Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Paxman Interview

I spoke to Simon earlier and he told me about the stitch up job on the BBC where they have contacted the families of murdered White people and asked them to attack the BNP.

Of course the families will comply, whether they want to or not.

Having the BBC roll up on your doorstep and demand that you attack the bnp, or be smeared with the insinuation that if you dont you are a (gasp ! shock ! horror) a supporter of the BNP means that the BBC have been demanding interviews with an implicit menace.

I understand that these families had no choice but to comply with the BBC threats.

The families also need to understand that the BNP also have no choice but to highlight the murders of our people at the hands of immigrants and ethnic racists.

The one priority for the BNP, is to prevent these attacks happening again.

If that means we have to highlight these issues with or without the families permission then we will - the priority is to ensure that no more such anti-white racist attacks happen again.

As for the BBC - they are all politically correct, gutless traitors anyway.

Paxman is nothing more than a parasite on the public purse, an overpaid tick in the BBC.

The BBC are an institution that will be dealt with when we get into power.

Those politically correct liberals that have turned the institution into the propaganda wing of Liberalism, political correctness, globalism and 'climate change' will all be sacked.

The BBC will be made to stop pumping out propaganda and stick to what it is good at - nature documentaries, comedies and soaps.

The propaganda wing of the BBC will be shut down and all its little Leninists sacked and booted out.

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extant said...

The BBC are an institution that will be dealt with when we get into power.

This is the biggest problem "The BBC",CP,The Establishment,The Council,The Police,UAF,Unite, etc etc et.They hide behind names, just like the Labour party does so they can claim an invisable cloak of personal protection, Just like a Ltd Company. I have run and shut down plenty, they are a sheild,a disguise, nothing more. These Bastards need to be held to account; we should all be accountable.


I'm the new Nationalist Hangman, its my job and I wouldnt swap it for all the money on Earth, I want people to see me smile without the Hood on,yes , "look its me and im fucking loving it" and I want to be remembered for it real well.

Obviously these Traitor scum will pay,when we are in power ;o)

simons comments not working said...

Lee, can you ask Simon to fix his comments section, yours works just fine, his died about a year ago.

Adrian P said...

There are also some very sick psychiatrists psychologists advising the BBC, other channels and the Media in general on their programmes and content.

Programmes like Jeremy Kyle, road wars, street wars, Big brother, these programmes are deliberately set up and put in front of our people ( and children ) so that the behaviour portrayed in these programmes becomes 'normality'
Thus giving the establishment, the state to claim that British society is degenerate and the state needs to interfere more and more.
These Psychiatrists are actively engaged in a Psycholoical war against this country and it people.
It is these supposed professionals that advise programme makers who to select for shows like the Big Brother house.
When the expected and desired outcome occurs, this can then further be used by the media to demonise the entire British people.

Trained Psychiatrists actively engaged in a Psychological war against the British people, these types of shows are no accident.
Any one of these shows on their own might be OK as a novelty but collectively they represent a deliberate and orchestrated psychological war aimed at destroying and undermining our society.
Fix this and things will begin improving dramatically in this country within one year.

The British people are being deliberately set up.

For those that might think these programmes have no effect, we unconciously absorb what we see around us, especially children.
Send any child or even an adult to Australia for 5 yrs and they will come back with an accent.

Police Unit monitoring Big Brother

Setting up the British people

Anonymous said...

The BBC are truly sick if they have gone on the hunt for white murder vitim families just to attack the BNP !!

Ade said...

Another Media Crime

Out of sight, out of mind