Monday, 15 March 2010

The Right Rising in France

Rise of the National Front as Sarkozy faces drubbing in French regional elections

By Mail Foreign Service and Peter Allen
Last updated at 4:10 PM on 15th March 2010

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National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen casts his vote

On the rise: National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen saw his party win almost 12 per cent of the vote in French regional elections

France's National Front has re-emerged as a political force after President Nicolas Sarkozy and his ruling UMP suffered a heavy defeat in regional elections.

The far-right party, headed by controversial 81-year-old Jean Marie Le Pen, emerged with almost 12 per cent of the national vote just three years after he was written off during during elections in 2007.

At the ballot box the UMP polled just 26 per cent of the vote, worse than expected, and the socialists managed nearly 30 per cent.

The anti-immigration party's re-emergence comes after a long debate in France about 'national identity', which was begun by Mr Sarkozy's government.

It had been preceded by almost non-stop publicity for the national identity debate, which was meant to re-instil pride in traditional Gallic values.

Instead official internet forums and public meetings turned into a sound board for people complaining about France's growing Muslim community, which is now the largest in western Europe at six million.

Mr Sarkozy was accused of trying to use the debate to win over NF voters to his own party by calling for the Islamic veil to be banned because it alienated non-Muslims.

As a result, Mr Le Pen's party is now in the running in 12 of France's 22 mainland regions.

The disastrous results will come as a major blow for Mr Sarkozy in the last nationwide poll before presidential elections in 2012.
Sarkozy and first lady Carla Bruni

Unpopular: President Nicolas Sarkozy and first lady Carla Bruni cast their votes. Mr Sarkozy's UMP party polled only 26 per cent of the vote

Mr Sarkozy's popularity is plummeting, with his handling of the economy facing criticism, unemployment at 10 per cent, his reforms of everything from the legal system to universities under attack and high-profile speculation about his private life and that of wife Carla Bruni.

Socialists leader Martine Aubry said: 'By this vote the French people have sent a clear and strong message of dissatisfaction to a France that is divided, anguished and weakened.'

Mrs Aubry also said Mr Sarkozy was guilty of ‘reopening a door for the National Front’ by organising a ‘debate on national identity aimed at opposing French from here ( France ) with French from elsewhere, or foreigners'.

And Francois Bayrou, former presidential candidate and head of the centrist MoDem party, said: ‘It's a worrying moment. The National Front is back at a level not seen in years.’

Despite the FN optimism, the voting figure for the first round of regional elections was just 52 per cent - a record low. The second round will be held on Sunday.

The Socialists already run 20 of the 22 regions on the French mainland after the last elections in 2004.

The green-minded party Europe Ecologie, riding voter concern about global warming, is expected to align with the Socialists in many regions for the runoff, as will several other leftist parties.

The National Front effectively tied for third-place nationally with Europe Ecologie, both with about 12 per cent of the vote.

'Europe Ecologie is the third political force,' in France, said Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a leader of the party.

Results showed a close race in Alsace, one of the last bastions of the right. The Socialists looked set to keep hold of the Ile-de-France region that includes Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Just as we predicted lee, now how do we make the most of it?

I think it is time to expose the one party system in graphic detail to the masses and the reach of the NWO.

Thje BNP have made some moves in this direction for a little while now, feeling its way and this is a move in the right direction.

remember you can side step the acusations of racism by illustraiting the racist aim of the NWO and that the BNP are in fact anto racists and true multicultists in seeking to preserve all cultures not destroy them!

This is nothing new i know, nick has been saying something along these lines for sometime but never drew the real conclusion and always sited marxists as to blame which always rung rather hollow with the public.

The plastic marxists are the tools not the driver!

The driver is the NWO.

and why has the BNP not exploited the iceland referendum?

at least not to my knowledge.

remember the goverment propaganda relies on ignorance and consensus.

you have to do everything you can to show their is no consensus, otherwise you will have trouble winning over the masses who are sheep.

you have to show them they are not alone at all costs! with other countries especially, it breaks the fear factor.

The Sentinel said...

Anonymous is correct.
The BNP is not informing the public sufficiently. Neither is it illustrating that it understands the bigger picture to a wide enough audience.
The BNP needs to be bolder and much more assertive, even aggressive, if it is to be perceived as a credible administration, capable of opposing and defeating the real enemy. But first it has to identify and expose the enemy.

Anti-Globalist said...

The French NF, like all Nationalist parties must guard against falling into the trap of becoming primarily an anti Islamic party. It will be an option that is opened up to us like an escape route that in fact leads the cattle to the slaughterhouse.

It is Israel that benefits by our colonisation by troublesome Muslims, who our state grants all sorts of privileges just to "rub our noses" into how outrageous the supposed demands of these Muslims are. It makes us see Israel as our friend, and it makes us consider setting the precedent of being the first country to force our Muslims out - thus allowing Israel to do so as well under this cover. This saves Israel's face in many respects.

Geert Wilders is an agent of Israel.

"Israel aims its nuclear warheads at Europe"
(11 March 2010)


"An Israeli professor and military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans."

Anonymous said...

So the pseudo parties of UKIP and the NF are standing in seats to split the nationalist vote and let the liblabcon in. Why doesnt the BNP recruit a few clean skins to stand as " unite/ one world" candidates in the same seats. They wouldnt need to do any canvassing but a few thousand mugs would vote for them splitting the Liblabcon vote.

Stop playing the bullshit game said...

I see the BNP are putting all their eggs into one now overcrowded basket, on which UKIP are now fighting over while fanning the flames of UK destruction!

What is this madness?

As John Tyndall said, don't try and out bullshit the public as the mainstreme can out bullshit you every time.

You may also be playing directly into the NWOs hands, giving them the scapegoat they seek, and should they decide to swamp Britain and remove the scape goat you will be left with NO CLOTHS!

out the NWO, stop playing stupid games, pretending to be this or that!

The people have spoken, will the BNP listen?. said...

Some great posts here Lee that deal with the real issues, the voices of nationalist discontent are growinhg we can see the problem and the solution, why cant the leadership?

let us not waste a moment longer,
now is the time to change tact and really make headway.

Ade said...

I used to dismay at BNP not spelling out to the public what is really going on, however, havimg tried many times to explain it many people simply can not or will not accept it.
In this respect I think the BNP may be correct, I think its important to make comments and speeches on the deeper issues as NG has been doing recently, but maybe he has it right in choosing to keep it simple for the Majority.

The people are not stupid they have worked out that there us no point in voting because 'they are all the same'
This is real intelligence.
Equally, we can't expect the British people to become geopolitical experts, they aere too busy trying to earn a living and survive in this engineered collapse and why should they.

They ought to be able to live their lives safe in the Knowledge that our Military and Political Institutions are doing their job and looking out for their interests.
Many do not want to be MP's, what they want is to put their tick in a box and then go back to their familes and friends safe in the Knowledge that checks and balances will protect them.

The BNP should keep making comments on the NWO and the big picture to let informed people know that BNP are aware and prepared to comment but largely, I agree with the keep it simple approach too.

Perhaps as more and more of the public see the bigger picture then the amount of coverage that NWO receives by BNP could increase.

Maybe the BNP could have a guest posting every few weeks / days on Intelligence issues, Psychological Warfare issues, and Geopolitical issues.

You could probably do all of this with a simple link to

Infowars Website


On the main BNP website.

Let the Public educate themselves if they wish on these issues and Help Alex Jones and his crew at the same time.

Maybe links to Russia Today, Wayne Madson, Max Keiser, Gereld Celente etc.