Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Brown Proves Old Parties All The Same

Thanks to Gordon Brown for asking all the Old Gang parties to join up and fight against the BNP.

So its The BNP Vs The Establishment.


Bring it on !

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NWO has overplayed its hand said...

They think they can manipulate the people indefinately such is their arrogance and grip on the old media!

unfotunately for them their media outlets are no longer trusted, such as it is when they do nothing but lie.

and the mainstreme extremist parties have also lost all credibility such as it is when you betray the people at every turn.

but yes Lee, this out of touch elite grouping together in such a way is perfect for the BNP, their vote is split 3 ways...perfect.

10 years ago before the NWO wanted to control everthing they may have got away with it, but now as the NWO shows its hand as the real shadow goverment leaving the mainstreme parties with no party difference to manouve in, it is now over - the NWO finally overplayed their hand, thinking they could have it all.

time the BNP exposed WHY all the parties are the Nick and stop beating around the bush!

The Sentinel said...

Good! At last!

The BNP must now reveal the big picture to the public.
Strike now, Nick!
Don't wait any longer!
The time is right.
Strike now!