Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Why Trevor Phillips hasnt come for the NF

To be frank I am getting a bit sick and tired of the NF supporting morons and Reds that pretend to be Nationalists on Stormfront talking a load of bollocks about the legal case that has been taken against the BNP by Trevor Phillips and the EHRC.

The ONLY reason why the Equality Commission havent taken the NF to court is because ;

1) The NF have ZERO elected representatives

2) The NF are never going to get any elected representatives

3) The NF is now run by drunk idiots like Eddie Morrisson and the 'shady' Tom Linden, and therefore the NF represents about as much of a threat to the Establishment political parties as the Teletubbies.

The fact that the BNP had two MEP's elected meant that the Equality Commission had to come and attack the BNP.

The court case was initiated specifically as the EHRC stated in the court papers that as the BNP is a political party with elected representatives, then the BNP and its elected officials have to serve ALL the community rather than just their membership.

An organisation like the NF, that only has to serve its membership as it has no elected officials, does not also have to serve the wider community.

The EHRC argued that a political party with elected officials with a 'racist' constitution cannot serve ALL the community, and therefore the party had to drop the 'racist' parts of its constitution in order to ensure the party and its elected officials are able to serve the interests of all their constituents.

In the unlikely event the NF ever got an elected official - then the day after that happened they would receive the same legal letter as the BNP and be taken to court.

Unlike the BNP though the NF would have no money to fight such a legal case.

Therefore the strategy of the EHRC is clear.

They hoped that the legal case would force the party to split.

This failed.

They also hoped that the legal case would split the party and hundreds of people would flounce off to the NF and that these people would then work to get prople in the NF elected.

At that point, if they ever managed to get people elected, the EHRC would then go for the NF as well.

So by going for the BNP, hoping it would split the BNP and the NF benefit, then they could attack both the BNP and the NF.

They failed.

Yet the NF morons on Stormfront keep talking total shit about the reality of the situation.

The NF are a political joke.

If they ever managed to get anyone elected, then they would face the same legal case as the BNP.

Unlike the BNP though, they would have ZERO money to fight the case - and would fold up and surrender to the EHRC within minutes.

They try and talk a big fight to people who know nothing about the reality of the situation - but its all bullshit.

Why else do you think the NF all of a sudden keep having these media interviews and invited into speak to government ministers.

Its because the NF is run by Searchlight and the government want idiots to go and join the NF.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Anti White Male Bias in the British Film industry.

Part one of Three

his website is here, he seems to have teamed up with or is supporting UKIP, at least he has woken up though, that's a start.

Adrian said...

I think Griffin has played tactically correct, we are facing a monster, his move has disarmed the monster temporarily at least.

Anti White discrimination by the NUJ.


more available here

havent read everything just passing it on for others.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks Adrian,

excellent links. Into the files they go,



Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

Surely if my mixed race friend (actually supports the BNP believe it or not) were to apply to join the Nat Front, and they refused, could take some kind of action against them.
I'm sure there would be solicitors out there who would take the case on.
One ethnic in theory could finish the Nat Front off.

Ben said...

Lee, mildly off topic but wanted to suggest / ask something. When Craig Murray stood against Straw in Blackburn (and did terribly)he set a bit of an electoral precedent by having his election material put onto a CD (DVD) and having the Royal Mail deliver it as his official literature. Under the assumption that a DVD will be used more than once unlike hard copy election material might this not be a reasonable way to spread the message?

Anonymous said...

Stormfront Britain used to be a place for sensible nationalist discussion, it's now nothing more than a sounding board for reds and anti-BNP cranks, and it's dying on its arse as a result.

Unless Don Black steps in and sorts out the bias and ineptitude of its moderators I doubt it will be around much longer.

Adrian Peirson said...

Here's a white Nationalist being persecuted, for being, err born white and proud of his country.
Maybe Trevor Phillips will come to his aid.

Anglo Saxon Press release

Anonymous said...

The NF can fkuc right off, its infested with searchlight plants

Anonymous said...

Apparently Alby Walker is standing against Simon Darby.

Adrian said...

But the Nat Front is needed, even if it has been captured at the top, I'm sure most of it members are Patriotic.
Otherwise the state machinery will / can concentrate All its resources on the BNP.

Maybe I'm wrong but suppose NF is finished off, that leaves more resources to concentrate on the BNP.

Go to the other extreme, suppose the NF has 2 million voters, this represents a further real problem for the EU.

OK having NF bleeds some BNP vote, but at least their actions are waking voters up, even if they vote NF.
If that happens then deals may have to be done.

At the end of the day, even if NF had been captured at the top, if it had millions of voters, would it matter, the left would have captured a monster.

Having them out there independent of BNP could be good, most of them want whats best for the country and our people.
Having several groups makes life more difficult for our enemies.
The downside of course is the splitting of the Nationalist vote.

After the GE, the most important issue is continuing waking people up, it doesn't matter who does it.
The more complex the battle ground for the enemy, the better.

A devils advocate posting, just some thoughts on not making life easy for the enemy.
It doesn't matter if NF has been captured, if they remain small, it doesn't matter, if they increase significantly again it doesn't matter because their voters will not be captured.

So perhaps it could be argued that it doesnt matter if they have been captured.

Ideally perhaps yes, all Nationalists should rally round one flag but seeing that some will have objections to the new constitution then use the split to your advantage and decide it doresn matter who runs them at the top, no doubt their voters will never again vote Lib Lab Con anyway, if NF is then destroyed BNP is the natural benefactor, of not and NF Grow then good luck to them, deals may have to be done at voting time.

Their voters have woken up and will not go back to sleep.

if they remain small, it doesnt matter, if they grow and become significant, again it doesnt matter if they have been captured at the top, because then the enemy has two sizeable portions of the voting public to deal with.

The Big downer of course is the vote splitting of the Nationalist vote.

Does it matter if they have been captured and doesn't it make life more complicated for the enemy having the NF out there acting independently.

If they remain small it doesnt hurt BNP, if they grow significantly then it hurts the enemy ( but splits the vote )

And those voters are never going back to sleep, if NF is then closed down, BNP will no doubt benefit.

After this election, it doesnt matter who wakes the public up,

There are benefits to having the the NF out there, captured or not.

Anonymous said...

Ben said...

yes and people are more prone to using / watching DVDS and so more receptive to televisuals...along side there x factor

good idea

Adrian Peirson said...

I suppose you know about this already Lee, it's been there a while.

Lee Barnes on Facebook

He has a website too called

Adrian Peirson said...

Before the other Traitorous parties start wrapping themselves up in the flag and singing Rule Britannia maybe the BNP should claim the songs as their own, how about some backing music to websites, I know there are copyright issues that need to be taken into consideration.

I looked into this a while back, a single track for inclusion as free promotional material on cd or dvd provided there are copyright notices on the dvd / cd costs about 10p.

IE you can give away a cd as promotional material, ( not for sale )
and include a single track for 10p per dvd or cd produced.
There may be better deals,

Music and Imagery are important.

Last Night of the Proms"

brickhedd said...

The EDL is the future of English Nationalism.

Fuck the BNP and the NF!

AlanOR said...

Was Tom Linden once in the BNP?

What do you make of Nick's press release, Lee?