Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Message to our Russian Brothers

I want to give our commiserations to our Russian brothers and sisters for the vile act of terrorism in Moscow yesterday.

Our thoughts are with you and the families of the dead and wounded.

Unlike our weak, gutless government of Liberal and Dhimmi-surrender monkeys you have a strong nationalist government and you must put pressure on them to act.

All the rabid Islamist terrorist dogs in your country must be hunted down and remorselesly eradicated.

Regardless of their sex, they are animals and must be treated as such.

If you can then kill them where you find them, in their terrorist lairs or in the streets, for they are the enemies of all Russians and the Russian nation itself.

If you must - then try them and then execute them.

But the time has come for all European Nations to work together to deal with the Islamist terrorist enemies within.

There must be no hiding places for any of them in any of our European nations.

Only when they fear our vengeance will they cease their attacks upon us.

At the moment they laugh at our weakness, and they mock the cringing liberal cowards, criminals, traitors and fools that run our countries.

Our gutless 'leaders' in the West appease the enemy, instead of eradicating them.

A Europe of Nationalist governments and a European Peoples Movements that work together to defeat the enemy within is required.

It is time for the European Nationalist Revolution to begin and sweep away all those appeasers and Dhimmi's that infest our nations.

It is time for the European Nationalist Uprising to begin.

Let a new Russian Nationalist Revolution begin.

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time to look at the organ grinders said...

How do you know it wasn't a false flag Lee?

Seems to be the norm for all goverments!

by not recognising this and using it to scapegoat a group can in the long run be very damaging, as you are looking at most at the symptons and not the cause when it comes to our own country and its destruction, you are letting the elite get away with it and they will continue until they are suitably exposed.

using scapegoats helps keep them under cover and in power.

This is what the BNP tried a few years back and continue to this day, it worked for a short time then flopped.

same as the bring our troops home will flop.

You wanna know what people vote for?


tell them how you will make them richer and you are halfway there - its the economy stupid, the rest is trimmings, if it were not you would have been in power by now.

Defender of Liberty said...

The Islamists are our enemy, as much as the Zionists are the enemy, as much as the Shadow Government of the US Military Industrial Block are the enemy, as much as AIPAC are the enemy and as much as their Russian equivalents are the enemy.

False Flag or not they are still our enemies.

On the issue of Greed - I agree you are 100 % right.

Anonymous said...


What do you make of this alliance!

Defender of Liberty said...

They all worship the demiurge, Ialdabaoth, in his many guises Jehovah / Yahweh/ Allah.

Read the Gnostic Gospels Apocryphon of John and the Yaltabaoth ;