Monday, 29 March 2010

How Multi-culturalism will fall

The report on the exam successes of children from different ethnic groups in the UK makes interesting reading ;

'The Chinese pupils were most likely to get As, with 29 per cent getting the top mark in English, compared with 21 per cent of Indian, 15 per cent of white British, 11 per cent of black African, 9 per cent of Pakistani and 8 per cent of black Caribbean.

Chinese pupils were also most likely to get top grades in the seven other subjects included in the breakdown. Separate research, published today, reveals that Chinese parents are more likely to pay for private tuition to supplement their children's learning at school.

They are less likely than white British parents to think schools should single-handedly cover all education that is needed, according to academics at King's College London, commissioned by the Nuffield Foundation'

So this research proves that the issue of black education failure cannot be down to 'racism' as both Chinese and Indian children do better at school than whites.

Yet when Black kids are sent to black only schools in the Commonwealth, they do well at school.

So it is the multi-cultural system that is the issue.

As regards the designation of the children in British schools by their nationality, which is odd in itself as we are always taught they are all British and all the same as racial differences do not exist.

Why are White British children just called 'whites', this is the same sort of thing the Nazis did - lumping all Aryan children from all Aryan nations in Europe as 'whites'.

The fact is that whilst Pakistani, Chinese, Indian etc are all NATIONAL STATES, the designation of 'white' is only used for whites - and it is used to deny the indigenous White British their own identity, as by lumping all 'whites' into the catergory of 'whites' which includes Eastern Europeans and all Europeans, the indigenous British are denied their innate national and ethnic identity.

This is pure racism.

Whilst African Blacks is also semi-racist, as it denies the national identity of blacks from various African nations, the fact is that Black Caribbean is also semi-racist.

It appears that whilst Chinese, Indian and Pakistani children have an ethnic, racial and national identity - indigenous British whites are designated solely by their colour.

Whites and Blacks can be lumped into racist groups and therefore regarded as simply a colour - rather than as groups with specific national and ethnic interests.

As for the issue of multi-culturalism and political correctness - these are going to destroy our nation.

Chinese children are very bright, but in China even though it is a COMMUNIST state there is no affirmative action for minority groups, no politically correct pandering to the interests of minorities and no recruitment of any individuals solely on the basis of their race, sexuality or sex.

China is a meritocracy - and because of this every day it grows stronger, whilst we impose affirmative action, positive discrimination and political correctness and grow weaker.

The fact that China is a meritocracy means that it will dominate the 21st century.

The West indulges in infantile gesture politics around affirmative action and hence undermines the basis of merit as the foundation for promotion and job appointments.

Imagine a scenario in the near future - at a round of trade talks in Beijing the Chinese field a room full of brilliant thinkers and strategists appointed and promoted solely on the basis of their merit and skills, whilst the US and UK field a room full or affirmative action placemen and women who were given their jobs solely on the basis of their race, colour, sex or sexuality.

Who will win the trade talks ?

Its not rocket science is it.

This is why multi-culturalism, affirmative action and political correctness are destroying the basis of British progress.

The irony of multi-culturalism and political correctness is that, in the name of anti-racism and equality it has created the most racist and unequal society in history.

For instance, as a result of multi-culturalism the law in Britain now allows direct discrimination against the indigenous British folk on the basis of ;

1) Their race eg white as affirmative action allows non-whites to be promoted over indigenous whites

2) ethnicity - eg Sikhs are regarded as an ethnic group and their interests protected as an ethnic group whilst the English are only protected as an national group and not an ethnic group

3) Sex - affirmative action allows women to be promoted over male applicants simply because they possess a vagina

4) Sexuality - lesbians and homosexuals are allowed to be promoted over heterosexuals

5) Class - as because class is not listed as a factor to be taken into account when recruiting for jobs, the working class whites can be dumped en masse in favour of middle class ethnics

These are the results of multi-culturalism and political correctness.

And the sooner the whole thing collapses and forces the idiots who exist in ignorance and who still vote for the mainstream parties to live in the real world the better.

Only when the lemmings are forced to confront reality will they no longer put their ticks in the ballot boxes of the enemies within.

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Anonymous said...

The fact is that whilst Pakistani, Chinese, Indian etc are all NATIONAL STATES, the designation of 'white' is only used for whites - and it is used to deny the indigenous White British their own identity,

now I understand what is wrong with ''E O P'' forms

white = identity less