Wednesday 17 March 2010

The Tories and the New Aristocracy

Welcome to the Affirmative Action Aristocracy, one based on Camerons Ethnic Flunkeys and white old money.

Here we see the new elite, the old white money elite with an ethnic face on the wrapping.

Aristocracy has bypassed Meritocracy and now imposes Affirmative Action.

These are Camerons Cronies of all races and religions, all middle class, well educated, impeccably liberal and multi-cultural all cooing at each other about how 'racist' Britain is as they sip their vintage port and smoke fine cigars at dinner parties in Kensington.

The ethnic members of this New Aristocracy are the most privileged generation in history, and yet they play the race card for every opportunity - even when they are rich, famous and assimilated.

Whilst the New Ethnic Middle Class have risen, we the indigenous have been held down in the gutter.

Meritocracy has been destroyed.

Each member of the New Aristocracy gazes down in revulsion at the chavs in the streets beneath their ivy strewn terraces, the white underclass that both despise and hate with a sick passion.

The New Aristocracy are the same old corrupt elite, rich, old money families but now spiced up a bit with a bit of colour.

After the First World War the aristocracy was devastated, both in terms of their men who died in battle but also due to death taxes. So at that time many aristocratic families married into wealthy non-British families who had been allowed to settle in Britain - these were Eastern Europeans, Jews and others who had fled the political upheavals of the time and fled to Britain as refugees. Many were extremely wealthy and it was a welcome marriage of convenience - those families gained access to the Establishment and bankrupt aristocrats had the money.

Therefore this 'mixing' of the Aristocracy has always taken place.

Cameronism is unique though in that it proposes to use Affirmative Action in order to actively promote ethnics and immigrants into the Establishment and actively penalise the indigenous British people on the grounds of them being White, Indigenous and British.

Affirmative Action is state sponsored racism against the indigenous White British.

It is a declaration of war against both democracy and meritocracy.

It is the most pernicious of all treasons, for its poison is legal.

It usurps democracy by stating that some in society are less equal than others and therefore the state is able to award them more rights.

The state self empowers itself to collectivise the interests of specific communities, defined by race and religion, and then pass laws to promote their interests to the detriment of the rest of society itself.

The state says 'these people are not responsible for their individual and community actions, we the state are. Therefore we will act in their name to advantage them at the same time as we disadvantage other people who have never done anything wrong'.

The pig politicians open up the borders of Britain, invite in millions of immigrants and colonists into our country and then pass laws to allow them to take our jobs and homes and offer them other advantageous opportunities in our society that we are denied.

Affirmative Action is state sponsored Apartheid, with specific groups in society given extra rights based on their race and others have rights removed due to their race.

It is treason, and must be regarded as such.

Those that promote it, those that apply its laws and those that take advantage of it will, and must be, treated as traitors when the time comes.

We shall not forget nor forgive.

This use of the State as a weapon against the people is proof that the British nation is in dire peril.

The role of the state is not to enforce equality, the role of the state is to serve the interests of the nation, the people and the national community - it is not a mechanism for the promotion of ideological abstracts such as 'equality' or 'diversity' or 'tolerance'.

Therefore it undermines the principle of One Man - One Vote, as in a democracy each individual has the exact same power as every other citizen in society. To give individuals more power in society and more rights than others, warps the entire democratic process and thereby democracy becomes tyranny.

Tory leader David Cameron has blamed whites for black business failures and has promised to start a blacks-only taxpayer-funded national mentoring programme to give financial priority to Afro-Caribbeans over white British people.

Mr Cameron’s shocking display of anti-white racism appeared in an article published today in the far left, extremist Guardian newspaper, titled “We’ll change black Britain.”

In the article, Mr Cameron trotted out all the usual third-rate Marxist claptrap arguments which blame white people for all ills affecting the black community.

According to Mr Cameron, Britain’s black community are “denied” the chance to “escape poverty and build a better life for themselves and their family.”

The reason for this “denial” is, according to Mr Cameron, a “failure to address racial inequality” — in other words, white people’s fault.

Mr Cameron then listed all the problems supposedly caused by evil white people. According to the Tory leader, these problems include:

“Black pupils are permanently excluded from school at more than twice the rate of white pupils.

“Of the 3,000 students who started at Oxford in 2008, only five are black Caribbean in origin.

“This inequality extends to the job market too, with recent research showing almost half of young black people are unemployed, well over twice the rate for young white people,” he said.

If elected, Mr Cameron promised even more affirmative action measures than those already implemented by the Labour Party.

“We’ll introduce concerted action to overcome the racial barriers that exist in Britain today,” Mr Cameron said, and went on to say that a Tory government will institute a “radical plan” which will “include funding for a national mentoring programme for black people who want to start a business.”

