Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Phoenix Rising

Italian elections marks surge of Right wing support across Europe
A far-Right party has emerged as a key winner in the Italian elections marking a continuing trend of support for Right wing parties across Europe.

Nick Pisa in Rome
Published: 7:06PM BST 30 Mar 2010

The Northern League is now a key figure in Silvio Berlusconi's coalition
The Northern League is now a key figure in Silvio Berlusconi's coalition

The Northern League, an anti immigration party, which has now become pivotal in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's ruling coalition, has seen it's support more than double in the last five years.

Led by firebrand Umberto Bossi, who once called for the Italian navy to shell boats carrying illegal immigrants towards the country, his victory mirrors those recently by far right parties in Hungary, Holland and France.

In the last regional elections held in 2005 the League secured just 5.7 per cent of the vote but in subsequent polls they have seen their popularity grow and this time it was 12.7 per cent.

James Walston, a political commentator at the American University of Rome, said: "The League has done very well and they will be flexing their muscles for the remaining three years of government.

"They will push for further devolution and immigration and race will also be on top of their agenda and these two are issues which are of concern to many Italians.

"The League is very well organised and they have succeeded in taking a lot of the working class vote from the Communists and Democratic Left and they also appear to have taken votes from Berlusconi's own party."

The result comes just ten days after the National Front won nearly 10 per cent of the overall vote in the regional elections, capturing 118 seats in 12 regions.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the party's 81-year old leader, said: "It's the phoenix rising from the ashes. The National Front has returned to the forefront of French politics."

In Holland, the far-Right politician, Geert Wilders, is poised to become the next Dutch prime minister after he made significant gains in the regional elections at the beginning of this month. If the pattern is repeated in the national elections on June 9, his Freedom Party could win 27 out of 150 seats, becoming the largest single party.

In Hungary, according to opinion polls, the far-Right Jobbik party is poised to become the second biggest party in parliament in next month's elections.

After the election results yesterday, the Corriere Della Sera asked readers on its website why the League had done so well and one wrote: "Because it is the only concrete and viable party currently in Italian politics. It has concrete objectives and good internal party discipline."

The League is now a key figure in Berlusconi's coalition and as a result its members have been given key cabinet posts including Roberto Maroni as Interior Minister.

Mr Bossi described the League's performance as a 'tsunami' but assured his government partners in Rome that the balance of power in the coalition would not change and said the result of the regional vote could only give momentum to federalist reforms.

The League's advance appeared to be at the expense of Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PDL) party which saw its share of the vote fall to 26.7 per cent from 35.3 per cent in the European elections, 37.4 per cent in the general elections and 29.3 per cent in the 2005 regional vote.

The League has campaigned against the building of mosques and are also pressing for legislation on the wearing of burkas.

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Anonymous said...

The BNP should be asking itself why it's achieving nowhere near this level of support. Britain is one of the most islamified countries in Europe. If anything, we should be in the vanguard of this wave of resistance.

I venture to suggest that the kind of talk about "Zionism" that I see on your blog, Lee, has something to do with it. It only feeds the perception of us being Nazis. I like you and like your blog, but this kind of stuff just isn't helping us.

Defender of Liberty said...

Aaah here we have the classic mistake (usually by the media) of conflating causation and correlation.

I may carry an umbrella but that doesnt mean I make it rain, and my blog is not read by enough people (except converted nationalists and a few media hacks)to make a difference to any election, alas.

There are two kinds of Nationalists - the kind that want to copy the rest of the political scum and lie, prevaricate and bullshit to the people in order to fool the masses and then there are those that believe we are entering a time when the media are becoming despised, the masses angry and ready to hear the truth and a moment of change if fast approaching when the masses will follow those who tell the truth with passion and conviction.

I am the latter.

You appear to be the former.

If you cannot understand the difference between Zionism and Anti-semitism, then that is because you are wilfully ignorant - as you are obviously not stupid.

Read my blog, you may become enlightened.

I have not time either for the wilfully ignorant, the bullshitters or those that cringe and crawl in the shadows or on the internet giving out bad advice.

Post under your real name, let me know who you are and what you have done personally for nationalism as a movement and I will listen to your critique.

Hide beneath a false name, do nothing for the movement yourself and advise us to copy the failed, discredited and despised mainstream parties and treat the people with contempt and lie to them - then expect only abuse and contempt from me.

The time has come for truth, not more lies.

The people want politicians of conviction, who tell the truth and who are passionate about what they believe in.

The issue of Zionism is NOWHERE on the list of issues that concern real people, and apart from a bunch of over sensitised nationalists who think that we should crawl on our bellies to the Zionist lobby, it doesnt concern anyone.

