Saturday, 20 March 2010

RSPCA say police dogs risking lives biting UAF

The RSPCA say that police dogs that have bitten UAF rioters have to be tested for AID's, TB and other diseases.

Not really, but they should be.

Biting a UAF member is like biting a disease.

Those poor dogs now need shots.

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Beat them at their own game, create a nationalist consensus said...

Lee, you have great blog and can out debate almost anyone, i was wondering if you could also add your voice to some of the more popular blogs in the comments section, such as Guido fawkes site.

His blog is censored so you cannot say BNP but you can sneek in BMP etc, the guy appears to be a state op dealing with distraction and discrediting the democratic system but it has a hug following equal to that of the BNP main site and is read by some influencial people.

If we could get yourself and andraste and some of the other great posters on this site over their we may be able to change the consensus of the sheep.

and this is critical to change the consensus, without which we will never gain power.

so i urge you all to infiltrait these blogs en masse and make a difference before the next election.

agai highlighting the fact that both labour and the tories are the same is enough to demoralise their supporters and their activists.

get going great patriotic boys and girls, Briton needs you.

Al Scott said...

Ha-ha, nice one Lee!

Adrian Peirson said...

Been on Guido's a lot in the past, he does censor a lot, especially if you use videos to back up your arguments.
I too think he is designed as a distraction for the sheep.
You can sometimes get in a comment though.
Telegraph seems to be the most open to different viewpoints, Tebbits is worth a look and will accept BNP Comments and even the odd video so long as its not pure electioneering etc.
Lots of UKIP Comments but plenty of BNP suppoort there.