Mr Cameron added that the special Tory fund would “provide black entrepreneurs with the targeted support, advice — and, crucially, role models — they need to access finance and work for themselves.”

Finally, Mr Cameron said that his party would provide “role models” which will “inspire a new generation of black people to take on the world.”

The British National Party utterly rejects the Tory (and Labour) obsession with blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in every other community.

The BNP is completely opposed to special set-asides, affirmative action and any policy which puts the interests of the British people last.

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Bererly said...

Has it occured to Cameron that the horse on which he is betting the nation's entire wealth happens to be a lame, non-starter?

Anonymous said...

Meritocracy has been destroyed.

As for me I worked my way up by hard work and so by merit having come from a working class background who have in the past been staunch labour supporters never Tory or Liberal..

these people like Cameron , Harman et al are the ones that create and augment racial tensions, not the majority of British indigenous people.. who have a right to reject their disfranchisement

The BNP are the only ones that will return to what is natural Meritocracy and will restore Democracy

Adrian Peirson said...

Utterly unbelievable what is going on, all under the noses of the British people and all most can do is tut tut.

Most have never heard the term

Cultural Marxism

Ade said...

They are dumbing down the education system too, they are setting up NeoFuedalism.
A few wealthy elites ruling over a dumbed down impoverished slave lower class.

There will be no middle class bridge between the two classes they are hoping to set up, hence the destruction now of the middle class.

HG Wells and Aldous Huxley

Dumbed down and impoverished people are easier to control and manipulate hence, hence the deliberately engineered crash and planned civil unrest, the ashes from which will rise their planned new world order, a few of them rulling over what remains of us.

Hence mass third world immigration

In my opinion, IQ is a factor in what they are doing, ( and a clue as to who is behind it all )]

they want workers ( read slaves ), not thinkers.

Hence the Neurotoxic mercury in Vaccinations.

In the 1930's when this was started there were very little if any autism, in the seventies it was one in 1000.
Today the number with Autism is 1 in every 166.

Anybody else notice more and more people who just appear stupid, brain dead.

you can see the Govt covering this up and the cover up is undeniable.

They claimed a recent study showed there was no more autis m prevelent in children than in adults.

Any clinical study on this should compare Vaccinated with non vaccinated because we have had mercury in vaccines since the 30's so of course, many adults too have suffered high levels of mercury, so of course there is not much difference in levels of autism between adults and children.
This was a pointless study which does however sho that this is being deliberatekly civered up.

When you do studies on vaccinated and un vaccinated the results are different, there are a number of Primate study's too which confirm Mercury ( which is an undoubted Nuerotoxin, it is one if the deadliest elemental toxins )
Can and does cause autism like symptoms in primates.

Amish and Primate studies on Autism

Jim Carrey is now campaigning against this, as are many doctors and parents groups.

Most informed people believe this is happening due to bad science, corruption, a few, say that what is being done and its effects, is by design, a deliberate attempt to cause neurolocal dumbing down of the people so they can be controlled more easily.

There are a lot of concerned parents out there looking for a political party to that will at least start to ask awkward questions on this matter.

Makes sense in a hideous sort of way, get rid if advanced western europeans and replace them with poor and impoverished ( read greatfull ) third worlders.

New BNP poster - vote Dave get Gordon said...

Dave backs political oppression!

welcome to east Germany! only state approved parties and candidates are allowed.

"Any good headteacher would not have a member of the BNP within a hundred miles of a school. They should be able to fire someone for that reason."

Oh and the UAF extreme left wing terrorists back the statement!

unite against fascism - most ironic!

odin said...

Just in case you missed the latest B.Gerrish talk. Some stuff at the end about Cameron's cronies.

vote dave get gordon - the new BNP GE theme - critical said...

i would like to propose a poster

`Vote dave, get gordon` is the theme and header.

then we can link their same policies and offer them a real alternative.

this will includde bringing our boys home but not a single issue poster.

I think this poster is critical as while it may not get everyone to vote for us it may well demoralise tory and labour voters to greatly reduce their turnout!

I think this should also be the GE TV broadcast theme, demoralising their turnout is half the battle!

Ade said...

Conservative Policies are Great for the BNP, Cameron wants to give assylum to African Gays, he believes Muslim Values are conservative values, He believes that Britain should adapt to Asian values.

These are gifts from above, the BNP should Print Conservative Party Policy leaflets and make sure as many people as possible see them.
Maybe you could deliver them at the same time.

'Not for the first time I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which should embrace Asian values, not the other way round'

David Cameron