If you want a Zionist Approved stamp on your nationalism, then join UKIP.

If you want your country back and saved from the Zionists, Liberals, Globalists, Islamists and treasonous pig politicians then vote BNP.

Only when each of those are dealt with - Zionists, liberals, Islamists, globalists and corrupt pig politicians will we have our country back.

If you want the Zionists to remain in charge and we as slaves of their corrupt corporate media, then vote for the other parties.

Anonymous said...

"Post under your real name, let me know who you are and what you have done personally for nationalism as a movement and I will listen to your critique."

My real name doesn't matter. Ideas stand for themselves. All I've done for the nationalist movement is buy a few books from the Excalibur shop. I've only recently started supporting the BNP and am not a member of it, although I may become one. One year ago I was a typical Guardian reader. I am exactly the kind of person who needs to be won over if the country is going to be saved from the Muslims.

"The issue of Zionism is NOWHERE on the list of issues that concern real people"

Exactly my point. So why are you batting on about it then? Virtually the only issue that matters for Britain and Europe for the remainder of this century will be the attempt to stop the Islamic takeover of our continent and civilisation. I know that and you probably know that too. Our task is to convince enough of our countrymen of it that they are willing to let us assume the government of the country.

What relevance does the issue of people who wanted to found and then support the state of Israel have to modern Britain? Almost none. If anything, the Israelis are involved in the same struggle against the Muslims that we are. BUT you banging on about Zionism, when everyone just interprets it as a code for anti-semitism, is making it more difficult for us to persuade people to support us.

You're the legal director of the party, not just some anonymous joe. The next time Nick Griffin is on Question Time, they might well bring this stuff up to embarrass him.

And you say it's not anti-semitism. I seem to remember in your blog a few months ago, there was a headline that started something like "Jew Milliband..." How is that not anti-semitism? I don't like either of the Millibands, but that has nothing to do with them being Jewish, if they even are.

Jews are pretty much the perfect immigrants as far as I'm concerned. They're unobtrusive and have absorbed and contributed to our culture (Mendelssohn, Heine, etc.) I just don't understand how any reasonable person can have a problem with them. If the Muslims were like the Jews, we wouldn't have a problem. But they're nothing like the Jews, so we have the biggest problem we have ever faced as a nation.

These savages are expanding ten times faster than the rest of the population and becoming more extreme with every year that passes. Our entire civilisation is headed for wipeout unless we can persuade a majority of people in the country to let us stop it. The sole criterion by which every political action or statement should be judged is: does it help us or hinder us in that objective?

And you haven't attempted to answer my initial question. Why aren't we enjoying the same success as the other nationalist, anti-immigrant parties across Europe? Yes, there is media bias, but there is media bias against them almost everywhere.

Russia Truth said...

Anonymous said:

"I've only recently started supporting the BNP and am not a member of it, although I may become one. One year ago I was a typical Guardian reader. I am exactly the kind of person who needs to be won over if the country is going to be saved from the Muslims."

So we are supposed to take lessons from you on nationalism when we have been involved in the struggle for many, many years? What absolute conceit.

The country needs to be saved from the Islamisists and also the Zionists. If you are a Zionist who has come to the BNP thinking we are simply a bunch of anti-Islamic idiots then you are sorely mistaken. Zionism is as much of a threat to Britain as Islam, and both will be resisted until they are ultimately defeated. As Lee says if you want Zionism then join UKIP or even the Tories, and you will get your war with Iran.

Defender of Liberty said...

No, real names do matter.

The era where the few stood up in public and had the shit thrown at them all time, whilst cowardly nationalists stood in the shadows and stayed silent has to end.

The reason why nationalism and the BNP has so much potential support, but a relatively low vote, is because so many nationalists want to stay in the shadows whilst the few get all the hassle.

In order to become a mainstream movement - then all nationalists have to step forward, not just rely on the few with the balls to stand in public.

They can take down a few, they cannot take down the many. The more of us are public, the more the masses will awaken and move towards us.

The issue of zionism is off the political radar, as the Zionists like the majority of nationalists, hide in the shadows. They have the power though and we do not.

If you really cannot see why Zionism is an issue, then you need to read my blog a bit more.

The Zionists run this country FOR THEIR BENEFIT, they attack the BNP because the BNP wants to run Britain for our benefit, not theirs.

The Zionist media, lobby groups and place people are our main opponents, for they are powerful people - and its down to them that we are attacked when we try to organise.

