Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bankers, Globalisation and the gutless British

I just hope that one of those people who are now unemployed do not insert a virus into the banks computer systems when they are in India.

Barclays must be very trusting if they think they can sack people, export their jobs to India and then hire them to train Indians to do their old jobs whilst they are dumped on the dole in Britain.

BARCLAYCARD bosses have sparked anger among 140 workers facing the axe by asking them to fly to India and train their replacements.

The credit card giant is preparing to more than halve the fraud department at its UK headquarters by outsourcing a large part of the operation abroad.

Eight under-threat employees are being offered a two-month secondment to the city of Noida, near New Delhi, to brief those taking over.

However, one disgruntled member of staff, who asked not to be named, fumed: “It’s a bit rich, to be honest.

“If sacking us wasn’t bad enough, they then ask us if we’d like to go to India for a couple of months to help train the people taking our jobs.

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Life member said...

Reminds me of a story my very old father tells me quite alot.
He was working in Epping, Essex for a caravan company when one Monday morning a black man turned.
His boss told my dad, "this man will be working with you this week, show him the ropes".
Come the end of the week my father got his cards and the black man carried on doing his job.

extant said...

My father worked for Barclays for over 30 years,without going into the boreing details, I give u my word, Barclays will no longer be a recognised Bank in 10 years, they are finished !


Adrian Peirson said...

Lee, perhaps it is time to use the Lefts tactics against them.
Most people will remain apathetic about large numbers of deeds carried out by our ruling elites.

It was Engels or Marx who said to provoke a revolution you must stir the hatreds and the Passions.

So why not do exactly that to get the British Proletarians off their backsides.
Not against the Migrants but against the ruling elites.

While most couldn't care less about a bathplug or a few porm movies put down on expenses, they do after all pale into insignificance next to the Hundreds of Bilions of pounds worth of our childrens servitude handed on a platter to the Bankers.

Most people would stir to action if they thought their children were under threat, more so if this threat were found to be by design.

I won't repeat past the articles on Mercury and why I and many others feel it is so widely used, IE as a Neurotoxin to to dumb down the masses.

It makes sense that if you are a secret cabal of deranged power crazy psychopaths intent on absolute power over humanity you'd want humanity dumbed down and impoverished.

This is how Communists usually attain and maintain power, first kill off the inteligentsia, then keep the masses in abject poverty and reliant on the state for every aspect of survival whether it be food or water or work.

Mercury fits into this, as do the antidepressants they now hand out like sweets to anyone that wants them.

Child use of antidepressants up fourfold in the last decade.

It would also make sense that if you were intent on taking over humanity you would have to deal with the propensity for males to violence in defence of their family and country.

This could be achieved through the use of Gender Bending chemicals introduced into food and the general environment, so pacifying and feminizing males.

Lo and behold only a little research reveals this is actually going on.

Gender Bending chemicals in Food and Plastics

Videos on the subject

It might be tempting to think this is just a conspiract theory, which is usually interpreted as 'therefore it cannot be correct'

Unfortunately there is very good scientific evidence that it is correct because we have all heard over the past decade or so how sperm and fertility levels are declining.

I put it to the court that the NWO, in line with predictions made by people such as Aldous Huxley in his book Brave New World and HG Wells are indeed waging a subtle war against humanity and that part of this war is being waged using Chemicals, in our food, in our envirinment and in our Pharmaceuticals.

Misandry, the secret war against men and boys.

More on Misandry

Your Honour, I rest my case.

How Kucinic wakes em up in the US

Adrian Peirson said...

The Brits better wake up soon, the Conservative friends of Turkey are plotting the final solution to their British Problem.

Conservative Friends of Turkey

David T said...

Unfortunately, many British staff are 'bought' by an all expenses trip to India to pass their work to the Indian people before they get thrown on the dole.