Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dead Babies On the Shore

Any society that treats the unborn as meat, is a society that will treat the living as slaves.

And in the ebb of passion,
When that wet, sticky tide abates,
Breathless in its broken couplets,
And crashes into silence,
Upon bed sheets crumpled,
And slimy with the sweat of regrets,
New journeys begin, within,
And lead lost souls to dark haunts.

And there upon the shore,
Glistening, pale and wet,
The dead body of a baby,
The flotsam of a failed affair,
Whose lips had never drawn a breath,
Unborn upon a hospital bed,
Cradled in a bucket, not a mothers arms,
Then cast upon the waters,
Casual as a lovers kiss,
Or a snowflake into the sea.

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Russia Truth said...

Nancy Schaefer a leading campaigner highlighting the endemic abuse of children in America's so-called Child Protection Services (CPS) child apparently recently committed joint suicide along with her husband. She shit herself in the chest! Er, yeah right.

Just prior to her "suicide" she had spoken to Alex Jones saying she had a massive story exposing the depth of the child abuse in the US system. But then she decided to commit suicide!

US government sanctioned child abuse:

CPS Warrior Nancy Schaefer Gunned Down

Nancy Schaefer Exposes Corrupt Business of CPS on The Alex Jones Show

Russia Truth said...

Actually she didn't "shit" herself in the chest, she shot herself.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

I did wonder about that.

That really would have been unusual.