Islamism only exists in this country as it is the rock under which the Zionists can hide - the Zionists support the left wing groups, pro-immigration groups, the anti-BNP media, the liberal groups that support the Islamists etc etc

Take a look at the internet and see how many Zionist groups are allied with the Islamists against the BNP - thats because they both work together to ensure the British people are unable to take our country back.

For nationalists Zionism is a major issue, as we have had decades of experience of being attacked by the Zionist groups.

The fact ordinary people dont have a clue about the power of the Zionist lobby in the UK and US is because thats the way the Zionists want it.

We cannot take Britain back until we deal with both Islamists and Zionists.

part 2 below

Defender of Liberty said...

Zionism is not beneficial to the state of Israel. Perhaps you should look up Jewish groups like J-Street in America that oppose AIPAC and also Jews such as Noam Chomksy, Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon who are leading anti-Zionist voices.

Look up the Jewish Rabbis who march every year in London against Zionism - many, many Jess realise Zionism is the enemy of everything they hold dear.

Jewish and Israeli Nationalists have realised that Zionism is the enemy of Israel and Jews, not its supporter.

I support Israel, I support Israeli Nationalism and I despise anti-semitism - but like all intelligent people, Jew and non-Jew, I fight and despise Zionism - which is a racist, national socialist ideology based on the creation of an imperialist Greater Israel using ethnic cleansing to expel Muslims and Christians from Greater Israel.

Those that support Zionism, support an evil, criminal ideology that is pure Nazism.

As for Milliband - he is a Jew and a Zionist, and anyone who plays the race card in politics to trump an opponent or an issue - as he does - will have it played back at them when they deserve it.

As a Jewish Zionist he supports Zionism.

But as I have stated many times - the most dangerous Zionists in history have been white and christian eg Hitler, Bush and Blair.

I do not have a problem with Jews - I have a problem with Zionists.

If they are a white christian zionist or a jewish zionist - then I will attack them for being a Zionist.

You say you want to fight Islamism - heres a test.

Ring up any Zionist group and say to them you want to join them and fight against militant Islam and will they assist you in organising a campaign against radical Islam and Islamism.

They will call you a racist for doing so - why ? Because the Zionists were the ones who worked as guards in the death camps for the nazis feeding jews into the gas chambers, zionists were the ones who offered to fight alongside Hitler in the Irgun against British troops in Palestine, Zionists killed British soldiers in Palestine, blew up the King David Hotel and who stole the passports of British citizens to kill in Dubai and thereby put all British citizens at risk in the middle east.

Zionists are nazis.

The fact you dont know that is because you are as conditioned by the media on this issue as the rest of the lemmings.

Type in Zionism on the search bar of my blog and read the articles that come up - and when you have awoken as to the real world, then get back to me.

part 3 below

Defender of Liberty said...

The reason we arent enjoying the same level of success as other european nationalists is due to the following ;

In France the FN have about a 10 % support base, and so do we. So we are about the same as France, but they have been organised as a succesful nationalist party for five decades and the BNPP has only been modernised under Griffin since 2000. We are in fact AHEAD of the curve as regards the level of support in France, even though we are a party that in organisational terms is thirty years behind them.

In Hungary the nationalist parties do not have the same globalist media corporations to fight against as we do, and because of their experience under communism they are fiercly nationalist as a result.

In Italy the success of the right is down to one man, Berlusconi. He through his media companies has changed the culture of Italy from leftist and liberal to nationalist. He also allows nationalist parties, thinkers and speakers on the media and so nationalist opinions are not censored or villified as in the UK by the Zionist corporate media such as the Murdoch empire, Richard Desmond, the Mail and Telegraph and Times that all serve the Zionist and globalist agenda.

There is nowhere else in Europe where the media, left, liberal and right, all unite against the nationalists.

In France the fact they signed the Social Chapter and article 12 of the ECHR means POLITICAL DISCRIMINATION is unlawful and the media cannot ignore the FN in its debates etc - only one country in Europe refused to sign the social charter and prohibit political discrimination and thats the UK.

The reason they didnt sign it was to ensure they remained in power and to be able to politically discriminate against the BNP.

Britain is a corrupt, pathetic, banana republic run by the corporate media and dominated by zionist lobby groups, legal groups and zionist placemen in the media like Melanie Phillips and almost every other journalist, bar a few exceptions such as Robert Fisk.

You need to put down the Guardian, read the articles on my blog about Zionism, read Gilad Atzmon, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein and watch the fantastic film DEFAMATION by the Jewish Israeli film director Yoav Shamir.

