASUWT told me the other day, is that it was a Tory leader and not a Labour prime minister who took the stand.

It wasn't that hard getting Cameron's vow. All I did was ask him whether he would allow any of his children to be taught by school staff who not only negated their existence, but denied their rights to citizenship.

Responding to my question at his 'meet the black folk' hustings in south London recently, the Tory leader took a few moments of rhetoric before realising that he had to make that promise there and then because gathered around him were the great and the good of the black middle-classes.

The black middle-classes are the very people he needs to attract to beat Prime Minister Brown at the polls. And for the middle-classes the issue of who your children are taught by, is of paramount importance.

BNP members are banned from joining the police force, the military and the prison service. The idea that they would be acceptable in schools suggests that we protect prisoner's rights against racists better than we protect school children.

All children, white or non-white, need to be protected from racists - In the just the same as they are protected from paedophiles. And I don’t know which is worst a BNP or a paedophile teacher.

Labour don't get it. They don't get why a black parent would take such an extreme view. They don't understand that when you make sacrifices for your children's education that it is demoralising to hear the Labour Education Secretary Ed Balls, capitulate to the recommendation by a former chief inspector of schools that it is okay for the BNP to be teachers.

That has lost Labour mine and other black votes. Which black parent is going to vote for a political party which says we'll let racists teach your kids?

Mr Balls, would you allow your children to be taught by someone who negates their very existence and denies their rights to citizenship?

We need to know before May 6. And after that we need to make sure that Cameron doesn't back down from his promise if he is the incumbent at 10 Downing Street.

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Anonymous said...

'Dotun Adebayo?' Probably another NuLiebour-voting illegal immigrant.

Ade said...

Trouble is, they have so little intelligence, they cannot see their own hypocrisy.

Who stands for Britain

Tony said...

If black people are proud of their race and people, and why shouldn't they be, there is one big beautiful continent just waiting for them to turn into utopia. Show us what you can do and we may take notice of you, in the meantime don't bite the hand that feeds you. I'm still waiting for cameroon, mcbroon etc. to tell me what they are going to do to put my country back on an even keel, instead of slagging off a very small party which rubs their noses in it.