Sunday, 7 March 2010

Vote UKIP - Get Tory

Thanks to Norman Tebbit for confirming that if you vote UKIP you get the Tories and if you vote for Camerons Conservatives you get Blairism.

It is now evident that if you vote Tory, Liberal, Labour and UKIP you merely get more of the same old poisonous cold political porridge.

Vote UKIP - Get Tory

Vote Tory - Get Blair

Vote BNP - Put Britain First

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Rijker said...

Pearson -

Terminally corrupt.

Adrian Peirson said...

I do think it's strange that Wilders will not work with BNP, at least openly.
Perhaps he's being canny and want to appear more 'moderate' but ultimately, Griffin is not evil, it was not BNP that killed 500,000 through Iraqi sanctions, and two million in two Gulf wars, sold off our gold, our fishing grounds, our industries, surrendered our sovereignty or sent our troops to war underequipped, underfunded.
If we have lost around 500 in Iraq, Afghanistan, how many have lost limbs, it must be three times this figure, yet we never hear about this.
Yet they will devote an entire feature on celebrity crap.