You will then realise you have been raised to be a mushroom - kept in the dark and fed bullshit all your life.

Anonymous said...

I asked you what active harm these supposed Zionists are doing or will do to the country in any way that compares to the active harm that Muslims are doing and will do further as their demographic expands.

So let's just, for the sake of argument, adopt what is probably the maximalist "nefarious Zionist influence" position and say that these "Zionists" brought about the war against Iraq and are agitating for the war against Iran? OK, I opposed the war in Iraq and may oppose the war in Iran. But what real harm does it do to Britain? So a few thousand soldiers get killed? OK, that's tragic. A few billion or maybe tens of billions get wasted? OK, that's a shame.

But it doesn't even remotely compare to Muslims taking over our country through demographics, then precipitating a civil war here or imposing sharia on us all.

The reason Geert Wilders has succeeded and the BNP has, so far, failed is that he doesn't have all the Nazi/holocaust denial/Zionism baggage to carry along with him on the only issue that matters - stopping the Muslims.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks for the latest comment.

That finally proves you are either a troll or an idiot.

Perhaps if you were a father whose son was killed in an illegal war that was based on false propaganda peddled by the Zionist media then you would realise that it was more than 'tragic'.

A 'few billion get wasted - ok thats a shame'

You sound like one of the insane Zionists with their 'chosen people' racist twaddle.

If you think stopping the muslims is that all that matters, then you are not a nationalist.

We want our country back.

Thats what all real British Nationalists want.

Only then can we deal with Islamists.

Get an education then come back and comment.

Read the articles, stop talking bollocks and once you have got an understanding of the real world then come back and debate with me.

Until then the more you open your mouth - the more you make yourself look an uneducated idiot.

Anonymous said...

It's sad you can't debate the issues without descending to personal insults. I invited you to state your case about how Zionism could possibly be as threatening to Britain as the Muslim invasion, and you declined to do so.

And you don't want to get into education or intelligence-measuring contest with me. That's not a fight you're going to win. Just like the election - until you decide that stopping the Muslim takeover of our country matters more than jacking off on the political sidelines, indulging some baroque fantasy of ideological purity.

Defender of Liberty said...

I have answered you.

Read the thread.

It appears that you are one of what I define as the 'Intelligent Savants' one of those over educated people who are unable to believe anything other than what they are told by the media or what contradicts their own pre-conditioned opinions.

I asked you to read the article on this blog.

Then come back and debate with me.

You wanna impress me - then read the articles, then come back and debate with me on the issues.

Spare me the lecture on your high intelligence, that doesnt impress me.

Some of the dumbest people I have ever met have been the most intelligent people I have ever met.

So over to you - use your big brain to read my articles, learn the issues and then debate with me ON THE ISSUES and then you can impress me when you tear my opinions to ideas on the basis that you understand them.

So go on - I dare you - read the articles and wake up, or remain forever in the dark, trapped in a box of other peoples opinions that have been decanted into your brain via media conditioning like one Pavlovs dogs.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you should say that, Lee, because the Guardian and you are pretty much as one when it comes to "Zionism". Certainly there is no mainstream organ of opinion anywhere in the developed world that airs sentiments as close to the ones you do about nefarious Zionist influences. So maybe you're not as edgy and "out there" as you think. Maybe you've just fallen in to another sucker's trap, designed to distract you from the real issues.

Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

I can remember Nick Griffin saying in a speech a few years ago, that there will be starvation in this country within 10 years.
I would agree that this is possible. I would imagine this would prompt what most of us already know, a terrible civil war, one that most of us could never imagine.
The Majourity British would win of course in the end, there are more of us and we are better prepared to fight it.
My point is, that ideology will go out of the window. It will be food and land that will be fought for and just staying alive.

Defender of Liberty said...

So Me, Noam Chomsky, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, J-Street, The Guardian, Gerald Kaufman, Tam Dalyell, Peter Oborne who investigated the Tories for Dispatches a few months ago and others as in the article here ;

We are all deluded - even though both Liberals, Leftists, Jews, MP's, the media and academics all say that both the UK and US are in the grip of a pernicious Zionist influence.

Whats the point of debating - you WANT to remain ignorant, as you understand that accpeting the truth means you have to take reality for changing things.

And that means being abused, called an idiot, an ant-semite (even if you are Jewish) and attacked by the media.

Thats why I have more respect for those anti-Zionist jews than anyone else - as they get it from the idiots in their own community as well as from corrupted Zionist non-Jews.

So are you gonna read the articles on this site, or just keep luxuriating in your own ignorance ?

