Saturday, 6 March 2010

More on the Daily Mail Australian Race Attack ( NOT )

Continuing on from the lies told in the Daily Mail yesterday, here is the latest news on the tragic death of Gurshan Singh in Australia.

It never was a race attack, that was just a Daily Mail lie.

THE grieving parents of Gurshan Singh Channa have paid their respects to their tiny son at Melbourne's morgue.

Harpreet Kuar Channa and Harjit Singh Channa were taken to the Coroner’s Court in Kavanagh St about 11am.

Officials from India’s Consulate in Melbourne collected the Singhs from a relative’s home in Thomastown and drove them to the Coroner’s Court, where they spent an hour with the body of their three-year-old.

Little Gurshan’s body was found on Thursday night at Oaklands Junction, 30km away from the Lalor home he had been staying in with his parents and several other adults.

An autopsy has failed to identify a cause of death, and his body shows no signs of violence.

Homicide detectives are continuing to investigate Gurshan's disappearance and death. His parents made a statement this morning at the state crime squad's office in St Kilda Rd about what they knew of the tragic events.

Earlier, the mystery deepened after scientific testing failed to determine how Gurshan died.

In the only clue revealed, a family friend said "the three-year-old had been screaming in the Lalor home, before there was silence in the home where he disappeared.

Investigators are believed to be leaning away from the theory that Gurshan had fallen victim to a random attack.

One possibility is that he died of natural causes and someone panicked and disposed of his body.

There was no evidence of signs of violence on Gurshan's body, which was found, fully clothed in blue jeans and a grey top, six hours after he disappeared, about 20km away, at Oaklands Junction, near Melbourne Airport.

Police hope further testing, including toxicology, can provide some answers.

Detectives examined suggestions that Gurshan disappeared after he tried "to follow his" father to the local library.

Family friend Sim Kaur, who lives at the David St house, said the boy had been screaming because his father, Harjit Singh Channa had gone to the library, a one-minute walk away, without him. "He stopped shouting and, and I thought: what happened?" she said at the David St home.

Detectives followed the route from the family home to the Lalor Library, off May St, 150m away. They door-knocked residents along May St, looking for anyone who had seen the three-year-old.

Mr Singh said he was at the library when he received a phone call from his wife, Harpreet Kaur Channa, to say their son was missing.

Sim Kaur, 24, said Gurshan had been deeply upset his father had gone to the library without him.

"Before his father left for the library, he was crying to take him as well, but mother said, 'No, you will stay here'," she said.

"He was just wandering in the kitchen, in the rooms, shouting and, like, pulling down things."

Ms Kaur said Gurshan was a lively and active boy, and would often walk out the front door of the house, which was shared by eight adults.

She said she and Gurshan's mother were the only ones in the house when they realised the boy hadn't followed his father to the library.

They alerted police about 1pm on Thursday.

A huge search ended about 7pm, when Gurshan's body was found by a council worker in long grass by a roadside.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how the Mail claimed it as another " race attack" by boorish Aussies on the new cultured Indian immigrants in Oz. In fact every so called race attack much publicised by the MSM has proved to be nothing of the sort. The commentators to the article swallowed the lie hook line and sinker. makes me despair at the collective intelligence of " middle Britain"