Saturday 20 March 2010

Vote UKIP = Get Tory's

Thanks to Lord Pearson for confirming UKIP are nothing more than the Thatcherite Wing of the Tory Party, a pressure group comprised of pissed off tories angered by 'call me dave's' insipid brand of Blairism.

UKIP are tories who just want the Conservative Party to become Euro-Sceptic.

Thats it.

Thats all that UKIP is, euro-sceptic tories who want the tories to be anti-EU and who will jump ship in a moment if the Tories stood for getting out of Europe.

Even though we woulds till be lumbered with the ideologically dead neo-liberal free market thatcherism of the old Thatcherite Tory Party, and Britain would be still be globalised, our economy controlled by America and we would still be part of the Tory War Party on Iran.

Vote UKIP = Get Tories.

The UK Independence Party will not stand against hardline Eurosceptic rivals in other parties at the general election, its leader has said.

Lord Pearson said he would ask "seven or eight" UKIP candidates to stand aside in seats where their rivals also wanted UK withdrawal from the EU.

Tory candidates are most likely to benefit but UKIP said its move would apply to Eurosceptic Labour hopefuls.

The plan would show the public that UKIP was "different", he argued.

Lord Pearson, a former Tory peer who recently succeeded Nigel Farage as leader, told party members that UKIP must "break the mould" by raising controversial issues and taking different electoral stances.

UKIP's goal of pulling out of the EU is shared by a handful of Conservative MPs who are part of the "Better Off Out" group.

The Conservatives believe it is in the country's interests to remain within the EU although they have called for certain powers to be repatriated from Brussels to the UK.

'National interest'

Former Tory voters switching allegiance to UKIP is thought to have cost the Conservatives several seats in 2005 and polling experts believe UKIP's influence could sway the outcome of a number of seats this time around.

Lord Pearson said its main objective was still to secure a referendum on EU membership but that helping like-minded MPs from other parties get re-elected to Parliament would show UKIP was acting in the "national interest" not narrow party interest.

We must do what we can to get people in the House of Commons who will really fight for our freedom
Lord Pearson of Rannoch
Wider appeal key to UKIP success

He acknowledged this was not an "easy concept" for the party to take on board but that he hoped to persuade the UKIP candidates in the constituencies concerned to transfer to other seats.

"We must do what we can to get people in the House of Commons who will really fight for our freedom," he said.

"I am not talking about candidates who just 'say we would be better out of Europe'. I am talking about candidates, there are very few - maybe seven or eight - who I am convinced will force questions and debates in and out of the Commons and who, if necessary, will defy their whips."

He added: "I believe that this policy will help to convince the electorate everywhere that we really are different and we are not just another political party pursuing our own selfish interest."

Internal dispute

Lord Pearson told party members that UKIP was no longer a "single issue" party but stressed the best solution to revive the economy and curb immigration was to withdraw from the EU.

He said the bulk of terrorist threats to the UK came from "within Islam" and the "advance" of Islamic law in parts of the UK had to be addressed.

UKIP has sought to contrast its "unity" in the run-up to the 2010 election with the disarray in the party five years ago caused by the defection of its former MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk.

However, MEP Nikki Sinclaire is threatening to take UKIP to the High Court after the party withdrew the whip from her.

Ms Sinclaire has written to the party, alleging the correct disciplinary procedures were not followed when she was suspended in January after protesting against the party's alliance in the European Parliament.

UKIP officials have said they believe her claims are "baseless" and would "refute each point robustly".

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Gutless UKIP = no hope said...

UKIP are cowards, to scared to vote BNP in case someone or indocrination may call them racists!

Thay have no backbone.

If `they` ever came to power they would tread water for a week until Rothschild and the NWO drowned them.

All he would have to do is call them racists and they would run away and submit the country to a further influx of new arrivals.

and seeing as they are not racist they think they can sustain a country, its security and its culture as a minority group!

To take on the NWO will take guts, as believe me the NWO won't go down without a fight, and they will be using many of the NWOs pets to help fight them! In short if UKIP aint got the guts to even weather the `racist` jibes as they clearly don't then what hope for them?

A wasted vote.

UKIP = NWO plan B said...

UKIP is looking more and more like the NWOs plan B.

the escape route should the people rise up and the EU should fall, what better way of sustaining their power for the short term until they can rope it all back without being exposed!

I always wondered what the NWOs plan B could be, as it would be insane not to have one.

I think we have found it and with the EDL helping them on their way using a one issue scapegoat.

a shame the BNP have also been using the single issue scapegoat that will back fire as it is a single issue when the issue is far wider.

Anonymous said...

Lee - it's sad that you have reduced the white-working-class to a 'community' in their own country.
What is a 'community' anyway? It's certainly not defined by location or residency any more.
It seems to be abstract and is a term which is a catch-all to embrace people with like-minded interests.