Defender of Liberty said...

sorry, slight spelling mistakes here - rewrite below;

So we are all deluded are we - even though it is Liberals, Leftists, Jews, non-Jews, MP's, the media and academics who are all saying that both the UK and US are in the grip of a pernicious Zionist influence.

Whats the point of debating - you WANT to remain ignorant, as you understand that accpeting the truth means you have to take responsibility for changing things.

And you dont want to, do you.

other anon said...

Lee, i dissagree with you on the point of being anon on a blog, where you can call yourself micky mouse or defender of liberty, totally irrelevant, in the real wold, yes, in the blog worl..give me a break, the other anon is quite right here, it is bollocks.

however, it is clear the other anon does not understand nationalism, or is indeed a 5th colunist, self interested party that puts his personal issues before country.

i see this all the time, unfortunately the BNP also often play this game of putting single issues before natinalism ideology as they feel it will win popular support, including that of creating a scapegoat and focussing all their energy on that while undermining the real nationalist cause...the opposite of what the other anon is claiming, in fact the other anon who claims to be so intelligent pretty much allready has his way within the main party, which seeks the populist vote rather than here with you lee who thank god seeks the truth and the true mationalist path, even though you do from time to time seek out the populist agenda mainly by towing the party line.

but back to the other anon, i would repeat what lee has already told you, so either you are a moron, a fith columist who would sacrifice the country seeking your own personal agenda or or a troll.

as for intelligence, lee has already owned your butt.

Antipodbean said...

Another Zionist Fantasm.

Quote on " The destiny of Western Civilization" from Jewish Zionist, Max Dimont’s book “The Indestructible Jews”.

This is Dimont's opinion of the destiny of the West.

'The diasporisation of mankind into one world and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic, and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center'

In this context, the immigration advocacy of the BnaiBrith, a peak Zionist organ within its rotten body politic makes complete and utter sense.

Zionism demands your "diasporisation"...Sounds like being bug sprayed by Zionist Star Ship (SuperDooper) Troopers. Diasporise the bastards so that they're no threat to the Zionist ascendency. Like Pontious Pilate Anonymous washes himself clean with Zionist Bug Spray.

The Black Zionist Magi wield their wicked wurds with sinister intent.

Adrian Peirson said...

It could be that Anon doesn't see the Zionist influence, of course the reason is that he is not supposed to.
It is the difference between facing a standing army all dressed up in green and brown fatigues and a Psychological warfare unit, printing articles in the media, secretly funding groups, and hiding your true intention.
To give a perfect example, you have probably heard that AntiSemitism is on the rise in Europe, now most people would say but of course it is, we are being flooded out with Muslims so of course there is going to be an increase in AntiSemitism.

You would expect in those circumstances for Jewish groups to be opposing mass muslim immigration.

Jews oppose Minarets Ban

Of course your average Jew is going to be as concerned with the Demographic timebomb as are the British yet here they are opposing bans on minarets and Mosques and more immigration.

Of course it is not your average Jew that has any influence in such matters, just as your average Brit has no say in mass immigration either.

The difference between Jews and Zionist influence is the same as the difference between the Ordinary Brit and our Government, we the British people don't want war with Iran, Mass immigration or the EU, and in the same way, the Zionist lobby will quite happly sell out the Jews for their Globalist Agenda.
Ordinary Jews, Brits and Western Europeans are expendable.

The British Olympics

The Zionist agenda is not overt like the muslim agenda to take over Europe.
I'm no real expert but my guess is that the Zionists see Western civilization AND Islam is it's two enemies and is setting us both up for conflict, both in the Mid East and Civil war in Europe in the hope that when Zionist controlled UN Troops then come it, it will be Job done, Western civilization falls.
The motto of Mossad is 'by stealth thou shalt do war'.

There are plenty of stuff online about political Zionism, for example it's widely accepted / disputed that Iran did NOT say wipe Israel off the map, they said something like erase Political Zionism from the Pages of History.
Think of Zionism not as a race but as an Ideology like Communism, or Islam.

Ade said...

As chan 4 revealed, Political Zionism is real.

Israeli Lobby in the UK

The Israeli Lobby

Look at the influence these influences have over Western society, especially inn the media and in the central banking system which is an out and out fraud.

Pt 1 of 5 Congressman Traficant

Saying that being against Zionism is antisemitic is like saying the British ( people ) wanted war in Iraq or Iran.

Zionism is not a standing army, it works in the shadows, using lobby groups and money to steer Western society for Their Greater benefit to the detriment of Western Europeans ( and ordinary Jews )

Israeli Intel in the US Pt 1 of 3