Friday, 5 March 2010

Blame Whitey Says Daily Mail

A few weeks ago I posted on my blog an article about the series of so called 'race attacks' on Indians in Australia that werent race attacks, just the media maggots calling them race attacks in order to generate more headlines.

Even the police and family have said the attack on Nitin Garg was not a race attack ;

"Police are reluctant to draw a racial link to the murder, even though Mr Garg was not robbed of his wallet or phone and some of his belongings were left scattered in the park where he was stabbed as he took a short cut to the restaurant from a train station.

Mr Singh wondered at the level of knife violence in Melbourne, having also seen the agony of another man who was stabbed on the same night his friend died.

''There was a guy in the hospital at the same time who had been stabbed six times and he was not an Indian,'' Mr Singh said. ''It's not just about an Indian losing his life, this is happening to everyone. Where is it safe any more?''

The man had been celebrating his 44th birthday when he was attacked as he returned to his car with his wife on Saturday night. "

So why does the Daily Mail pedle the lie that ANY attacks on Indians in Australia are 'racist' - simply because it sells papers and makes good copy.

Now the Daily says an Indian child has been murdered in a race attack in Australia - with zero evidence ;

Heres what the papers says ;

The murder of an Indian boy, 3, in Australia has sparked a diplomatic row between the two countries after a series of racist attacks.

and then it says ;

There were no obvious signs of injury on Gurshan's body and forensic tests are being carried out to determine the cause of death.

Do you notice the disconnect here - there has been no autopsy, no marks on the body were found and no statement from the police that the child was murdered - but the Daily Mail states he has been.

This is racist scaremongering and hate mongering.

It is a vile and disgusting smear on the Australian people.

The Daily Mail is full of shit.

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We need a nationalist revolution ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ said...

I bet the Daily Fail wouldn't be so presumptious if it was a white young lad.......I can just hear them now "wait until the post mortem", LeeJohnBarnes youv'e just described the wet dreams of the Marxists, i bet they're hoping and praying that it is a racially motivated murder but of course it will not be all the evidence suggests at this stage it was a natural death.......Donna

Adrian Peirson said...

Interesting that the mail will report some migrant scandals but not all.
they wont comment on the rogues gallery at

Is the purpose of the media like the DM to stir up racial tensions and hatreds, isn't this what Marx said, 'you must stir up the passions and the hatreds to foment revolution'