Saturday, 20 March 2010

Weyman Bennett arrested for conspiracy to commit violence

SC two thousand plus edl members and one and a half thousand uaf. Organiser of uaf demo arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violence ...

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Life member said...

Why now and not before? Whats going on.For fifty years these fascists have been attacking Nationalists and getting away with it.
Why now.

Anonymous said...

another piece of 'street theatre'

Anonymous said...

I dont believe it !

Anonymous said...

All a big show before the election

Adrian Peirson said...

More Laws banning protests perhaps, or so called 'extremist' groups.

The times online is covering this EDL UAF Confrontation, now it isn't saying the BNP are involved but quite by accident there are about three BNP articles linked,

It's just coincidence though.

Guilty by implied association.

And Dave Cameron has come up with a Brilliant scheme of taxing Banks or Bankers, is he thick or does he think we are, someone somewhere must know that all the Banks will do is increase their charges.
Same with energy companies, once enough people start saving energy it bites into the energy company profits so they put their prices up, the public loses every time.
This is why, one of the guiding principles of all companies must be, does it serve or harm society, and why, although i think of myself as Libertarian, the BNP is correct, some services need state control to ensure they serve society.
If someone wants to compete fine but there should always be at least one energy, water, etc working for the benefit of the British people first above profit.