Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Labour MP Plays Race Card - election looming

This lefty mug wont do a thing to deport them.

Vote BNP and I give you my personal assurance we will deport the lot.

A ROTHERHAM MP has said that asylum seekers from Iraq should now return to their country after the successful democratic election.

The call comes from Denis MacShane who told the House of Commons:

"The successful election that has just been held in Iraq suggests that we may now be moving towards a more stable Iraq.

“Yes, there will be violence and explosions but the British Isles have known plenty of those in the past 30 or 40 years.

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1 comment:

Russia Truth said...

More smoke and mirrors from Gordon "genocidalist" Brown:

BBC: Brown urges 'united front' at election on immigration

Notice how in this article when the BBC mention the BNP's policy of voluntary repatriation they present it as: "voluntary" repatriation - no, BBC, it's simply: voluntary repatriation and your cheap trick is obvious and reveals you yet again for the lying scum that you are.